Andrew Huberman AI:

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a condition that affects attention and focus. It has a strong genetic component, and if you have a close relative with ADHD, there is a higher probability that you will have it too. However, having a close relative with ADHD does not mean that you are fated to have it, and there are ways to overcome the symptoms of lack of attention and impulsivity. ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence, and being very high functioning doesn't make you more likely to have ADHD. There are ways to enhance your level of concentration and focus, whether or not you have ADHD. In episode 26, Dr. Karl Deisseroth discusses the active debate over what fraction of people who have ADHD symptoms can or should be treated with stimulants. In episode 6, I discuss how it is easy to anchor your attention to your phone, and how it is much harder to read words on a page than it used to be for many people
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