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Episode 171 | Ask Mario Anything #7

1. How to Take a Break From Training

Mario Fraioli emphasizes the significance of taking breaks for athletes, even when things are going well. He explains that planned breaks are essential to avoid injuries, burnout, and overtraining. Taking time off allows the body to absorb training and provides mental rest, which is crucial for athletes constantly working towards their goals.+

2. Swim Run Question #291

Mario and Chris answer listener questions in this episode, discussing upcoming races, swim run events, and the ever-changing nature of the sport. Get insights on their experiences and hear about Chris's upcoming race in Portland, Maine.+

3. New Balance Rebel V2 and Gooder Shoes

Mario and Chris discuss their favorite running shoes from the show's sponsors, New Balance and Gooder, highlighting the features and benefits of each shoe. They emphasize their personal use and endorsement of the products.+

4. Gooder Sunglasses

Mario and Chris discuss the benefits of Gooder sunglasses, including their affordability, polarized lenses, and fun designs. Listeners who submit questions for the next AMA episode will receive a free pair.+

5. Olympics 2017

Exciting Updates and Marathon Training:Mario shares exciting news about becoming a godparent and his father-in-law's visit. He also discusses his marathon training progress for the upcoming Boston Marathon and his enjoyment of the Morning Shakeout podcast newsletter.+
Olympic Excitement:Chris and Mario discuss their love for the Olympics and their excitement for the track and field events. They also mention their enjoyment of other sports like archery and three on three basketball.+

6. The Growing Enthusiasm

Chris shares his excitement for the growing enthusiasm around swim run, a niche sport that is gaining momentum. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the sport has managed to keep people interested and now sees a fresh wave of enthusiasm as events start to resume. Chris and Mario discuss the growth of the Low Tide Boys podcast and the unique nature of swim run as a seamless combination of swimming and running.+

7. Running and Passion

Finding Passion in Running:Mario shares his journey of how his love for running led him to pursue a career in writing and podcasting about the sport. He offers insights on finding one's own creative pursuit and channeling passion into a fulfilling endeavor.+
Finding Creative Freedom:Mario Fraioli discusses his desire for creative freedom and the birth of The Morning Shakeout as an outlet for his writing, allowing him to share his opinions and conduct long-form interviews outside the constraints of a publication's content plans.+
The Evolution of Podcasting:Mario Fraioli discusses his journey into podcasting, from his love for interviewing people to the launch of The Morning Shakeout podcast. He shares his passion for long-form conversations about running and how he has turned it into a profession.+

8. Pursuing Passion

Mario Fraioli shares his advice on pursuing a passion for running in a creative pursuit. He emphasizes the importance of having a genuine passion, putting in consistent effort, and staying dedicated even when faced with challenges.+

9. Finding Inspiration

Mario Fraioli shares his process for finding quotes and the sources he draws inspiration from, including books, songs, and interviews. He explains how he keeps a collection of quotes and lyrics that resonate with him, and how he selects the "bottom line" quote for each newsletter.+

10. Changing the Sport

Mario Fraioli discusses his efforts to bring higher-ups in the sport onto the show to discuss the changes needed for its growth and improvement. Despite challenges, he remains determined to have open and honest conversations with top brass in the coming months.+

11. Where to Run in the Bay Area

Mario and Chris share their favorite running spots in the Bay Area, including Half Moon Bay, Montara Mountain, Huddard Park, and Sawyer Camp Trail. They provide insights on the terrain, views, and amenities of each location, making it a must-listen for runners visiting the area.+

12. Taking Breaks in Training

Taking Breaks in Training:Mario Fraioli emphasizes the importance of taking breaks in training, even when athletes are feeling good and not injured. He advises athletes to take breaks seriously and to prioritize their mental and physical well-being to avoid potential injuries or burnout.+
Training Cycles:Mario Fraioli shares his insights on the importance of incorporating breaks into training cycles. He emphasizes the benefits of taking downtime to reset mentally, emotionally, and physically, and how it can lead to stronger performance in the long run.+

13. The Importance of Taking Breaks

Mario Fraioli discusses the significance of incorporating breaks into training, both for physical and mental rejuvenation. He emphasizes the need for rest as a part of the training process and highlights the negative consequences of not taking breaks.+

14. Recovery Time

Mario Fraioli discusses how the length and intensity of a race impact recovery time, emphasizing the importance of respecting the toll it takes on the body and allowing for adequate recovery. He also highlights the value of regular blood work in assessing recovery status.+

15. How to Prepare for a Marathon?

Mario Fraioli emphasizes the value of rest and recovery in endurance sports. While motivation is not an issue for most athletes, he highlights the need to take a longer view and be patient in achieving performance goals. With races starting to return, it's crucial to recognize the importance of rest as a part of training for both improved performance and longevity in the sport.+

16. Boston Marathon in October

Mario Fraioli shares his excitement for running the Boston Marathon in October, highlighting the unique opportunity and the celebration of races returning after a year of uncertainty. He looks forward to being a part of the energy and hopes for a quintessential New England Fall Day.+

17. How To Prepare For A 100-Mile FKT

Training for an FKT:Mario provides valuable insights on how to prepare for attempting an FKT on the Wind River High route in Wyoming. He emphasizes the importance of giving yourself ample time to train and gradually transitioning from marathon-type training to more specific terrain and effort.+
Marathon Training Insights:Mario and Chris discuss the importance of developing fitness and experience before attempting a 100-mile FKT over rugged terrain. They emphasize the need for understanding how the body responds during races and the specific demands of different terrains.+

18. Controversy Unveiled

Controversy Surrounding FKT:Mario Fraioli discusses the controversy surrounding Timothy Olson's FKT on the PCT, addressing concerns about whether he followed the true route. Coach Jason Coop sheds light on the ever-changing nature of the trail and how Olson's attempt was an honest effort to match the distance and terrain as closely as possible.+
Controversy and Honesty:Mario and Chris discuss the controversy surrounding a recent trail running attempt on the PCT, highlighting the runners' honest effort to cover as much of the established distance as possible, despite course changes and closures. They debate whether it should count as a supported run and commend the runners for going above and beyond in their efforts.+

19. Building a Useful Running Diary

Mario Fraioli shares his insights on what to include in a daily running log or diary to gather useful information for future training reflection. He suggests noting the day, mileage or time, workout details, how you felt, weather conditions, and even the shoes you wore. By keeping a comprehensive diary, you can make informed decisions and track your progress over time.+

20. Writing in Your Running Journals

Mario Fraioli shares the importance of tracking feelings and factors that affect performance in running journals. Chris Douglas highlights the use of Strava as a digital journal. Both emphasize the value of personal reflection and using the information to inform future training decisions.Show transcript +

21. Marathon Fueling Tips

Mario Fraioli shares his insights on fueling during marathons, emphasizing that personal preference is key. Whether it's chews, gels, or sports drinks, finding what works for you is crucial. Experimenting with different strategies, such as taking chews every ten minutes or half a gel at a time, can lead to optimal performance.+

22. Have You A Plan B For Nutrition?

Mario Fraioli discusses the importance of having a backup plan for nutrition during races, especially in ultra events where there are more options available at aid stations. He emphasizes the need to be open-minded and adaptable if the original plan fails, suggesting alternatives like gels, sports drinks, or even unconventional options like potato chips or Pringles.+

23. Morton's Boston Nutrition Plan

Mario shares his nutrition plan for the Boston Marathon, including the sports drink and gels he uses to fuel his race. He discusses the impact it has had on his performance and why it works for him.+

24. New Balance Rebel V2 + Gooder Sunglasses

Mario Fraioli shares his love for the New Balance Fuel Cell Rebel V2 running shoe and encourages listeners to check it out for themselves. Title: Gooder Sunglasses Topics: Eye protection, Sponsorship Summary: Mario Fraioli recommends Gooder sunglasses for their stylish design and functional features, including no bouncing or slipping and polarized lenses for eye protection. Listeners can get 15% off their order at

25. The Morning Shakeout: Part 3

Mario Fraioli gives a shout out to his producer, John Summerford, and acknowledges Jeffrey Stern for running the podcast's social media accounts. He also mentions his newsletter, The Morning Shakeout, which provides a quick read on running news and personal reflections.+