What to drink with caffeine?

Andrew Huberman AI:

When it comes to consuming caffeine, I personally get my caffeine mainly from Yerba Mate tea or sometimes coffee or espresso. However, it's important to stay hydrated and ensure you're getting enough salt when consuming caffeine. Also, if you're going to use Yerba Mate, I recommend avoiding the smoked versions as there's some evidence they can be carcinogenic. Instead, opt for the non-smoked varieties.

Another interesting approach is to take caffeine in pill form, which can have a more potent and long-lasting effect than when you take caffeine in the form of coffee or tea. However, if you're someone who experiences anxiety or panic attacks, be very careful with your intake of caffeine.

Remember, the effects of caffeine can vary from person to person, and it's crucial to understand how it affects you personally. For instance, some people find that caffeine can alleviate headaches, while for others, it may exacerbate them. So, it's important to determine for yourself whether or not headaches are relieved or exacerbated by drinking caffeine.