Sleep Analysis

Andrew Huberman AI:

Here are some relevant clips on sleep analysis:

  • "Enhancing Sleep" from episode #95: I discuss the importance of sleep and how Eight Sleep can enhance not just your sleep, but all aspects of your life. I also talk about the benefits of regular blood work and how Inside Tracker can help you interpret your data and make positive changes for your health.
  • "Blood & DNA Analysis" from episode #84: I discuss the importance of regular blood and DNA tests for analyzing factors that impact immediate and long-term health. I introduce InsideTracker, a personalized nutrition platform that helps users navigate their test results and make adjustments to their nutrition, exercise, or supplementation. I also mention Eight Sleep, a company that makes smart mattress covers with cooling, heating, and sleep tracking capabilities.
  • "Achieving High Quality Sleep" from episode #65: Andy Galpin discusses the three nodes that go into high effective, high quality sleep: psychology, physiology, and pathology. He explains how to diagnose and correct