Published October 2023 on YouTube

AMA #12: Thoughts on Longevity Supplements (Resveratrol, NR, NMN, Etc.) & How to Improve Memory

1. Introduction

Join Andrew in this episode as he answers listener questions, discusses exciting research, and highlights the impact of the premium channel in supporting mental health, physical health, and human performance studies.+

2. Resveratrol Revisited

Resveratrol Revisited:Andrew Huberman discusses the potential benefits of resveratrol for extending lifespan, debunking previous beliefs and sharing his current thoughts on supplementation. While resveratrol may have positive effects on cellular functioning, there is little direct evidence to support its ability to increase lifespan. However, Huberman acknowledges the potential health benefits of resveratrol and shares his personal intake of grape seed extract.+
Grape Seed Extract Benefits:Andrew shares his thoughts on the benefits of grape seed extract for vascular function and blood flow, explaining why he includes it in his daily supplementation stack. He also clarifies that he doesn't take it for resveratrol-related pathways or to extend lifespan.+
Boosting NAD Levels:Discover the different ways people have attempted to increase NAD levels in their cells, including through supplementation with NR and NMN. Andrew shares his personal experiences and insights on the effectiveness of these approaches, while emphasizing that his goal is not to increase lifespan.+
Boosting Energy with NR and NMN:Andrew shares his personal experience with taking NR and NMN supplements to increase NAD levels, resulting in sustained mental and physical energy throughout the day. While the impact on lifespan remains uncertain, he highlights the positive effects on energy levels and his commitment to maintaining high energy levels as he ages.+
Boosting Energy Levels:Andrew discusses his personal experience with taking NR and NMN supplements to increase energy levels throughout the day, while clarifying his lack of financial ties to any manufacturing companies. He also explores the option of NAD infusions as a direct method of increasing NAD, highlighting the discomfort associated with the procedure.+
NAD Infusion Uncomfortable:Andrew shares his personal experience with NAD infusion, highlighting its discomfort and potential benefits for improved sleep and vigor. He advises consulting with a physician before considering it as a treatment option.+
NAD Infusions & Longevity Debate:Andrew Huberman discusses the effectiveness of NAD infusions in increasing cellular levels of NAD and the ongoing debate surrounding the impact of NAD on lifespan. He also explores the differences between NR and NMN and the potential benefits of oral NAD supplementation. Huberman emphasizes the importance of supplements as supplements and highlights the foundational role of lifestyle factors in mental health, physical health, and performance.+
Exploring mTOR and Lifespan:Andrew discusses the potential impact of berberine and metformin on mTOR levels and lifespan. He shares his personal experiences and highlights the current lack of sufficient data supporting the use of metformin for increasing lifespan.+
Exploring Rapamycin:Discover the potential of rapamycin in extending lifespan as Dr. Andrew Huberman discusses its biological pathways and ongoing scientific research. Learn about the experts in the field and their insights on this intriguing drug.+
Maximizing Longevity:Andrew Huberman emphasizes the importance of quality sleep, exercise, and nutrition in maximizing longevity. He explains the specific types of exercise, such as cardiovascular and resistance training, that have significant impacts on health metrics related to longevity. Huberman also highlights the importance of stress modulation and quality social connections, while cautioning against relying solely on supplements or drugs.+

3. Huberman Lab Premium

Join the exciting launch of the Ask Me Anything episode, where Andrew discusses the new Huberman Lab premium channel. Discover how your support can fund research for mental health, physical health, and performance, and learn about the generous dollar-for-dollar match offered by the Tiny Foundation. Don't miss out on exclusive content and the opportunity to have your burning questions answered.+