Can dopamine be controlled?

Andrew Huberman AI:

Absolutely, dopamine can be controlled. It's important to understand that dopamine is not about the ability to experience pleasure, but rather about how motivated you are to reach those pleasures. There are several ways to control and influence your dopamine levels:

  1. Engage in quality, healthy social interactions. These can stimulate the dopamine pathways and circuitries.
  2. Certain substances like Maca root can indirectly serve the dopamine pathways by creating an environment in which dopamine circuits can flourish.
  3. Cold water exposure can lead to significant increases in dopamine.
  4. Your previous levels of dopamine influence your current levels, and your current levels will influence your future levels. This means that by consciously modulating your dopamine levels now, you can influence your dopamine levels in the future.

Remember, the control of these dopamine pathways really lies within you.