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Here are the most relevant clips on dosing:

  • "Psilocybin Dosing" from "How Psilocybin Can Rewire Our Brain, Its Therapeutic Benefits & Its Risks": I discuss safe dosages of psilocybin, including microdosing with 1-3 milligrams and larger doses of 10-30 milligrams.
  • "Microdosing Misconceptions" from "Dr. Matthew Johnson: Psychedelics for Treating Mental Disorders": Matthew and I clarify what constitutes a microdose and the difference between micro and macro dosing, using LSD as an example.
  • "Psilocybin Dosages" from "Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris: The Science of Psychedelics for Mental Health": Robin and I discuss the dosages used in clinical trials involving psilocybin and the confusion surrounding microdosing versus macrodosing.

Understanding the safe and effective dosages of psilocybin and the difference between