Best exercises to build strength?

Andrew Huberman AI:

Building strength involves a variety of exercises and techniques. Here are a few methods discussed on the show:

  1. Eccentric Overload Training: As explained by Dr. Andy Galpin, this advanced technique involves loading at greater than 100% of your one repetition max, but only performing the eccentric portion of the exercise. For example, if you can bench press 200 pounds, you might load it to 220 pounds, lower it down under control, and then have a spotter lift it back up. This method can be very effective for strength development.

  2. Heavy Training: If you're looking to build strength without bulking up, training very heavy in the one to three rep range can be beneficial. This allows you to get really strong without significant muscle growth.

  3. Resistance Training: Aim for at least ten sets per muscle group per week to maintain or build strength. This can be part of a more comprehensive fitness routine that includes long duration training, high intensity workouts, plyometrics, and skill-based training.

Remember, safety is paramount. Always ensure you're performing exercises correctly and within your capabilities to avoid injury. As I often say, when people get injured, they can't train, and progress is lost.