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Dr. Paul Conti: Tools and Protocols for Mental Health | Huberman Lab Guest Series

1. True Self Care

Discover the true meaning of self care and how it relates to our mental health. Dr. Paul Conti shares insights on constructing a life narrative, processing traumatic experiences, and fostering better self care through practices like meditation and journaling. Gain valuable tools for understanding and improving your mental well-being.+

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Andrew discusses the value of therapy and its impact on one's health. He emphasizes the importance of finding an excellent therapist who can provide support and help in gaining transformative insights. Discover how BetterHelp makes therapy convenient and accessible for everyone.+

3. Mental Meditation: Waking Up App

Discover the science-backed benefits of meditation and how the Waking Up app can help you establish a personalized meditation practice. Explore the power of yoga nidra and its ability to enhance mental readiness and physical performance. Access a free 30-day trial of the Waking Up app for a transformative meditation experience.+

4. Achieving Mental Health

Explore the roadmap to true mental health and discover the action steps available to improve mental health and cultivate agency and gratitude in everyday life.+

5. Mental health: Self-Care

Self Care Insights:Discover the importance of self care and the mindset needed to prioritize it. Learn about the baseline factors and self understanding necessary for effective self care practices.+
Understanding Ourselves:Explore the importance of self-awareness and engagement with the world around us in understanding ourselves. Discover how agency and gratitude can lead to feelings of peace, contentment, and delight, and learn how to assess and improve our engagement for a more generative life.+
Self-Care Questions:Learn the importance of asking oneself meaningful questions for self-care and mental well-being. Discover how constructing a life narrative can provide valuable insights and guide us to the right questions.+

6. How to Journal from Age 0 to 10

Exploring Personal Reflection:Discover the power of personal reflection through journaling and the impact it can have on understanding oneself and grounding in time. Paul and Andrew discuss the benefits of reflecting on personal history, exploring change, and gaining a broader perspective on one's place in the world.+
Cultivating Gratitude:Explore the power of gratitude and self-reflection in shaping our sense of self and finding appreciation for our past experiences. Discover how sharing these practices with trusted individuals can enhance personal growth and well-being.+
Unlocking the Unconscious:Paul Conti discusses the power of self-reflection and accessing the unconscious mind to find new perspectives and solutions. By breaking free from repetitive thought patterns, we can experience personal growth and overcome feelings of futility and anxiety. Conti emphasizes the importance of knowledge and understanding in improving mental well-being, and highlights the role of both self-help resources and professional assistance in the journey towards healing.+

7. How to Stop Having Panic Attacks

Achieving Health and Happiness:Paul Conti and Andrew Huberman discuss the power of therapy and self-inquiry in achieving a sense of peace, contentment, and improved mental health. They explore how therapy sessions and journaling can lead to revelations and insights, even in the unconscious mind during sleep. Discover how these practices can help individuals work towards a happier and healthier life.+
Unconscious Insights:Discover the power of the unconscious mind and how it can provide surprising insights. Learn why panic attacks often occur when we finally relax and how our conscious mind can hinder problem-solving.+
Unconscious Insights:Explore the power of self-reflection and therapy in uncovering unconscious insights that can lead to renewed understanding and healing.+

8. Overcoming Shame and Guilt

Paul shares his personal journey of seeking therapy to address his feelings of shame and guilt. Through the process, he learns to grieve and let go of the burden he carried, ultimately finding relief and healing.+

9. AG One

Discover the crucial role of the gut microbiome in brain health and immune system support, and learn how AG One can provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics needed to enhance mental and physical health.+

10. Self-inquiry and the right answer

Explore the transformative power of self-inquiry and the benefits it can bring to our lives. Discover how self-inquiry can lead to greater agency, progress, and gratitude, while also addressing the potential discomfort it may bring. Learn when self-inquiry may not be the right answer and the importance of seeking clinical help when needed.+

11. Self Awareness Conflict

Self Awareness and Salience:Explore the conflict between gaining self awareness and the impact on salience in daily life. Andrew discusses the fear of bringing up past traumas and the potential negative impact on productivity and moving forward.+
Uncovering Salient Thoughts:Explore the importance of bringing unconscious thoughts to the surface and how they can impact our well-being. Discover the power of self-awareness and the potential for personal growth.+

12. Building Agency and Gratitude

Building Agency and Gratitude:Andrew and Paul discuss the pillars of agency and gratitude, explaining how they are built and expressed through the structure and function of self. They emphasize the active nature of living and the role of empowerment and humility in navigating life with clarity and making a positive impact on the world.+
Active Processes:Explore the concept of active processes and how they contribute to feelings of peace, contentment, and delight. Learn how our genetics and choices determine our potentials and the importance of taking care of ourselves to reinforce our generative and proactive drives.+

13. Finding Pleasure, Building Health

Paul Conti explores the relationship between the pleasure drive and the generative drive, emphasizing the importance of finding balance in order to optimize our well-being. By taking care of ourselves and fostering healthy relationships, we can build health within ourselves and our communities, leading to a more compassionate and empathetic society.+

14. Relationship Insights

Relationship Insights:Discover the key factors that truly matter in relationships and learn actionable steps to improve all types of relationships in your life.+
Unconscious Mind Revealed:Dive deep into the fascinating world of the unconscious mind, likened to a biological supercomputer, and discover how its contents have a profound impact on our conscious thoughts and actions.+
Healing Emotional Abscesses:Explore the parallel between surgical abscesses and emotional wounds, as Dr. Paul Conti explains how therapy can help identify and heal deep-rooted traumas, providing insights into the therapy process and the importance of delving into the unconscious mind.+

15. How to Tap into the Unconscious

Accessing the Unconscious:Explore ways to tap into the unconscious mind, even without therapy. Embrace curiosity about oneself, reflect on past experiences, and develop an observing ego to gain insights and improve mental health.+
Understanding Personal Change:Paul Conti discusses the importance of recognizing personal change and understanding the defense mechanisms that arise from it. By shining a light on these shifts, individuals can gain a better understanding of themselves and make positive changes in their lives.+

16. Moving Forward, Looking Back

Moving Forward, Looking Back:Andrew and Paul discuss the importance of self inquiry and understanding our past in order to move forward effectively. They draw parallels to sprinters who must acknowledge their limitations and the support they need from their starting blocks. They emphasize that it's okay to temporarily be less functional as we work through our past, as it is part of the journey towards a better place.+
Exploring the Unconscious:Discover the immense value of exploring the unconscious mind and how it can lead to better mental functioning. Learn how to bring awareness to your conscious choices and use tactics like thought redirection to improve your well-being.+

17. I Hate Being So Busy

Andrew reflects on a conversation with a friend that made him question the value of being constantly busy. He explores the idea of distinguishing between activities that bring fulfillment and those that are a waste of time, urging listeners to prioritize what truly matters in life.+

18. Exploring Defense mechanisms

Discover the power of self-reflection and inquiry in understanding and changing defense mechanisms. Learn how to identify and replace unhealthy branches with healthier ones, ultimately leading to personal growth and improved well-being.+

19. The Nest of Self

Explore the concept of the character structure as a nest that encompasses the unconscious mind, defense mechanisms, and the self. Discover how tending to this nest can lead to empowerment, gratitude, and a self that we can be proud of.+

20. Taking Care of Ourselves

Andrew and Paul discuss the importance of tending to the whole structure of self, exploring the concept of the nest in which the self resides and emerges from character structure. They emphasize the value of creating a better internal environment and the role of self-care in maintaining mental health.+

21. Exploring the Function of Self

Dive into the depths of self awareness and discover how it shapes our perception of the world. Learn practical techniques to foster self awareness and gain a better understanding of the unconscious mind. Don't miss the intriguing practice that Andrew Huberman and Paul Conti discuss, which can lead to profound insights about our lives.+

22. Exploring Our Narrations

Dive into the awareness of self and the power of narratives in fostering self-awareness. Discover how our narratives shape our perception of ourselves and explore the importance of apprehending the "I" in our stories.+

23. Uncovering Defense Mechanisms

Explore the fascinating world of defense mechanisms with Paul as he discusses how understanding these unconscious processes can improve our health. Discover how self-reflection can lead to insights about altruism and rationalization as defense mechanisms, and learn how recognizing patterns can help us navigate towards healthier defense mechanisms.+

24. Recognizing Maladaptive Patterns

Andrew and Paul discuss the importance of recognizing maladaptive patterns and understanding defense mechanisms. By identifying these patterns, individuals can make positive changes in their lives, even without fully understanding the underlying defense mechanisms at play.+

25. Acting Out as a Defense mechanism

Explore the automatic and unconscious ways we act out in relationships, often without realizing it. Learn how self-awareness can lead to positive change and the roots of these defense mechanisms in our upbringing. Discover how seemingly small actions can have a big impact on our relationships.+

26. How to Change Self-Salience

Enhancing Perception:Andrew shares a unique perceptual exercise he uses to shift his focus and enhance his perception. By consciously directing his visual attention outward or inward, he bridges the gap between self-awareness and external awareness, providing better buffers against external stimuli.+
Changing Salience:Paul and Andrew discuss the importance of paying attention to salience and how grounding oneself can help change salience. They explore the role of self-awareness in understanding one's thoughts and feelings, and how exploring the self can lead to more agency and gratitude.+

27. Self-reflection

Unlocking Self-Understanding:Discover the diverse paths to self-understanding and reflection with Paul as he explores how different activities, such as meditation, sports, or reading, can help us gain insights into ourselves. Learn how to engage your conscious mind and reflect on your behaviors to better understand and improve yourself.+
Breaking Behavior Patterns:Paul shares his personal struggle with breaking behavior patterns and highlights the importance of reflection and gratitude in overcoming them. He emphasizes the power of recognizing and understanding our behaviors to regain control and make positive choices.+

28. The Phantom in the Driver's Seat

Unconscious Mind Revealed:Andrew and Paul delve into the workings of the unconscious mind, likening it to a phantom in the driver's seat. They discuss the importance of understanding this phantom and regaining control of our lives by exploring the origins and nature of our unconscious thoughts and behaviors. By doing so, we can gain positive control and shape our own destinies.+
Striving and Empowerment:Discover the power of striving towards a better life and how it intertwines with empowerment. Explore the importance of honoring truth and making positive changes for personal growth and fulfillment. Join Paul as he delves into the complex aspects of self and the role of humility in finding empowerment.+

29. Empowerment and Humility

Empowerment and Humility:Discover how empowerment and humility play crucial roles in self-care. Learn how tending to the pillars of our lives empowers us, and how acknowledging our true characteristics with humility leads to personal growth and improvement.+
Navigating Life's Complexity:Paul Conti explores the complexities of navigating life and emphasizes the importance of compassion for oneself and others. By embracing humility and applying oneself, one can cultivate agency and gratitude, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling life.+

30. How Do You Think About Yourself?

Overcoming Personal Limitations:Andrew and Paul discuss the challenges of feeling limited in certain areas of life and how our narratives and self-perception can contribute to these limitations. They emphasize the importance of not making ourselves special in ways that hinder our growth and offer insights on how to overcome personal limitations.+
Uncovering Self-Imposed Limitations:Paul Conti explores the impact of self-imposed limitations on personal success, relationships, and overall well-being. Through self-inquiry and curiosity, he reveals how we often carve out areas of our lives and hide our vulnerabilities, leading to a disconnect between our inner selves and outward appearances.+
Overcoming Roadblocks:Discover how facing challenges head-on and harnessing inner strength can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals in life.+

31. The Need to Travel Down the 9th Road

Andrew shares his insights on traveling down the challenging 9th Road, emphasizing the importance of desire, recognizing the landscape, and surrounding oneself with supportive individuals. He highlights the need to avoid toxic influences and draws inspiration from examples of others who have successfully journeyed down similar paths.+

32. Self-Care and the Journey

Choosing Good Company:Discover the importance of surrounding yourself with good people on your journey through life. By valuing yourself, you attract healthier relationships and contribute to a better culture and world. Explore how online communities can provide strength and reassurance, especially for those who feel isolated.+
Navigating Anger:Andrew and Paul discuss the impact of anger on our well-being and the importance of understanding and choice in navigating the online world and life. They highlight the toxic nature of things that hinder our generative drive and offer insights on how to make things better.+

33. Understanding the causes of anger

Understanding and Managing Anger:Gain insights into the nature of anger and how to work with it in a way that promotes self-care. Discover the difference between affect and feeling, and learn how taking care of ourselves can reduce the intensity of anger.+
Managing Anger, Building Prosocial Behaviors:Learn how taking better care of ourselves can lead to less anger and stronger self-management. Explore the connection between affect, feeling, and emotion, and discover the importance of understanding and control mechanisms in preventing negative emotions from escalating into broader societal issues.+

34. Managing Anger

Managing Anger:Andrew shares his observations on how anger can be a major distraction, wasting valuable time and causing sleep loss. He discusses the impact of social media on anger management and emphasizes the importance of deliberate interaction online.+
Understanding Anger:Learn about the different levels of anger and how it can impact our effectiveness and well-being. Discover why lower levels of anger can be healthy and informative, while higher levels can lead to confusion and volatility. Gain insights on how to decrease anger and maintain a healthier emotional state.+
Path of Clarity:Andrew and Paul discuss the immense value of exploring our inner territory and the clarity it brings, regardless of life's challenges. They emphasize the importance of curiosity as a key to self-improvement and share their gratitude for the powerful insights provided. Listeners are encouraged to share their experiences and questions in the comments.+

35. True Self Care

Join Andrew and Dr. Paul Conti as they delve into the importance of true self care, providing enriching insights and useful tips for improving mental health.+