Published November 2022 on YouTube

Dr Lex Fridman: Navigating Conflict, Finding Purpose & Maintaining Drive | Huberman Lab Podcast #100

1. Dr. Lex Fridman

Lex Friedman shares his insights on a variety of topics including science, politics, mental health, and motivation. He is a preeminent thought leader on the planet and has a love for learning and sharing the human experience.+

2. LMNT, Levels, Eight Sleep

Andrew shares his favorite science-based health tips, including the importance of electrolytes for brain function and how Levels can help you monitor your blood glucose levels in real time to optimize your diet and exercise routine.+

3. Podcasting

Andrew and Lex celebrate the monumental recording of episode 100 of the podcast, discussing how Lex's inspiration led to the creation of the Huberman Lab podcast and how Andrew's passion for distilling complex science into actionable advice has made the podcast a success. They also touch on the challenges of podcasting and the importance of inspiration in pursuing one's passions.+

4. Ukraine, Russia, War & Geopolitics

Lessons from Ukraine:Lex shares his experience visiting Ukraine and reflects on the impact of war on communities. He discusses the appreciation he gained for the stability and opportunities available in the US.+
Lessons from Loss:Andrew and Lex discuss the lessons learned from losing everything, including the importance of valuing the people in your life over material possessions. They also touch on the generational hate that war can create.+
The Possibility of World War III:Lex and Andrew discuss the current tension between countries and the possibility of a major war in the 21st century, reminding listeners that we don't know what the future holds and that the lessons learned from current conflicts could lead to a catastrophic outcome.+
Propaganda and Hate:Lex discusses the impact of propaganda and hate on society and how people are convinced they know the truth, leading to intense feelings of hatred towards certain groups. He shares his own experiences of receiving hate mail from all sides and the difficulty of navigating this field with an open mind.+

5. Conflict & Generalized Hate

Andrew and Lex discuss the nature of hate and love, and why hate tends to generalize while love may or may not. They also touch on forgiveness and the impact of government interference on people's lives.+

6. Life Lessons from War

Life at the Front:Lex Fridman shares his experiences of living at the front during the Ukrainian conflict, including the difference between staying in Kiev and the Huberman region, where he had to navigate through darkness due to the lack of electricity. Andrew Huberman asks about the living conditions and how it affected his Circadian system.+
Life in War:Lex and Andrew discuss the intensity of life during war, the delicious and cheap food available, and their interactions with skilled American soldiers like Tim Kennedy.+
War Realities:Lex and Andrew discuss the realities of war and how training enables soldiers to be brave. They also touch on the effectiveness of the American army and the difficulty in arriving at truth in a war zone.+
Lessons from War:Lex and Andrew discuss the impact of misinformation in the 21st century and the adaptability of the human mind in war. They touch on the importance of keeping an open mind and listening to actual citizens, and how humans can find joy and humor even in the toughest of circumstances.+

7. AG1 (Athletic Greens)

Andrew takes a quick break to acknowledge Athletic Greens as a sponsor. He explains the importance of gut health and how Athletic Greens provides optimal probiotics for microbiotic health, as well as adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals for foundational nutritional needs. Listeners can try Athletic Greens for free by visiting

8. Adventure and Cold Exposure

Risk and Adventure:Lex Fridman talks about his recent adventure in a dangerous area of the world, the freedom of taking risks, and the responsibility that comes with having a family. Andrew Huberman praises Lex's sense of adventure and respectful approach to exploring, while also jokingly suggesting he freeze his sperm before his next trip.+
Cold Exposure Science:Andrew explains how cold exposure can increase testosterone levels through vasoconstriction and vasodilation. He also mentions the physiological sensation of adrenaline that comes with it.+
Truth in the Sauna:Andrew and Lex discuss the mental and physical challenges of saunas, including the impact on fertility. They also touch on the importance of considering fertility at a young age.+

9. Love Prevails

Science in Ukraine:Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the country's vibrant tech sector and excellent universities continue to thrive. However, the war effort has pulled in all resources, including scientists and engineers who have converted to being soldiers. The psychological pull of fighting for one's country is strong, but there are still those who continue to work in fields such as biology, chemistry, and neuroscience.+
Love Generalizes:Lex and Andrew discuss the war in Kiev and the interesting social experiment of giving guns to everyone. Despite the chaos and lack of law enforcement, crime went to zero, and the love of country and community prevailed. The conversation touches on the unifying power of common effort and the potential for self-correcting mechanisms in society.+

10. Firearms; Violence & Sensitization

Andrew and Lex discuss the human ability to get used to violence and danger. They contrast the familiarity with guns in Texas versus California and the normalization of violence in areas of conflict. They also touch on the concept of signal to noise and how it relates to our perception of danger.+

11. Teaching and Humility

Teaching at MIT:Lex discusses his recent experience teaching at MIT in person and the joy of face-to-face interactions. He also mentions his lectures on different aspects of AI and machine learning.+
MIT Pandemic Rules:Lex Fridman and Andrew Huberman discuss the impact of the pandemic on universities, particularly MIT, and how it has given more power to the administration and taken away power from faculty and students. They also talk about the new Tim ticket system at MIT and how it limits the flourishing of the community.+
Humility in Teaching:Andrew and Lex discuss the importance of humility in teaching and how it can lead to better learning experiences. They also touch on their experiences teaching at prestigious universities and the fear of being corrected in lectures.+

12. Research and Peer Review

Research and Podcasting:Andrew and Lex discuss the importance of continuing to do research while also podcasting, and how the slow and iterative process of research keeps them humble. They also talk about the impatience that comes with the fast-paced world of social media and podcasting, and the joy of discovering something new through research.+
Peer Review Process:Andrew and Lex discuss the limitations of the peer review process in scientific publishing, including the selectivity of reviewers and the potential for bias. They also highlight examples of significant discoveries that were not peer reviewed, raising questions about the necessity of the process.+
Peer Review Process:Andrew and Lex discuss the peer review process in scientific publishing. They talk about the traditional role of editors and the potential benefits of crowdsourcing reviews. They also mention the effectiveness of Twitter in science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.+

13. InsideTracker

Andrew takes a moment to thank the sponsor, Inside Tracker, a personalized nutrition platform that analyzes data from your blood and DNA to help you better understand your body and reach your health goals. He explains how regular blood work can help you analyze factors that impact your immediate and long-term health and how Inside Tracker solves the problem of not knowing what to do with the data you receive.+

14. Social Media Insights

Social Media Insights:Andrew and Lex discuss the distinct psychologies of Twitter and Instagram, and how they approach social media. Lex shares his mindset of adding love and positivity to counteract viral negativity.+
Handling Criticism:Lex and Andrew discuss how to handle criticism on social media, emphasizing the importance of positivity and not escalating. They also touch on the controversy surrounding Andrew Tate, a controversial figure who has been deplatformed on some platforms.+
Masculinity Today:Lex Fridman discusses the meaning of masculinity in the 21st century with Andrew Huberman, focusing on the impact of relationships and respect towards women.+
Conversations on Twitter:Lex and Andrew discuss the impact of avatars and anonymity on Twitter, the importance of knowing the line between comedy and destructive ideology, and the power of conversation to reveal important truths. They also touch on the potential dangers of the absurd turning to evil, as seen in Nazi Germany.+

15. Understanding Ideological Boundaries

Trump and Fauci:Andrew and Lex discuss the possibility of having Donald Trump as a guest on the podcast and the importance of understanding his worldview. They also consider Anthony Fauci as a potential counterpoint and discuss the divergent neural circuitry of people's opinions on both figures.+
Division and Conspiracy:Lex and Andrew discuss the nature of division and conspiracy theories in society, from the intense hatred between Russia and Ukraine to the scapegoating of Anthony Fauci during the pandemic. They also touch on conspiracy theories surrounding Putin and the possibility of Bernie Sanders being a significant figure in American history.+
Ideological Boundaries:Andrew and Lex discuss how ideological boundaries have defied science and how people tend to grab onto things without considering the details. They also emphasize the importance of humility and empathy in understanding different perspectives.+

16. CEO Controversy

Controversial CEO Interview:Lex discusses the backlash he received for interviewing a controversial CEO from the biotech industry, and the perception of Big Pharma as being evil in the eyes of many. He also talks about the constant movement of CEOs in the biotech industry and the difference between manager-type CEOs and revolutionary CEOs.+
Wealth and Criticism:Lex and Andrew discuss the criticism that comes with wealth, particularly in the case of the Pfizer CEO. They explore the reasons behind this scrutiny and the desire for status over money.+
Distrust in Companies:Lex and Andrew discuss the possibility of companies deviating from their mission to do good due to the focus on making more money. They also talk about the distrust towards companies rather than the individuals within them, and how scientists are motivated by curiosity rather than money.+

17. Brain Mapping and Startup Success

Brain Mapping:Andrew and Lex discuss the use of language-based maps to understand brain activity and delve into Lex's work with robotics and AI. They also touch on Lex's recent travels and controversial guests on his podcast.+
Overcoming Fear:Lex Fridman discusses his struggles with launching a company related to AI and social media, and how fear and busyness can serve as excuses for not pursuing one's dreams. Andrew Huberman encourages him to have the guts to focus on what his heart says is the right thing to do.+
Startup Success:Andrew and Lex discuss the optimal failure rate for neuroplasticity and growth in machine learning, and how it can apply to startups. They delve into the role of dopamine in decision making and the importance of closing off other sources of dopamine to focus on the journey of starting a company.+

18. Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges:Lex and Andrew discuss different approaches to overcoming challenges. While Lex needs unconditional support, Andrew points out that some people thrive on criticism and pushback. They also explore the concept of creating an amorphous blob as a motivator to overcome obstacles.+
Adversity in Science and Podcasting:Andrew Huberman and Lex Fridman discuss the impact of competition on scientific research and podcasting. They touch on the negative effects of jealousy and how it can hinder motivation. They also highlight the importance of celebrating others' success and finding sources of pure curiosity and love.+
Startup Longing:Andrew and Lex discuss the longing for starting a company and the potential impact it could have on personal happiness and relationships. Despite the challenges, Lex feels drawn to the startup world and Andrew encourages him to follow his heart.+

19. The Power of Calling

The Power of a Calling:Andrew and Lex discuss the difference between a job, a career, and a calling. They explore the energetic pull of a calling and how it encompasses all aspects of life, including work and personal passions. Lex shares his own experience with his calling to explore the social integration of robots in society.+
The Magic of Robotics:Lex Fridman discusses the magic of robotics and AI, and how it can create deep emotional connections between humans and other entities, such as dogs and cats. He also talks about the hard work of capitalism in building a future world full of cool stuff.+
Building a Company:Andrew and Lex discuss the pressures and challenges of building a company, including managing people, cybersecurity, and privacy concerns. They also touch on the importance of finding excellent people to run critical segments and the potential backlash that comes with making mistakes as a company leader.+

20. Chess, Poker & Cheating

Cheating in Sports:Andrew and Lex discuss the possibility of cheating in sports using interceptive devices, such as vibrating anal beads, to send signals. They explore the topic in relation to chess and poker competitions and the potential for live streaming to facilitate cheating.+
Neural Card Counting:Andrew and Lex discuss the possibility of using neural devices to count cards in casinos, including implanting tactile devices below the skin with a simple incision. They also mention a famous real-world story of physics graduate students who used a tactile device for card counting in Vegas.+
Cheating and Advantage:Andrew and Lex discuss the use of technology in gaming and how it can give players a slight advantage. They touch on the case of Phil Ivey, a poker player accused of cheating, and the potential for language models to create bots that resemble humans.+

21. Ideas of Lately

Lex and Andrew discuss the challenges of understanding truth, regaining trust in science, and finding successful relationships amidst personal and political turmoil.+

22. Why Lex Wears a Suit & Tie

Lex Fridman explains why he wears a suit every time he podcasts. He believes that dressing formally shows that he takes his audience seriously and allows them to focus on his character rather than his fashion choices. He was inspired by Richard Feynman and the classiness of the Mad Men era.+

23. AI and Psychedelics

Andrew and Lex discuss the possibility of an AI equivalent of psychedelics, exploring how introducing randomness and noise into machine learning systems can alter their neural circuitry and generate incredible art.Show transcript +

24. Hardest Jiu-Jitsu Belt to Achieve

Lex Fridman shares his journey through jiujitsu and reveals that the hardest belt for him to achieve was the brown belt, due to the intense competition and training required. He also discusses the different mindset needed for pursuing jiujitsu at different stages in life.+

25. Advice to Young People

Passionate Work:Lex Fridman advises young people to find one thing they are passionate about and work harder at that than anything else in their life. Sacrifice towards a thing you really care about and work your ass off.+
Learning the Hard Way:Lex and Andrew discuss the value of hard work and the journey towards achieving excellence. They touch on the importance of learning work-life balance through experience and the admiration for people who give their all towards something. Lex also shares his interpretation of Robert Frost's poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," as a contemplation on suicide and choosing to live.+

26. Supporting the Podcast

Andrew Huberman shares ways to support the podcast, including subscribing, leaving reviews, and checking out the sponsors. He also mentions the benefits of supplements for enhancing sleep, focus, and hormone augmentation, and recommends Momentous supplements for their quality and single ingredient formulations.+