Andrew Huberman AI:

Psychedelics have been a topic of interest on the Huberman Lab podcast, with several episodes exploring their potential benefits and risks. Here are some of the most relevant clips: - "Psychedelics and Neuroscience" from episode #38 with Dr. Matthew Johnson: This clip discusses the use of psychedelics in neuroscience and the importance of rigor in making progress in this area. - "Understanding Psychedelics" from episode #38 with Dr. Matthew Johnson: This clip explains the challenges of defining psychedelics and their different classes based on chemistry. - "Psychedelic Therapy" from episode #75 with Dr. Paul Conti: This clip highlights the positive data coming from academic centers and labs on the potential benefits of psilocybin and LSD when used in the right set and setting by a professional. - "Psychedelics and Sensory Blending" from episode #8: This clip explains how psychedelics unleash sensory processing and lead to sensory blending,
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