Published September 2019 on YouTube

147 | Negotiate Your Salary With Tori Dunlap

1. Choose If I

Jonathan announces the release of the ChooseFI book, which is a blueprint for financial independence. The book reinforces the principles discussed on the podcast and provides a manual for incorporating them into your life. It is available for purchase on and in stores on October 1st.+

2. Interview

Tori shares her journey towards reaching her first 100K and how she helps women achieve the same. She discusses the importance of salary negotiation and shares valuable insights on achieving financial independence.+

3. Tori on Negotiating Your Salary

Brad is excited to learn actionable tips from Tori about negotiation. Her tips are especially important for people starting out, but everyone can benefit.+

4. Podcast With Tori on

Tori expresses her excitement and gratitude for being on the podcast, achieving the goal of the hosts.+

5. How to Reach 100K by 25

Reaching 100K:Tori shares her journey to reach 100K by 25 and the power of compounding. Jonathan and Tori discuss the concept of coast fi and the importance of starting early to achieve financial independence.+
Childhood Entrepreneurship:Tori shares how her parents' financial education and her own experience running a vending machine business since she was nine years old taught her financial responsibility and business skills. She emphasizes the importance of sharing this knowledge and empowering others to make good financial choices.+

6. Growing a Business From Start to 15

Tori shares how she started her vending machine business at age 9 with her dad's help and guidance. Her dad taught her financial responsibility and the importance of managing a business. She learned valuable lessons along the way, such as the importance of research and paying back investors.+

7. Teen Vending Lessons

Teen Vending Business:Tori shares how she started a vending machine business as a teenager, discussing the challenges of pricing, product selection, and customer preferences. She explains how they adjusted the settings on the machines to optimize profits and meet customer demands.+
Vending Machine Lessons:Tori shares her experiences running a vending machine business with her dad and the lessons she learned about product selection, placement, and competition. She talks about the importance of focusing on a few key products and finding the right location for the machine. Her dad's advice to "keep playing your game" helped her stay competitive and succeed in the business.+

8. Simple Pitching

Tori shares how she pitched her business as a child and negotiated for free space. She emphasizes the importance of learning how to pitch yourself, being prepared to hear "no," and understanding that rejection isn't always personal.+

9. Debt-Free College

Tori shares how she graduated college debt-free by working multiple jobs, receiving merit scholarships, and starting a vending machine business with her dad. She acknowledges the privilege of her situation and emphasizes the collaborative effort between her and her family to achieve this goal.+

10. Being Spoiled

Brad and Tori discuss the distinction between privilege and being spoiled. Tori shares how her parents' investment in her, both financially and emotionally, gave her opportunities but it was her hard work that allowed her to make the most of them. The conversation highlights the importance of setting kids up for success while acknowledging their responsibility to take advantage of the opportunities given to them.+

11. Negotiating Skills

Tori Dunlap shares her experience of negotiating salaries for every job she has had and how she realized the importance of empowering women to do the same. She provides tools and tips to help women feel confident and advocate for their worth in negotiations. Brad Barrett also reflects on his own experience of being underpaid due to lack of negotiation skills.+

12. How to Negotiate a Raise

Negotiation Research:Tori emphasizes the importance of research and data in negotiating a salary or raise. Using online resources like Glassdoor and PayScale, as well as talking to colleagues and hiring managers, can help you determine a fair salary based on your job title, location, and skills.+
Salary Negotiation Tips:Jonathan and Tori discuss effective ways to negotiate salaries without creating a toxic work environment, including asking for pricing on a position and finding a range of salaries for similar roles. They also highlight the importance of pay transparency and promoting it at a grassroots level.+

13. The Script for Salary Negotiation

Tori shares her "gratitude sandwich" negotiation script, emphasizing the importance of showing gratitude, using market data to ask for a range, and collaborating to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. She also suggests asking for slightly more than your ideal salary to allow for negotiation.+

14. How to Negotiate an Offer

Tori Dunlap shares her negotiation script and emphasizes the importance of collaboration over conflict in negotiations. She encourages women to negotiate for fair compensation without fear of losing job offers and reminds listeners that they are interviewing the company as much as the company is interviewing them.+

15. Ask for a Raise

Negotiating Tips:Tori, Brad, and Jonathan discuss the importance of negotiating in the workplace and how it can benefit both the employee and employer. They provide insights on how to approach negotiations and the importance of setting expectations. Jonathan shares anecdotes from his experience as a manager and employer, and highlights the importance of creating a company culture that encourages employees to ask for raises.+
Negotiating for Your Worth:Tori and Jonathan discuss the importance of negotiating for your worth and how it can lead to increased self-value and confidence. They emphasize that it's not just about the money, but also about setting a precedent for others to advocate for themselves.Show transcript +
Salary Negotiation Success:Tori shares anecdotes of successful salary negotiations, including a $30,000 increase in total compensation for a woman in tech. She also offers coaching services to help women navigate the negotiation process with confidence.+

16. Negotiation Muscle

Tori explains that negotiation is a muscle that needs to be strengthened. She also highlights that there are several things you can negotiate besides salary, such as PTO, work from home, education stipend, signing bonus, relocation bonus, and stock options.+

17. Women's Financial Power

Negotiating for Women:Tori Dunlap discusses how women need to negotiate differently than men and shares her gratitude sandwich tactic. Jonathan Mendosa emphasizes the importance of negotiating and how it can lead to a million-dollar difference in earnings over a career.+
Women's Financial Rights:Tori Dunlap shares her passion for fighting for women's financial rights by advocating for salary negotiation and providing resources for financial education. She believes that a woman's best form of protest is having a financial education and achieving financial equality.+

18. Life Lessons

Tori shares her favorite book and a valuable lesson she learned early in her career. She emphasizes the importance of trusting your gut and prioritizing happiness over money.+

19. Trusting Your Gut

Tori shares her experience of ignoring her gut feeling and accepting a job offer that wasn't right for her. She discusses the warning signs she missed and the importance of trusting your gut when something doesn't feel right.+

20. #3: Getting Enough Sleep

Tori emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep for productivity. She believes that taking care of oneself is essential to being productive and efficient.+

21. #4: The Biggest Financial Mistake I Made

Tori shares her biggest financial mistake of taking a job for the money without trusting her gut, which ended up costing her more in the long run. Jonathan adds insight on the line between responsibility and toxicity when it comes to taking on extra responsibility for more money.+

22. Worry Less

Tori and Brad discuss the advice they would give their younger selves, with Tori revealing her struggle with anxiety and the importance of worrying less. They share strategies for managing worry and realizing that the worst-case scenario is often manageable.+

23. Dory on Her First 100K

Tori shares how living alone, despite the higher cost, has brought her immense joy and flexibility in her life. She explains how the value it adds to her life makes it worth the extra expense.+

24. How to Support ChooseFI Radio

Jonathan shares four easy ways to support ChooseFI, including leaving an iTunes review, signing up for travel credit cards, setting up a personal capital account, and spreading the message to friends and family. He also recommends starting with episode 100 for new listeners.+

25. Book Plurb

Jonathan reminds listeners to check out ChooseFI's book, "ChooseFI Your Blueprint to Financial Independence," during its launch week. It's a great resource for anyone looking to achieve financial independence.+