Published June 2020 on YouTube

The Truth About Your Personality | Dr Benjamin Hardy | Modern Wisdom Podcast 185

1. <Untitled Chapter 1>

Discover how you can actively design and shape your own personality, as Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains how research shows that our personalities are not fixed and can change over time.+

2. What Is a Personality

Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses the concept of personality, describing it as a person's consistent attitudes and behaviors. He emphasizes the importance of how we show up regularly in different situations, shedding light on the surface level understanding of personality.+

3. Biggest Myths about Personality

Dr. Benjamin Hardy challenges the common misconceptions about personality, emphasizing that it is not fixed or discovered, but rather something that can be intentionally designed and changed. He highlights the importance of personal growth and the potential for significant transformation over time.+

4. Redefining Identity

Redefining Identity:Discover the crucial difference between identity and personality as Dr Benjamin Hardy explains how our self-concept shapes our behavior and ultimately becomes our personality. Gain insights into the power of our stories and former experiences in defining who we are, and explore the concept of stepping outside our comfort zone for growth and new experiences.+
Embracing Change:Dr. Benjamin Hardy shares an eye-opening example of how children embrace change through immersive learning experiences, questioning why adults tend to shy away from them. Chris Williamson adds insights on how our self-identities can limit our actions, creating a cycle that reinforces negative beliefs.+

5. Psychology of Your Future Self

Discover the power of your future self and gain valuable insights from Dr. Benjamin Hardy's TED Talk on the psychology of your future self. In just seven minutes, you'll learn how to shape your future and create the life you desire. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode!+

6. The Illusion of Change

Discover the fascinating concept of the end of history illusion as Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Chris Williamson delve into the psychology of our future selves. Explore why we perceive ourselves as constantly evolving, yet believe we will remain the same in the future.+

7. End of History Illusion

Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses how our tendency to focus on the past hinders our ability to adequately predict and shape our future selves. He shares insights from researcher Gilbert and UCLA's Hal Hirschfield, highlighting the importance of having a clear future self-concept in making better decisions in the present.+

8. Embracing Your Future Self

Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses the importance of viewing your future self as a different person and how it can positively impact your identity and behavior. By considering what your future self would prefer, you can make decisions that align with your long-term goals and aspirations.+

9. Concept of Deliberate Practice

Discover the concept of deliberate practice as Chris and Dr. Benjamin discuss its importance and how it can enhance your skills and performance.+

10. 10 , 000 Hour Rule

Dr Benjamin Hardy debunks the 10,000 hours rule and emphasizes the importance of deliberate practice towards a clear future self. He explains how having a specific goal shapes the learning process and discusses the significance of envisioning your future self in achieving desired outcomes.+

11. The True You

Dive into the relationship between personality and identity with Chris and Dr Benjamin as they discuss how behavior change affects our perception of the true self and the role of decision making in shaping our personality.+

12. Personality Tests

Chris shares his experience with a girl who made him take a Big Five personality test, sparking a discussion on the accuracy and effectiveness of different types of tests. Dr. Benjamin explains why type-based tests are not scientifically valid and how personality is more contextual and situational.+

13. Type Based Tests

Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Chris Williamson discuss the flaws of personality tests, comparing them to horoscopes and birth racism. They emphasize the importance of psychological flexibility and challenge the notion of relying on fixed identities.+

14. Psychological Rigidity

Horoscopes and Personality:Dr Benjamin Hardy and Chris Williamson delve into the world of horoscopes, discussing the concept of psychological rigidity and the fascination some people have with horoscopes. They question the validity of horoscopes and explore the idea of personality types such as Myers-Briggs. Is there any truth to these categorizations or are they just a way for people to bring order to chaos?+
The Power of Mindset:Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses how mindset can impact our performance on personality tests and shares a personal story about the consequences of his own test results.+
Understanding Personality Types:Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses the value of personality tests in understanding our strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the general prescriptions they provide. However, he emphasizes that introspective work, meditation, and journaling are far more valuable in honing and developing our desired traits.+

15. Meditation Journaling

Journaling for Emotional Regulation:Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses the power of journaling as an emotional regulation tool, allowing clarity on emotions, choosing the meaning of past experiences, and reflecting on who you want to be. He shares a personal example of how journaling helped his son navigate an emotional outburst and find clarity after a conflict with a friend. Discover the fluidity and flexibility of our personalities through practices like meditation.Show transcript +
Emotional Regulation:Dr. Benjamin shares insights on how giving a clear picture of our emotions can alleviate suffering and lead to better decision-making. He emphasizes the importance of turning emotions into words and creating a story around them to gain clarity and find solutions.+

16. Shaping Your Identity

Shaping Your Identity:Discover how your identity shapes your behavior and ultimately becomes your personality in this thought-provoking conversation between Chris and Dr. Benjamin. Prepare to have your beliefs challenged and gain new insights on personal growth.+
Embracing Growth Mindset:Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses the importance of holding our current identity loosely and embracing a growth mindset. He emphasizes that we are not defined by who we are now, but rather by our potential for growth. He references the work of Carol Dweck and other influential psychologists in this insightful conversation.+

17. Reframing the Past

Dr. Benjamin Hardy shares personal examples of how reframing the past can shape our identity and perspective. By understanding the meaning we give to experiences, we can choose to view them differently and create a new narrative for our lives.+

18. Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation:Dr. Benjamin Hardy shares his experience with emotional regulation and reframing his past. By journaling, talking to key people, and being open about his feelings, he was able to gain alternative perspectives and find new options. Learn the importance of emotional assessment and the courage to tell the truth in order to make progress.+
Choosing Better Narrations:Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses the power of choosing better meanings and narratives for our past experiences, emphasizing that the past happened for us, not to us. By journaling, seeking alternative perspectives, and gaining more information, we can neutralize the emotions associated with our past and view it from a positive perspective.+
Defining Your Future Self:Dr. Benjamin Hardy discusses the importance of being defined by your future self rather than your past, and how to make decisions based on your ultimate goals. He emphasizes the need to clarify your future self through journaling and daily morning reflection, and highlights that it is a continuous process influenced by new knowledge and confidence levels.+
Creating Your Future Self:Dr Benjamin Hardy discusses the power of envisioning and sharing your future self, allowing your behavior to align with your goals and aspirations.+

19. Self Signaling

Investing in Your Future:Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains how our behavior signals back to our identity and shapes our personality. Investing money in our future selves creates a strong commitment and solidifies our belief in who we are becoming.+
Shaking Personalities:Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Chris discuss the concept of personality not being permanent, exploring how individuals can reframe their past, clarify their future, and make transformative changes to their environment and subconscious.+