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239: How to Ensure Your Authority Is Respected | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Cult Mind Control:Steven shares insights on how cults use mind control techniques and how to break free from their influence. Jordan also invites listeners to join him in a prison for a special program.+
Prison Experience:Jordan invites listeners to join him on a unique travel experience to prison. Limited spots available, interested listeners can email him at Last time was a game-changer for Jordan and he's excited to share this experience with his listeners.+

2. Airbnb Surveillance

Privacy and Home Surveillance:Jason discovers a concealed camera in his Airbnb and questions the moral and legal obligation of informing guests about surveillance. Jordan and Jason discuss the implications of home surveillance and the importance of privacy.+
Airbnb Security Cameras:Jordan and Jason discuss the legality and ethics of having security cameras in an Airbnb rental. While Airbnb requires hosts to disclose all security cameras, it's not illegal to have them. Jason shares a story of a guest who stole cameras from an Airbnb host and got arrested.+
Privacy and Home Security:Jason and Jordan discuss the importance of assuming you're being recorded in someone else's home and the legal implications of posting security camera footage online without consent. They also share tips on how to protect your privacy in unfamiliar spaces.+
Airbnb Privacy:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of checking for hidden cameras in Airbnb rentals and protecting privacy in shared spaces.+

3. Mastering Conversations

Improving Social Skills:Jordan shares his Conversational Rapport Formula, which includes the F.E.W. technique (Facts, Emotion, Why) to help improve social skills and maintain interest in conversations with strangers. He also recommends checking out his Six-Minute Networking course for more tips and advice.+
Conversational Depth:Jordan shares insights on how to dig deeper into conversations by asking the right questions and explains how it can lead to more meaningful and emotional responses.+
Mastering Conversations:Jordan shares his basic curiosity curve for mastering conversations. He emphasizes the importance of getting the facts, probing for emotions, and asking for the "why" behind someone's feelings. By doing so, we can move beyond surface-level conversations and have more meaningful interactions.+

4. Sponsors

Jason and Jordan discuss the benefits of CBD for anxiety and recommend Highline Wellness, a natural and affordable CBD supplement brand. They highlight the importance of choosing all-natural brands and third-party tested products.+

5. Improving Facial Expressions

Jordan advises a listener on how to improve their facial expressions when interacting with customers. He suggests being interested in others, using small talk formulas, and remembering to smile, especially with the eyes.+

6. Clarifying Your Role

Clarifying Your Role:Jordan advises Jason to ask for clarification on his role and make sure everyone knows where he stands. He emphasizes that having knowledge and experience doesn't make him power-hungry, but rather what's best for the project and the business.+
Managerial Authority:Jordan advises on how to handle a promotion to a managerial position, including negotiating a raise and using leverage to secure it.Show transcript +

7. Profile Photos Matter

Mandatory Profile Photos:Jordan suggests that having a photo in a LinkedIn profile is mandatory, as it shows that the user is an actual person who updates their profile. He also recommends testing whether sharing a current photo when connecting or reconnecting with people leads to better responses.+
Hiring and Photos:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of having a photo on your CV and social profiles when it comes to hiring freelancers. Having a photo can help potential employers get a better feel for the person and ensure they are hiring an actual human.+
Outsourcing Design:Jordan and Jason discuss the potential issues with outsourcing design work, including communication problems and cultural differences that can impact the final product. It's important to hire a designer who understands the targeted audience and their tastes.+
Alumni Networks:Jordan discusses the importance of size and activity when it comes to alumni networks. He emphasizes that a smaller, more curated network can be more beneficial than a larger one. He also promotes his free networking course on

8. Sponsors

Home Buying Tips:Jason DeFillippo shares tips on home buying and mortgages, including how Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans can help make the home buying process smoother. The episode is also sponsored by Progressive, which offers discounts on car insurance.+
Prevent Drunk Driving:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of preventing drunk driving and offer practical tips to avoid it, including planning a safe ride home before drinking and designating a sober driver. They also highlight the alarming statistics of alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes and the devastating impact they have on innocent lives.+

9. Audiobook Note-Taking

Retaining Audiobook Lessons:Jordan and Jen discuss how to retain key takeaways from audiobooks. They recommend summarizing the book for a friend as a way to teach and reinforce the information. Jordan also shares his ability to recall details from movies, which he attributes to the way his brain processes information.+
Audiobook Note-Taking:Jordan and Jason discuss their note-taking methods for audiobooks. Jason recommends using the notes feature in the Audible app, while Jordan suggests journaling and taking notes in Apple Notes. Both agree that note-taking is important for retaining information from non-fiction audiobooks.+

10. Moving On

Long-Distance Relationships:Jordan advises Hopeful Romantic to keep in close touch with his girlfriend, have her visit often, and not worry about the vindictive sister. He also warns him that most high school relationships end when college starts.+
Moving on:Jordan and Jason give advice on moving on from high school relationships and dealing with toxic siblings in a relationship. They emphasize the importance of growing as a person and not letting others hold you back. They also provide tips on how to handle toxic family members and when it's time to cut the cord.+

11. Fertility and Money-saving Tips

Fertility Challenges:Jordan advises Jason to seek therapy with his wife to help her process her emotions regarding her fertility challenges. He also suggests exploring alternative options such as egg freezing, surrogacy, or adoption.+
Fertility Planning:Jordan advises listeners to plan ahead for fertility issues by consulting a fertility doctor and discussing options early on. He also encourages listeners to provide feedback on sponsors to ensure the highest quality experience.+
Money-saving Tips:Jason shares his tips on how to save money by buying daily necessities in bulk when they are on sale. He emphasizes looking at the unit cost and gives examples of how it can be deceiving. Jordan agrees and adds his own insights, including the importance of checking the unit cost on paper towels.+
Saving Money:Jason and Jordan discuss ways to save money, including buying in bulk and checking unit prices. They also recommend being a smart consumer to get the best deals. Title: Losing Sight of Shore Topics: Documentary, Long-distance challenges Summary: Jason recommends the documentary "Losing Sight of Shore," which follows four British women who rowed across the Pacific Ocean with no support boats. Jordan is amazed by their feat and recommends the documentary as well.+

12. Outro

Jordan Harbinger shares tips on how to manage relationships using systems and tiny habits that take a few minutes a day. He emphasizes the importance of networking and how procrastination leads to stagnation when it comes to this.+