Published July 2023 on YouTube

Science-Supported Tools to Accelerate Your Fitness Goals | Huberman Lab Podcast

1. Tools to Improve Fitness

Discover a range of tools to enhance your fitness routine and make significant improvements without investing extra time. Andrew Huberman shares key protocols from previous episodes that he personally incorporates into his own routine, ensuring they are both beneficial and enjoyable. Learn how to optimize your fitness program and explore tools that target endurance, strength, recovery, and more. By the end of this episode, you'll have a toolbox of up to twelve tools to accelerate your progress without adding significant time or effort.+

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Discover the critical role of electrolytes in cellular function and the importance of hydration for cognition, physical performance, and sleep. Also, learn how Helix Sleep's customized mattresses can improve your sleep and overall well-being.+

3. Foundational Fitness Program

Improving Fitness:Andrew discusses the core elements of a fitness program that can improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and overall health. He emphasizes the importance of including zone two cardio exercises for optimal results.+
Optimal Fitness Program:Discover the key elements of an optimal fitness program, including the recommended amount of cardio and resistance training sessions per week. Andrew shares his personal approach and offers insights on balancing different types of workouts for overall fitness and injury prevention.+
Optimal Fitness Tools:Andrew discusses the valuable tools and protocols for improving cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and overall health. He highlights the science-backed insights shared by Dr. Andy Galpin and provides simple tools that can be incorporated into any fitness routine to enhance performance and health.+

4. Tool 1: Zone 2 Cardio & Daily Activities

Improve Fitness Tools:Learn how to improve your fitness by incorporating Zone Two cardio into your daily activities, whether you use a fitness tracker or not. Andrew shares insights on how to monitor your cardio level and the recommended minimum weekly duration for optimal health.+
Zone Two Cardio Benefits:Discover the immense benefits of zone two cardio as Andrew Huberman shares insights from Dr. Andy Galpin. Learn how to incorporate zone two cardio into your daily activities and improve your overall fitness without sacrificing time for sleep and social connections.+

5. Strength Training Insights

Strength Training Benefits:Discover the benefits of incorporating low repetition, pure strength work into your fitness regimen. Andrew shares his personal experience and the unexpected effects it had on his cardiovascular training.+
Strength Training Benefits:Andrew shares his personal experience with strength training in the three to five repetition range, highlighting the benefits of improved strength, cardiovascular output, and reduced soreness. He also addresses concerns about muscle size and explains how strength training can be tailored to individual goals.+
Efficient Strength Training:Andrew shares his insights on the three by five protocol for efficient strength training, emphasizing the importance of focusing on lower repetition ranges and not overtraining specific muscle groups.+
Benefits of Low Repetition Training:Andrew discusses the benefits of training in lower repetition ranges, including increased strength and hypertrophy, reduced soreness, and enhanced mental energy and focus. He also mentions how this type of training allows for more zone two cardio.+
Effective Warm-Up Strategies:Andrew discusses the importance of warming up adequately before resistance training and shares his personal warm-up routine. He explains how different repetition ranges can be beneficial for improving strength output and overall training performance.+

6. Age-Related Strength Decline

Learn about the importance of incorporating dedicated strength training to offset the age-related decline in muscle size and strength. Discover the specific training protocols needed to maintain or even build strength throughout your lifespan.+

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Andrew discusses the importance of gut health and how athletic greens can provide the optimal probiotics and foundational nutrition needed for a healthy gut. He also highlights the benefits of athletic greens, including adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals.+

8. Tool 3: “Sugarcane” Endurance Protocol

Efficient Cardiovascular Training:Andrew Huberman discusses the sugar cane protocol, a highly effective yet intense method to improve cardiovascular fitness with limited time commitment. He explains the structure of the protocol and emphasizes the importance of selecting a high-intensity exercise that suits individual capabilities.+
Maximize Performance:Andrew Huberman shares a unique approach to high intensity interval training that can elevate your heart rate and improve your V O two max, leading to better performance and overall health. Discover how to push yourself to the max and make your workouts more engaging and effective.+

9. Exercise Snacks

Exercise Snacks:Discover how exercise snacks can enhance or maintain your fitness, whether you're focusing on cardiovascular endurance or muscular endurance. Andrew Huberman explains how these brief, targeted exercises can make a big impact on your overall fitness level.+
Enhancing Endurance:Andrew Huberman shares a simple yet effective way to enhance your endurance with exercise snacks. Whether it's doing 100 jumping jacks or sprinting to your car, these quick bursts of movement will get your heart rate up and improve your overall fitness.+
Enhancing Muscular Endurance:Andrew Huberman discusses exercise snacks that enhance muscular endurance, such as planks and wall sits. These exercises promote the buildup of microvascular supply to muscles and connective tissue, allowing for better delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products. Incorporating these exercise snacks can enhance various aspects of fitness, including strength training and endurance.+
Exercise Snacks:Andrew Huberman shares practical and fun ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, discussing exercise snacks like wall sits, planks, and pushups. He emphasizes the benefits of these short bursts of activity and how they can enhance overall fitness.+

10. Tool 5: Rest Period & Physiological Sighs

Enhancing Fitness with Breathing:Andrew discusses the benefits of incorporating specific breathing techniques during rest periods between sets of exercise. He explains the physiological sigh, a pattern of deep inhales and extended exhales, and how it can shift the nervous system from alertness to calmness. By utilizing this technique, individuals can improve their energy and focus during their work sets, ultimately enhancing their overall fitness.+
Enhancing Workout Recovery:Andrew shares insights on how to optimize workout recovery by incorporating a physiological PSI at the end of each set and utilizing parasympathetic breathing techniques during rest periods. These practices help shift the nervous system into a state of rest and promote faster recovery between workouts.+
Enhancing Workout Recovery:Andrew shares the benefits of incorporating three to five minutes of down regulation breathing after a workout to enhance recovery. He explains how emphasizing exhales and slowing down breathing can shift the body into a calming response, promoting progress and adaptation.+

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Discover the power of personalized nutrition through blood analysis and DNA data with Inside Tracker, a platform that helps you understand your body and achieve your health goals. Learn how to interpret your blood test results and make adjustments to optimize your immediate and long-term health.+

12. Tool 7: “The Line”

Enhancing Focus:Learn how to improve your focus during workouts and effectively separate them from the rest of your day. Andrew introduces the concept of "the line" and explains how it can help you stay focused and enjoy your workouts. Discover the benefits of compartmentalizing and avoiding distractions for optimal fitness results.+
Enjoying Hard Training:Learn how to enjoy training hard and make it a separate and gratifying part of your life. Andrew shares his advice on the mindset and boundaries needed to enhance overall fitness and find enjoyment in the process.+

13. Tool 8: Smartphone Use & Training

Maximize Your Workouts:Discover the power of setting boundaries with your smartphone during workouts to enhance your fitness journey. Learn how to designate playlists, podcasts, or audiobooks beforehand to stay focused and avoid distractions, ultimately optimizing your workout experience.+
Efficient Fitness:Andrew Huberman discusses the importance of maintaining focus and efficiency during workouts, offering tips on how to eliminate distractions, such as smartphones, and make the most of your exercise time.+

14. Tool 9: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Discover the importance of omega-3 fatty acids in improving mood and overall well-being. Andrew shares his insights on supplementing with EPA form of omega-3s and the impact on neurotransmission and neuromuscular performance. Learn why getting 1-2 grams of EPA per day is a game-changer for many.+

15. Tool 10: Creatine

Enhancing Fitness with Creatine:Discover the benefits of creatine as Andrew Huberman explains how it can enhance your fitness. Learn why taking a daily dose of creatine is more effective than loading, and why creatine monohydrate is the best form to use. Find out how the dosage may vary depending on your body weight.+
Maximizing Creatine Intake:Learn how to optimize your creatine intake based on your body weight for enhanced physical and cognitive performance. Andrew shares his personal experience and insights on adjusting creatine dosage for maximum effectiveness.+

16. Tool 11: Rhodiola Rosea

Enhancing Fitness with Rodiola Rosa:Discover the potential benefits of Rodiola Rosa as a cortisol modulator for enhancing fitness. Andrew shares insights from conversations with Dr. Lane Norton and Dr. Andy Galpin, exploring its impact on fatigue perception and performance during high-intensity training. Learn when and how Andrew incorporates this supplement into his workout routine.+
Enhancing Workouts:Discover how Rodeola Rosa can give you an edge in your high intensity workouts. Andrew shares his personal experience with this supplement, highlighting increased energy, reduced fatigue, and faster recovery. Learn about the optimal dosage and its potential benefits for your fitness routine.+

17. Tool 12: Training Fasted or Fed, Caffeine

Enhancing Fitness through Nutrition:Discover key insights on nutrition for improving fitness, including the importance of meal timing, protein sources, and carbohydrate intake. Learn how to optimize your energy and focus throughout the day with simple adjustments to your diet.+
Optimal Training Nutrition:Andrew Huberman discusses his approach to nutrition and caffeine intake for optimal training, including the importance of replenishing glycogen after high intensity resistance training and the benefits of training fasted. He also addresses misconceptions about his caffeine intake and shares insights from his conversation with Dr. Andy Galpin.+
Fasted or Fed?:Discover the flexibility of training fasted or fed and how it can be tailored to your individual needs. Andrew Huberman shares his personal experience and insights on finding the best approach for optimal performance and avoiding gastric distress.+

18. Training Session Flexibility

Andrew Huberman shares scientifically supported tools to improve fitness, making it easier and more likely for listeners to engage in their fitness program with enthusiasm and focus. Incorporating these tools, whether it's adjusting flexibility, incorporating exercise snacks, or trying different training cycles, can make a positive difference without requiring a lot of effort.+

19. Tools for Fitness

Discover the tools and benefits of supplements for enhancing sleep, hormone support, and focus in your fitness routine. Join Andrew as he shares insights on improving your fitness and discusses the partnership with Momentous Supplements.+