Andrew Huberman AI:

When it comes to supplements for enhancing focus, a major category of those supplements is going to fall into the stimulant category, and that's going to include most often caffeine. Caffeine is a molecule that can increase levels of alertness and focus, provided that dosages are in the appropriate range. The appropriate range in most cases is going to be one to three milligrams per kilogram of body weight taken 30 minutes or so before any kind of mental or physical endeavor. It turns out that if you're a regular caffeine user, you can still derive the focus-enhancing effects of caffeine if you ingest caffeine every day. But if you were to take two days off from caffeine completely and then take caffeine in the 30 minutes prior to some especially important event, physical or mental event, where you really need to focus and be able to sustain that focus for long periods of time, it would have an even greater effect than it normally would. However, since most people are taking caffeine in
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