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Keto Diet Ruined by Food Companies? & Calorie Cycling w/ Thomas DeLauer

1. <Untitled Chapter 1>

Breakfast and Dietary Shifts:Mike and Thomas discuss their breakfast routines, including the benefits of low carb, high fat meals and the inclusion of fermented foods. They also address the recent trend of people in the keto community transitioning away from full-time keto and explore their own dietary shifts.+
Seasonal Eating:Mike shares his approach to eating based on the seasons and how it aligns with the fluctuation of hormones in animals. He emphasizes the importance of consuming locally grown food and making exceptions for certain fruits and vegetables. While keto can be beneficial, he suggests that strict nutritional ketosis may not be necessary year-round.+
Keto as a Tool:Thomas and Mike discuss the benefits of using keto as a tool to improve metabolic health, emphasizing the importance of not staying in a ketogenic state indefinitely. They use the analogy of different levels of care in a hospital to explain the concept of transitioning to different dietary approaches as metabolic health improves. They also touch on the benefits of periodically incorporating carbs into the diet for metabolic flexibility.+


Mike and Thomas discuss the parallels between financial debt and metabolic debt, highlighting the importance of taking extreme measures to get out of debt and then finding balance and flexibility once the debt is paid off. They also explore the concept of triaging nutrition and the benefits of periodically switching up dietary patterns.+

3. Enhancing Exercise Performance

Enhancing Exercise Performance:Discover the unique benefits of pairing electrolytes with creatine for better exercise performance. Learn how to support exercise performance and hydration levels with the help of taurine, creatine, real salt, and Albion key-littered magnesium. Plus, gain insights on the importance of tinkering and testing different nutrition strategies based on individual genetics and metabolic history.+
Seasonal Influence:Discover how the summer months and increased light exposure may impact our metabolism and carbohydrate tolerance. Mike shares anecdotal evidence and studies that suggest a potential connection between light exposure, physical activity, and metabolic pathways. Explore the fascinating relationship between our bodies and the changing seasons.+
Exploring Nutrition and Time-Restricted Feeding:Thomas and Mike discuss the perception of stress and its impact on the body, as well as the benefits of early time-restricted feeding for optimal digestion. They emphasize the importance of giving ourselves permission to enjoy wholesome sources of carbohydrates and explain how eTRF can improve our overall health.+
Optimal Digestion, Early Feeding:Discover the benefits of early time restricted feeding for optimal digestion and metabolic processes. Learn how to navigate the challenges of fasting and create strict habits for success.+
Enhancing Sleep Quality:Mike and Thomas discuss the impact of entraining the circadian clock system on sleep quality. They explore the benefits of early time restricted feeding and how it can foster deep and restful sleep, particularly for peri and postmenopausal women. Thomas also highlights the differences between intermittent fasting and early time restricted feeding, emphasizing the unique benefits of the latter in improving sleep and metabolic health.+


Optimizing Meal Timing:Thomas and Mike discuss the importance of meal timing and its impact on insulin sensitivity and fat cell behavior. They highlight the benefits of eating earlier in the day, including improved weight management and better sleep quality.+
Understanding Insulin Resistance:Thomas explains how insulin resistance is not always a negative state, but rather a response to fuel demands. He also discusses the impact of inactivity on insulin resistance throughout the day.+
Muscle: An Active Organ:Discover how muscles are not just for aesthetics, but are actually active organs that release hormones upon stimulation through exercise. Learn about the different hormones, called exercines or myokines, that communicate with various metabolic organs in the body, such as the brain, bone, heart, and liver. Understand the importance of movement in triggering the release of these hormones and how they contribute to overall health and wellness.+
The Power of Muscle Stimulation:Discover the fascinating effects of muscle stimulation on the body, as Mike shares groundbreaking research on the release of extracellular vesicles and microRNA. Learn how even a small amount of movement can trigger a cascade of favorable changes in various organ systems, offering a natural solution to common health issues like hypertension.+


Exercise Timing Benefits:Learn about the fascinating effects of exercise timing on different organs and metabolic regulation. Discover how exercise can be tailored to cast specific benefits on various tissues, depending on the time of day.+
Consistency and Habit:Learn the importance of consistency and habit in exercise, as well as the benefits associated with habitual movement. Discover how to make exercise a routine habit and get the most out of your workouts.+
Optimal Workout Timing:Thomas discusses the importance of finding the right time to work out and the benefits of training in a fed state occasionally. He shares insights on how our bodies anticipate exercise and the impact it has on performance and injury risk.+
Dual Fuel Perspective:Mike and Thomas discuss the benefits of splitting up workouts and incorporating both cardio and interval training for optimal results. They emphasize the importance of considering glucose and glycolysis while also utilizing fats and ketones during exercise.+
Building Consistent Exercise Habits:Mike and Thomas discuss the importance of forming consistent exercise habits and how social connections can help reinforce those habits. They emphasize the need for progress and how identifying as a healthy person can contribute to long-term adherence. They also touch on the entertainment value of going to the gym and the mental stimulus it provides.+


The Impact of Overfeeding:Thomas and Mike discuss the negative effects of overfeeding and how hyperpalatable foods can lead to obesity by stimulating parts of the brain that trigger excessive eating. They also touch on the potential risks of consuming high amounts of saturated fats and its connection to insulin resistance and atherosclerosis.+
Lipid Load Test:Learn about the emerging trend of the lipid load test, which involves giving a bolus dose of fat instead of glucose to measure post-meal rise in triglycerides. Mike shares his personal experience with the test and highlights the importance of how fat is delivered in the body. Discover the potential implications of lipid load on lipotoxicity and insulin resistance.+
Understanding Lipotoxicity:Discover the impact of different sources of saturated fat on your health and learn how to determine if your fat-rich diet is causing lipotoxicity. Mike explains the importance of considering the quality and quantity of fats in your meals and shares insights on using lipid load tests to personalize your understanding of lipotoxicity.+
The Impact of Fuel Density:Thomas discusses the impact of fuel density on pancreatic beta cells and how nutrient sensing plays a role in our body's feedback loops. He highlights the importance of understanding individual needs when it comes to saturated fat intake and the potential implications for metabolic health.+
Leveraging Macronutrients:Thomas and Mike discuss the role of macronutrients in body composition and share insights on how manipulating fats and protein can lead to leaner results. They address misconceptions about demonizing fats and emphasize the importance of considering context when discussing dietary choices.+
Debating Diets:Thomas and Mike discuss the potential problems with consuming additional fats on a ketogenic diet, especially for those on a standard American diet high in processed carbohydrates. They question whether the carbs or fats are causing more damage and emphasize the importance of considering individual context when choosing a diet.+
Context Matters:Mike and Thomas discuss the importance of considering context when evaluating someone's lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise. They emphasize the need to take into account factors like location and daily activities when forming opinions.+
Altitude and Diet:Thomas and Mike discuss the effects of altitude on diet, specifically the relationship between altitude, ketones, and carbohydrate consumption. Thomas shares his personal experience with thriving on a low-carb diet at altitude, but needing carbs once acclimated. They also explore the potential impact of sun exposure at high altitude on carbohydrate cravings.+

7. Cellular Hydration and Electrolytes

Mike discusses the benefits of pairing electrolytes with creatine for cellular hydration and its impact on workouts. He also mentions his electrolyte stix that feature real salt, creatine, and taurine.+