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088R | What Have You Built?

1. Career Hacking

Colby asks for specific feedback on career hacking, while Sasha calls in with a question about finding a side hustle. The speakers offer insights and key statements on both topics.+

2. Career Hacking

Brad and Jonathan discuss the art of career hacking and salary negotiation, sharing insights on how to achieve financial independence through strategic career moves. Join the community of like-minded individuals who are taking control of their lives and pursuing financial freedom.+

3. Dumbbells for Decluttering?

Jonathan shares his experience with decluttering his workout equipment and discovering a new program that has helped him push himself to new limits. The Strong Lifts program has helped him lift the most he ever has and enjoy working out in an uncomfortable place.+

4. Deciding to Clean Up My Gym

Decluttering Gym Equipment:Jonathan shares his experience of decluttering his gym equipment and realizing that having fewer but essential equipment is more important than having a lot of unused equipment. Brad emphasizes the importance of strength training over steady-state cardio for a better heart rate workout.+
Fitness Community Benefits:Jonathan and Brad discuss the benefits of having a fitness community. They talk about how having a workout partner can help with motivation and drive results. They also compare the experience of working out alone versus in a community, and how the community aspect can make a difference in achieving fitness goals.+

5. College Reciprocity

Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of looking at college from an ROI perspective. They acknowledge that while college can lead to high-paying careers, taking on six figures of student loan debt for a short working career can make the ROI more muddled.+

6. Major ROI

Brad and Jonathan discuss the return on investment of different college majors and whether some are more worthwhile than others. Jonathan is hesitant to name specific majors due to potential backlash from listeners in those professions.+

7. Talent Stacks and FI

Building a Talent Stack:Jonathan talks about his experience with education and how he wants to approach his son's education differently. He discusses the concept of a talent stack and how programming is a valuable skill to have in today's job market.+
Programming for FI:Jonathan discusses the benefits of pursuing a career in programming for achieving financial independence, emphasizing that it doesn't require a traditional education path. He suggests that by focusing on trends and building a talent stack, it's possible to achieve FI at a young age. Brad agrees, highlighting the importance of staying aware of societal trends.+

8. Taking Action

Taking Action:Jay shares her story of hitting rock bottom after college despite having good grades, internships, and being a college athlete. Instead of waiting for something to happen, she took action by creating a blog and starting a gifted and talented program for third graders. She became someone who creates things and not just someone who joins things other people created.+
Creating Opportunities:Jay shares her story of how she went from a successful but unfulfilling career to finding her passion by taking action and not being afraid to make unconventional choices. She scrapped her entire resume and started from scratch, eventually landing a job with the Olympic Committee for Digital Media. Her story encourages listeners to take one action at a time to create opportunities for themselves and not be afraid of looking weird or taking a step back in order to move forward.+

9. Finding a Partner

Jonathan and Brad discuss the power of finding a partner to help motivate and support you in your endeavors, whether it's starting a business or weightlifting. They emphasize that having a partner with complementary skills can make all the difference in achieving success.+

10. Building a Talent Stack

Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of building a talent stack and taking initiative. They encourage listeners to become side hustlers, bloggers, and creators, emphasizing that even if these ventures don't take off, there is value in having done them. They also stress the importance of taking a non-traditional path and not being afraid to fail, as initiative and passion are highly valued by employers.+

11. Career Hacking: The Power of It

Jonathan and Brad discuss the power of career hacking in growing your income and optimizing your life. They share insights and feedback from the community on resources to learn from and additional levers to pull with your career.+

12. Geo Arbitrage: A Pillar of Phi

Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of Geo Arbitrage as a pillar of Financial Independence. They mention examples of people who have benefited from domestic and international Geo Arbitrage, and how it can help people save money and earn more.+

13. Career Hacking: Pharmacy Jobs

Jonathan discusses how supply and demand affects job opportunities in the pharmacy industry. He explains how moving to a less populated area can lead to more lucrative positions and promotions.+

14. Choosing the Right Career Choice

Personal Choice:Brad and Jonathan discuss the importance of personal choice when it comes to personal finance and building a skill stack. They emphasize that there is no one "right" way to achieve financial independence, and that building a diverse set of skills can lead to unique solutions to problems.+
Public Speaking Skills:Jonathan and Brad discuss the benefits of joining Toastmasters, a club organization that focuses on public speaking and leadership skills. They highlight the importance of communication skills and networking with like-minded individuals. Additionally, they mention the value of developing skills through self-study, career-related organizations, and teaching in your field.+
Climbing the Corporate Ladder:Timothy shares his journey from minimum wage to six-figure global businessman in 14 years at the same company. He emphasizes the importance of networking, dressing for success, taking chances, and being a team player. Timothy also stresses the need to surround yourself with people better and more knowledgeable than yourself and to never stop learning.+

15. Empowering Career Growth

Jonathan and Brad discuss the importance of taking action towards career growth and answer a listener's question about getting a raise as a pharmacist. Don Wetrick's statement about the difficulty of taking action is also highlighted.+

16. Getting Pharmacy Raises

Jonathan provides insights on how to get a raise as a high-performing pharmacist in a tight competitive environment. He discusses the supply and demand issue and how it affects salaries. He also suggests focusing on savings rate and thinking about a side hustle to build a perpetual money-making machine.+

17. How to Ask for a Raise

Jonathan shares an article on how to successfully negotiate a raise based on performance. The key strategy is to set goals with your boss and agree on them, then ask for a raise once those goals are met. If you're a high performer and not receiving the compensation you deserve, remember that there are other employers out there.+

18. Finding Phi-Friendly Cities

Jonathan discusses the patterns they have noticed in finding cities that are optimized for phi and shares resources for finding low-cost, safe neighborhoods with strong bikeability. Danny's message prompts a discussion on creating a map or criteria list for finding good cities to live in that are phi-friendly.+

19. Richmond: Cost of Living, and More

Brad and Jonathan discuss the benefits of geo arbitrage and how it can help you save money. They talk about the importance of considering cost of living, outdoor activities, and commute time when choosing a place to live.+

20. Local Groups on ChooseFI

Jonathan and Brad discuss the growth of ChooseFI local groups across the US and the world. They highlight some of the most active cities and mention new groups in Maui and Ireland. They also discuss how local groups can optimize personal finance strategies for their specific economic circumstances.+

21. Sasha on The Firemen Podcast

Sasha shares how listening to the podcast has changed his life and helped him work towards financial independence. He seeks advice on finding a side hustle that aligns with his passions and values.+

22. Starting a Side Hustle

Jonathan shares that starting a side hustle doesn't require a revolutionary idea, but rather taking something that has already been done and adding your unique flair onto it. He recommends reframing your mindset and listening to episode 30 of the podcast with Alan Donaghan. Additionally, he announces that Nick Loper, host of Side Hustle Nation, will be a guest on the show to share his top takeaways from over 200 episodes on how to establish and build a successful side hustle.+

23. Book Review Giveaway

Jonathan announces the book giveaway for ChooseFI listeners. To enter, listeners need to leave a short written review on ChooseFI's iTunes page and email with their screen name. Winners are announced on the Friday roundup, with one book given away for every five written reviews.+

24. Personal Finance Chat

Narman shares his journey towards financial and personal development and how ChooseFI has helped him find success in investing and living a happy and meaningful life. The hosts provide actionable tips for everyday people looking to build wealth and improve their overall wellness.+