Published June 2018 on YouTube

081R | The Fear of Letting Go

1. Life Hacks and More on Paid Income

Louima, Mark, and Kristyn share their insights on decluttering, health hacks, and must-have web applications for the price-conscious purchaser. Right also weighs in with additional feedback on earned income for second-generation FIRE.+

2. Seeking Financial Independence

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are taking control of their lives in the pursuit of financial independence. In this episode, Jonathan and Brad discuss the endless possibilities of personal finance and early retirement.+

3. Choose A Pie

Brad shares how families at his pool have started recognizing him from the podcast and how it's been a great opportunity to connect with listeners and encourage them to pursue a more intentional life. The hosts discuss how ChooseFI is all about living a normal life with intentionality and how this message is resonating with listeners.+

4. ChooseFI's Cult-like Following

Brad and Jonathan discuss their recent ranking on Forbes' Nine Money Podcasts You Should Be Listening To list and the article's description of ChooseFI's cult-like following. They explain that the passionate audience is a result of the phi lifestyle being their identity and how it's about living a smarter, more optimized, and intentional life where you run towards what makes you happy.+

5. How to Grow Your Audience

Jonathan and Brad discuss the most powerful way to increase your audience: making a difference in someone's life and encouraging them to take action. Building honest connections with your audience and creating a community of like-minded individuals is key to long-term loyalty.Show transcript +

6. The Choose If I Podcast

Community Benefits:Brad and Jonathan discuss the power of the ChooseFI community and how local groups are benefiting members all over the country. They highlight the importance of aggregating information and the impact it can have on personal finance journeys.+
Leveraging Community:Jonathan shares how he leverages his community to decrease his mosquito load and work out with a partner. Brad discusses the benefits of sharing resources with like-minded individuals and how it can save money and reduce waste.+

7. How to Fix a Lawn Mower Wheel

Brad shares his DIY success story of fixing his lawn mower with just $16 and a few minutes of research. Jonathan jokes about doing an episode on the true cost of lawn mower ownership.+

8. Value in Intentional Purchases

Jonathan and Brad discuss the value of intentional purchases and the few items that have brought immense value to their lives. They emphasize the importance of using what you own and avoiding clutter, as new stuff can add to your stress instead of value.+

9. Kate's Debt Cease

Mindful Consumption:Kate shares how a shopping ban led to a decluttering of her life and helped her become healthier and happier. Brad and Jonathan discuss how making positive changes can lead to compound benefits and how money isn't always the answer to our problems. The key takeaway is that hitting the pause button and being mindful of our consumption can have a profound impact on our lives.+
Saving Mindset:Brad and Jonathan discuss the importance of having a saving mindset and how budgeting can help control lifestyle inflation. They also touch on the idea of a 100% savings rate until finding things worth buying.+
Frugality as a Tool:Jonathan and Brad discuss the role of frugality and budgeting in achieving financial independence. While Jonathan views frugality as a tool to keep him grounded, Brad admits that budgeting has never made sense to him. They acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving financial independence and that everyone has their own way of succeeding at life.+

10. Bradley On His Daughter's Choice

Brad discusses his preference for his daughter to read Harry Potter instead of watching Star Wars movies. He believes that reading books will benefit her mind and creativity more than watching movies.+

11. The Power of Decluttering

Kristen, a certified KonMari consultant, shares her practical tidying tip with the ChooseFI audience. She discusses the power of decluttering and how it can transform not only your home but your life. Kristen credits the ChooseFI podcast and community for inspiring her to take major actions towards her financial independence goals.+

12. Tidying Insights

Tidying Insights:Kristen shares insights on how to maintain a clutter-free lifestyle by mapping out the vision of your ideal living environment. She emphasizes the importance of asking tough questions and dedicating time to the tidying process. Jonathan adds that decluttering can be complicated and stressful, as it involves dealing with the emotional attachment to our possessions.+
Decluttering Benefits:Brad and Jonathan discuss the psychological benefits of decluttering and how it can lead to frugal wins. They also highlight the importance of tracking small wins to see progress over time.+

13. Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff

Jonathan shares his experience with decluttering and how he gained more energy by getting rid of all the clutter that was just in his attic. He talks about the anxiety caused by documents and how he got rid of 50 plus pounds of paper by following the strategies from the book "Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff at a Library Near You". Brad also shares his experience with decluttering and how he finally got rid of his old college notebooks and accounting books.+

14. Roth IRA Strategies

Roth IRA Strategies:Wright, a Facebook group moderator, suggests unconventional ways to set up Roth IRAs for children, such as employing them as models for websites. Jonathan and Brad discuss the practicalities of documenting child employment in the digital age and explore strategies for setting up Roth IRAs for their kids.+
Employing Kids:Brad and Jonathan discuss the potential of employing their kids in their businesses, teaching them valuable skills and filling up their Roth IRA bucket. They also share a story of a 15-year-old who found a way to earn money despite age restrictions.+
Life Optimization:Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of not accepting obstacles as they are presented, but instead working through them and finding options. They also emphasize the value of consistently tracking 1% gains in all areas of life to achieve life optimization.+

15. Phi Life Hacks

Mark shares his favorite hacks for saving money on food and travel rewards, as well as apps like Ernie and FeeX that help track purchases and reduce fees. He also discusses using smaller dishes, not eating alone, and avoiding eating while watching TV to save on calories.+

16. In the Elevator With Ernie

Jonathan and Brad discuss the benefits of credit cards, specifically travel rewards and purchase protection. They mention Ernie, a service that helps with filing claims for purchase protection, and how smaller plates can help with health goals.+

17. Treehouse Scholarship Update

Jonathan and Brad provide an update on the Treehouse scholarship, including partnering with a nonprofit and the potential for multiple scholarships. They express gratitude for the generosity and time of those involved and promise to update listeners on how to donate and apply in the coming weeks.+

18. Camp Phi Winner

Jonathan and Brad announce the winner of the Camp Phi ticket giveaway for the sold-out event in Joshua Tree, California. The lucky winner will get to attend an incredible speaker event.+

19. The Phi Handbook Review

Danielle's review highlights how ChooseFI provides an easily understandable resource for those interested in financial independence. The podcast covers diverse topics, including lifestyle choices like healthy eating and time management, making it a comprehensive guide for those new to the community.+

20. Giveaway

Brad and Jonathan announce the winners of their book giveaway and share how listeners can enter for a chance to win a book of their choice.+

21. Subscribe for More

Jonathan reminds listeners to subscribe to the podcast if they have been getting value from the show. This lets providers know that listeners want to be there for additional content.+