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893: Make Ex's Hard Life Nice without Self-Sacrifice? | Feedback Friday892: Tim Urban | What's Our Problem (And How Do We Solve It)?891: Andrea Dunlop | Exposing Medical Child Abuse890: Bioplastics | Skeptical Sunday889: Win Against Addiction Uncovers Old Afflictions | Feedback Friday888: Marc Andreessen | Exploring the Power, Peril, and Potential of AI887: Andy Clark | How Our Minds Predict and Shape Reality886: Flat Earthers | Skeptical Sunday885: No Need to Be Chummy with a Grandad So Scummy | Feedback Friday884: What We Can Learn from Envy | Deep Dive883: Annie Ikpa | The Campaign to End Child Sacrifice882: Homeopathy | Skeptical Sunday881: Finding Your Angle in Covert Love Triangle | Feedback Friday880: Ian Bremmer | Dealing with a World In Disarray879: Kevin Dutton | Are You a Psychopath (And Is That So Terrible)?878: Body Language | Skeptical Sunday877: Blame's All Mine — Her Personality's Borderline | Feedback Friday876: Kelly Richmond Pope | How Fraud Became a Trillion-Dollar Industry875: Jonathan Kennedy | How Pathogens Have Shaped Our World874: Ayurveda | Skeptical Sunday873: Custody Fiction Leads to Co-Parenting Friction | Feedback Friday872: Paul Hutchinson | Beyond the Politics of "Sound of Freedom"871: Julian Walker | How Conspiracy Theories Make Society Sick870: Personality Tests | Skeptical Sunday869: Living in Strife Since Ending a Life | Feedback Friday868: Remi Adeleke | The Ex-Royal/Ex-SEAL Who Fights Organ Harvesting867: Rory Stewart | Walking Across Afghanistan and Iran866: Astrology | Skeptical Sunday865: Can Relationship Live on If China Takes Taiwan? | Feedback Friday864: Caroline Rose | Captagon and the New Age of Narco-Diplomacy863: Juan Zarate | Waging Financial War on Rogue Regimes862: Targeted Ads | Skeptical Sunday861: 35 and Chaste — Is It Too Late? | Feedback Friday860: Mitchell Prothero | Cocaine, Murder, and Dirty Money in Europe859: Bradley Schurman | Demographic Collapse in Russia, China and the USA858: Fast Fashion | Skeptical Sunday857: Forever on the Lam from a Blackmailing Scam? | Feedback Friday856: Ian Urbina | Maritime Misdeeds on the Outlaw Ocean855: Russia's Wagner Group and Why Coups Fail | Out of the Loop854: Fireworks | Skeptical Sunday853: Memories of Trauma or Therapy-Induced Drama? | Feedback Friday852: Ryan Montgomery | The Hacker Who Hunts Child Predators Part Two851: Ryan Montgomery | The Hacker Who Hunts Child Predators Part One850: Self-Help Cults | Skeptical Sunday849: Whose Story to Pick When the Charge Is Sick? | Feedback Friday848: Yuval Noah Harari | Peering into the Future of Humanity847: 5G | Skeptical Sunday846: Dad's Being Played and the Family's Afraid | Feedback Friday845: Robert Kerbeck | From Struggling Actor to Corporate Spy844: Dropping the Bomb: His Sister's His Mom | Feedback Friday843: Elie Honig | How the Rich Get Away with Crime842: Sleazy Dude's Stealing Stepdaughter's Nudes | Feedback Friday841: Adam Bornstein | The Real Skinny on the Weight Loss Industry840: Stalked and Defamed by Unstable Ex-Flame | Feedback Friday839: David Packouz | The Real-Life "War Dogs" Gun-Runner Part Two838: David Packouz | The Real-Life "War Dogs" Gun-Runner Part One837: Who's at Fault When You're a Magnet for Assault? | Feedback Friday836: Scott Lyons | Overcoming an Addiction to Drama835: E-Commerce Scams | Skeptical Sunday834: A Night So Wild, GF's Sister Carries Your Child | Feedback Friday833: Nathan Paul Southern and Lindsey Kennedy | Sourcing Cyber-Slavery832: The Wedding Industry | Skeptical Sunday831: The Harrowing Hunt for a Housecat Houdini | Feedback Friday830: Terry Crews | On Hollywood, Harassment, and Healing829: Sportswashing | Skeptical Sunday828: Time to Retire and Chase Closeted Desire? | Feedback Friday827: Paul Rosolie | Perusing and Protecting the Pristine Amazon826: A Shoplifter's Craving for Felonious Savings | Feedback Friday825: Ozan Varol | How to Awaken Your Genius824: Is an Age Gap Scandalous If the Relationship's Fabulous? | Feedback Friday823: Daniella Mestyanek Young | How to Disengage from a Lifelong Cult822: Is a Hefty Health Professional a Hippocratic Hypocrite? | Feedback Friday821: John Nores | Reclaiming America's Wildlands from the Drug Cartels820: Bradley Hope | The Secret Mission to Overthrow North Korea819: Faith over Flings: A Closeted Conundrum | Feedback Friday818: Matt Simon | How Microplastics Poison the Planet817: Acupuncture | Skeptical Sunday816: Kids' Pedophile Stepdad Is No Minor Threat | Feedback Friday815: James Cantor | Exploring the Complexities of Sexual Orientation814: Matt Frederick & Ben Bowlin | Stuff They Don't Want You to Know813: The Oscars | Skeptical Sunday812: Your Ex is Your Boss: Is Your Career Lost? | Feedback Friday811: Jan Broberg | The True Crime Story of a Young Girl Abducted810: Nita Farahany | Thinking Freely in the Age of Neurotechnology809: Crystal Healing | Skeptical Sunday808: Felonious Fellow is Harshing Your Mellow | Feedback Friday805: Diet Pills and Supplements | Skeptical Sunday804: Beau's Bad Bets Bust Beloved's Bank | Feedback Friday801: Circumcision | Skeptical Sunday800: Can Therapy Wreck a Background Check? | Feedback Friday797: Ouija Boards | Skeptical Sunday796: Pervert-in-Law Scammer Belongs in the Slammer | Feedback Friday794: Alastair Smith | The Dictator's Handbook Part One793: Death | Skeptical Sunday792: Red Flags Making You Rethink Your Shrink | Feedback Friday791: Mark Manson | Giving a F*ck About What Really Matters790: Florence Williams | The Science of Heartbreak789: Chocolate | Skeptical Sunday788: His Love Is Bona Fide, Not a Mail-Order Bride | Feedback Friday787: Mitch Lowe | Lessons in Disruption Part Two786: Mitch Lowe | Lessons in Disruption Part One785: Living with Aplomb in Spite of a Monstrous Mom | Feedback Friday784: Ramy Romany | Unwrapping the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt783: Apolo Ohno | Embracing Change and Finding Purpose782: Death of Mother Could Trigger Ballistic Brother | Feedback Friday781: Peter Zeihan | Mapping the Collapse of Globalization780: Chris Fenton | China's Harrowing Hold Over Hollywood779: Almonds | Skeptical Sunday778: Custody Depends on Testimony Against Old Friend | Feedback Friday777: Kevin Dutton | The Wisdom of Psychopaths Part Two776: Kevin Dutton | The Wisdom of Psychopaths Part One775: Bridezilla's Vanity Tests Bestie's Sanity | Feedback Friday774: Jonah Berger | The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior773: David Lieberman | Deciphering What People Really Want772: Energy Drinks | Skeptical Sunday771: Sarah Edmondson & Nippy Ames | Surviving NXIVM Part Two770: Sarah Edmondson & Nippy Ames | Surviving NXIVM Part One769: Narcissist's Antics Make Parents Go Frantic | Feedback Friday768: Chase Hughes | The Behavioral Table of Elements767: Sohom Das | Decoding Alex Jones, Andrew Tate, and Anna Delvey766: Banned Foods | Skeptical Sunday765: Fella Fretting from Furtive Front Seat Fellatio | Feedback Friday764: Nick Bilton | Hunting the Dark Web's Silk Road Kingpin763: Laowhy86 | China Uprising | Out of the Loop762: Where on Earth Is Sibling Abducted at Birth? | Feedback Friday761: Bradley Steyn | Undercover with Mandela's Spies Part Two760: Bradley Steyn | Undercover with Mandela's Spies Part One759: Can Mom Cease As Family Man's Side Piece? | Feedback Friday758: David Buss | The Evolution of Desire757: Annie Duke | The Power of Knowing When to Quit756: Seeking Reconciliation After Abusing a Relation | Feedback Friday755: Dr. Sohom Das | Rehabilitating the Criminally Insane754: Miki Mistrati | The Dark Side of the Chocolate Industry753: A Clandestine Crossdresser's Conundrum | Feedback Friday752: Angela Duckworth | How to Grow Your Grit751: General Robert Spalding | China's Playbook for Global Domination750: Can You Help Friend Shake His Psychotic Break? | Feedback Friday749: Yasmine Mohammed | How the West Empowers Radical Islam Part Two748: Yasmine Mohammed | How the West Empowers Radical Islam Part One747: Would a Girlboss Wife Ruin Your Boyboss Life? | Feedback Friday746: Yass Alizadeh | Iran Protests | Out of the Loop745: Dave Farina | Debunking Junk Science Myths744: Heinous Bro Needs the Old Heave-Ho | Feedback Friday743: Dr. Ramani | How to Protect Yourself from a Narcissist Part Two742: Dr. Ramani | How to Protect Yourself from a Narcissist Part One741: Is Marriage Impaired by Emotional Affairs? | Feedback Friday740: Ryan Holiday | Discipline is Destiny (Live from Los Angeles)739: Matthew Campbell | Examining Global Shipping’s Grim Underbelly738: "Perfect" Pastor is a Predatory Disaster | Feedback Friday737: Winston Sterzel | Don't Lose Your Bacon in a Pig-Butchering Scam736: Ian Bremmer | The Power of Crisis to Change the World735: Reputation's Been Bruised Since Wrongly Accused | Feedback Friday734: Scott Galloway | Course Correcting an America Adrift733: Maya Shankar | Adapting to a Slight Change of Plans732: Low-Key Beguiler is a Cheating Butt-Dialer | Feedback Friday731: Why We Owe People Honesty | Deep Dive730: Nury Turkel | A Witness to China's Uyghur Genocide729: Sexsomnia Guilt-Free After PTSD? | Feedback Friday728: Maria Konnikova | The Confidence Game727: Neil deGrasse Tyson | Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization726: Helping a Guy Whose Wife's an Escort on the Sly | Feedback Friday725: Paul Holes | Solving America's Cold Cases724: Bill Nye | The End is Nye723: Should I Relive the Drama of Childhood Trauma? | Feedback Friday722: Brian Brushwood | Scam Your Way into Anything721: Jason Feifer | Build for Tomorrow720: Should You Confess You Know He's Not Your Dad? | Feedback Friday719: Reid Hoffman | Adaptability Is the New Stability718: Barbara F. Walter | How Civil Wars Start (And How to Stop Them)717: Coming Out as Polyamorous to My Family | Feedback Friday716: Jo Marchant | Placebos and the Science of Mind over Body715: Cindy Otis | Spotting Fake News Like a CIA Analyst714: How "Real" Is a Dad Who Denies You Exist? | Feedback Friday713: Marion Nestle | How Companies Skew the Science of What We Eat712: Brad Klontz | Harnessing the Power of Financial Psychology711: Prankster Precariously Pushing Partner's Patience | Feedback Friday710: Sebastian Junger | How War and Crisis Create a Tribe709: John Abramson | How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care708: Familiarizing Family with Your Felonious Fella | Feedback Friday707: Johann Hari | Why You Can't Pay Attention—And What to Do About It706: Tessa West | How to Deal with Jerks at Work705: Gabe’s Front-Row Seat to Florid Psychosis | Feedback Friday704: Robert Greene | The Emotions Behind Success, Mastery, and Power703: Benjamin Hardy | How to Be Your Future Self Now702: Atheist Teen Stressed by Mom's Church Scene | Feedback Friday701: Ioan Grillo | How America Arms Gangs and Cartels Part Two700: Ioan Grillo | How America Arms Gangs and Cartels Part One699: Can An Open Marriage Be Anxiety-Free? | Feedback Friday698: Sam Harris | Rationally Confronting the Irrational697: Peter Santenello | Inspecting Perspectives the Media Neglects696: You Can't Part from His Cheatin' Heart | Feedback Friday695: Malcolm Gladwell | Imperfect Puzzles and Mismatched Demeanors694: Carole Hooven | How Testosterone Dominates and Divides Us693: Lottery | Skeptical Sunday692: Self-Defense Against Ex Led to Unjust Arrest | Feedback Friday691: Shaquille O’Neal | Circling Back on Flat Earth Theory690: Jane McGonigal | How to See the Future and Be Ready for Anything689: Her Beau is Faux, But She Doesn't Know | Feedback Friday688: A-Rod | Still Having a Ball After All687: Amy Webb | Changing Lives with Synthetic Biology686: An Abuser's Dead: Get Him Out of Your Head | Feedback Friday685: Steve Rambam | The Real Life of a Private Investigator684: Desmond Shum | Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in China683: Mad Lad Hates Dad and Treats Whole Family Bad | Feedback Friday682: Hustle Culture | Deep Dive681: Bill Browder | Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath680: Recycling | Skeptical Sunday679: Mom's Bigotry Makes Romantic Future Hard to See | Feedback Friday678: Chris Voss | Hostage Negotiation Tactics for Everyday Life677: Sam Cooper | How the West Was Infiltrated by Its Enemies676: The Olympics | Skeptical Sunday675: A Tenant, Psychotic, Makes Your Life Chaotic | Feedback Friday674: Ken Croke | Undercover in an Outlaw Biker Gang Part Two673: Ken Croke | Undercover in an Outlaw Biker Gang Part One671: Cheating Husband Caught in His Own Clap Trap | Feedback Friday670: Vanessa Van Edwards | The Science of Succeeding with People669: Dallas Taylor | The Psychology of Sound Design668: Tipping | Skeptical Sunday667: Friend's Sicko Spouse Keeps Infecting Our House | Feedback Friday666: How to Ask for a Promotion | Deep Dive665: Luis Navia | 25 Years Inside the Narco Cartels664: Reiki Healing | Skeptical Sunday663: Thinking of Another Dude: Is Marriage Screwed? | Feedback Friday662: Daniel J. Levitin | How to Think Critically in the Post-Truth Era661: Rachel Zoffness | Managing Pain In Your Body and Brain660: Chemtrails | Skeptical Sunday659: Her Spouse Raped You. Can Friendship Stay True? | Feedback Friday658: Shanna Swan | The Reproduction Crisis and Humanity's Future657: Josh Peck | Happy People Are Annoying656: Your Stalker's Sister is Dating Your Brother | Feedback Friday655: David Eagleman | How Our Brains Construct Reality654: Chris Miller & Brandon Wheeler | News from Ukraine's Warfront653: Ear Candling | Skeptical Sunday652: Sad About Dad's Sexist Thoughts Re: Assault | Feedback Friday651: Anja Shortland | How Kidnap Insurance Works650: Brian Klaas | The Corruptible Influence of Power649: Arranged Marriage Threatens Lesbian Couple | Feedback Friday648: Susan Cain | Introverts Unite for a Quiet Revolution647: Karim Hijazi | When Cyber War Goes Kinetic646: Expiration Dates | Skeptical Sunday645: Is a Bridesmaid Fight Worth a Disinvite? | Feedback Friday644: Laowhy86 | How the Chinese Social Credit Score System Works Part Two643: Laowhy86 | How the Chinese Social Credit Score System Works Part One642: Living In Fear of the Fiend Who Lurks Near | Feedback Friday641: How to Quit Your Job the Right Way | Deep Dive640: Peter Zeihan | Why the World Should Care About Ukraine639: Dealing with Your Darling's DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) | Feedback Friday638: Yuriy Matsarsky | Fighting for Ukraine637: Bill von Hippel | Where the Social Leap Lands636: Is It Wrong to Decline Guardianship of Family? | Feedback Friday635: Joe Barone | Living in Dread Between the Mob and the Feds Part Two634: Joe Barone | Living in Dread Between the Mob and the Feds Part One633: Finding Work Fast with a Criminal Past | Feedback Friday632: Jon Acuff | Give Yourself the Gift of Done631: Amanda Catarzi | Overcoming Cult Life and Sex Trafficking630: When the Law Puts You In a Catch-22 | Feedback Friday629: Getting Your Foot In The Door | Deep Dive628: Amanda Montell | Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism627: Would I Be Insane to Report from Ukraine? | Feedback Friday626: Adam Grant | Why Helping Others Drives Our Success625: Dan Pink | The Power of Regret624: Is She Moving Abroad for a Friend or a Fraud? | Feedback Friday623: Ludacris | Fast & Philanthropic622: Ishmael Beah | Memoirs of a Boy Soldier621: Are You at Fault for Being Sexually Assaulted? | Feedback Friday620: Richard Clarke | Warnings, Cassandras, and Catastrophes619: Danny Gold | Breaking News from the Underworld618: Prescription for Friction: Marry into Addiction | Feedback Friday617: Daniel Levin | Finding a Missing Person in the Middle East616: Martin Kove | Kicking It in the Cobra Kai Dojo615: Need Wedding Free from Dad's Drunken Spree | Feedback Friday614: Shawn Achor | Leveraging the Happiness Advantage613: Ray Dalio | Why Nations Succeed and Fail612: Cautioning Creepy Dad's Current Clan | Feedback Friday611: Reid Hoffman | Surprising Entrepreneurial Truths610: Bill Sullivan | Pleased to Meet Me609: Evicting a Boarder with a Dangerous Disorder | Feedback Friday608: Jocko Willink | The Winning Example of Extreme Ownership607: Dwyane Wade | A Life Bigger Than Basketball606: David Rubenstein | Patriotic Philanthropy and Leading Large605: Aaron Levant | NTWRK Shopping with Culture's Creators604: Put Your Best Foot Fetish Forward | Feedback Friday603: Mike Rowe | Dirty Jobs and Peripatetic Moments602: Tom Wright | Billion Dollar Whale601: Should I Marry My Dying Girlfriend? | Feedback Friday600: Metta World Peace | Mettaphorically Speaking599: Spencer Roberts | The Dirty Truth About Corporate Greenwashing598: Gently Sequestering a Questionable Counselor | Feedback Friday597: Gary Vaynerchuk | Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness596: Andrew Gold | Exorcisms On the Edge595: My Bi Guy: Am I Enough to Satisfy? | Feedback Friday594: Joshua Fields Millburn | Love People, Use Things593: Steven Pinker | Why Rationality Seems Scarce592: Do the Math: Am I a Psychopath? | Feedback Friday591: Chase Jarvis & Jordan Harbinger | Your Network Insurance Policy590: Andy Norman | The Search for a Better Way to Think589: Persevering Past Paranoid Parental Persecution | Feedback Friday588: Sammy "The Bull" Gravano | Mafia Underboss Part Two587: Sammy "The Bull" Gravano | Mafia Underboss Part One586: Guarding Grandpa from a Grubby Grift | Feedback Friday585: Timothy Snyder | Twentieth-Century Lessons on Tyranny584: Anderson Cooper | The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty583: Mentor-Mentee Fantasy Can Only End In Misery | Feedback Friday582: Robert Greene | The Daily Laws Part Two581: Robert Greene | The Daily Laws Part One580: Seeking Relief from Your Unending Grief | Feedback Friday579: Yeonmi Park | A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom Part Two578: Yeonmi Park | A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom Part One577: I Wish It Were Cheaper to Be My Sister’s Keeper | Feedback Friday576: General Michael Hayden | American Intelligence in the Age of Terror575: Benjamin Hardy | Minding the Gap and the Gain574: Can There Be Merit in the Extramarital? | Feedback Friday573: David Buss | When Men Behave Badly572: Tamer Elnoury | Undercover with a Muslim FBI Agent571: Pastor Past Makes You An Outcast | Feedback Friday570: Marc Fennell | Cracking California's Nut Jobs569: Rick Ross | How to Boss Up and Build an Empire568: Sugar Daddy's Ambition is a Savory Transition | Feedback Friday567: Kai-Fu Lee | Ten Visions for Our Future with AI566: Brian Chesky | Lessons Airbnb Learned to Survive the Pandemic565: My Manipulative Sister: How Can We Resist Her? | Feedback Friday564: A.J. Jacobs | It’s All Relative563: Bobby Hall (aka Logic) | This Bright Future562: Old Ex-Con Mister Eloped with My Young Sister | Feedback Friday561: Charles Duhigg | The Secrets of Being Smarter Faster Better560: Dan Carlin | Apocalyptic Moments in Hardcore History559: How to Say Yes to Post-Traumatic Success | Feedback Friday558: Jack Schafer | Flipping the Like Switch Part Two557: Jack Schafer | Flipping the Like Switch Part One556: How Can I Expunge the Family Sponge? | Feedback Friday555: Jessica Tracy | Why Pride is the Deadly Sin of Success554: Laurie Santos | Practical Lessons from The Happiness Lab553: Is Friend's Fiancé Despotic or Simply Erotic? | Feedback Friday551: T-Pain | You Can't Auto-Tune Your Way to Happiness550: Conscience Contorted by Dad’s Abuse Unreported | Feedback Friday548: Mickey Royal | A Pimp's Secrets of Mind Manipulation Part One547: Stopping a Swami from Swindling Our Mommy | Feedback Friday546: Scott Adams | Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter545: Rachel Nuwer | Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking544: Psycho Scammer Landlord Alert | Feedback Friday543: R. Douglas Fields | Understanding Why We Snap542: Nicole Perlroth | Who's Winning the Cyberweapons Arms Race?541: Spare the Pity Party; My Life is Just Restarting | Feedback Friday540: Daryl Davis | A Black Man's Odyssey in the KKK Part Two539: Daryl Davis | A Black Man's Odyssey in the KKK Part One538: Already Dreading Your Abusive Brother's Wedding | Feedback Friday537: Kevin Kelly | 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future536: Julia Galef | Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don't535: Should Siblings Unite to Confront Abusive Parents? | Feedback Friday534: Greg McKeown | How to Make What Matters Effortless533: Tristan Harris | Reclaiming Our Future with Humane Technology532: A Veteran Fights to Be Free from Smack and PTSD | Feedback Friday531: Bob Arno | Schooled by the Professor of Pickpocketry Part Two530: Bob Arno | Schooled by the Professor of Pickpocketry Part One529: Qualms about QAnon Mom and Her Starseed Schtick | Feedback Friday528: Ulrich "The Mole" Larsen | Undercover in North Korea Part Two527: Ulrich "The Mole" Larsen | Undercover in North Korea Part One526: What to Do When Your Teen Attempts Suicide | Feedback Friday525: Robert H. Frank | The Myth of Meritocracy524: Nicholas Christakis | Pandemic Impacts and Contagious Behavior523: Defusing the Drama Around Your Intoxicated Mama | Feedback Friday522: Daniel Pink | To Sell Is Human521: Neil deGrasse Tyson | Cosmic Queries for the Acutely Curious520: Medical Meddling's Wack from Bipolar Hypochondriac | Feedback Friday519: Dacher Keltner | The Power Paradox518: Daniel Kahneman | When Noise Destroys Our Best of Choices517: Trouble Runs Deep with the Neighborhood Creep | Feedback Friday516: Mike Massimino | Unlocking Science Secrets with an Unlikely Spaceman515: James Jani | Repelling the Law of Attraction Myth514: Distancing from Junkie Sibling's Self-Jinxing | Feedback Friday513: Charlamagne Tha God | The Opportunities of Black Privilege512: Michio Kaku | The Quest for a Theory of Everything511: Does a Reformed Abuser Deserve a Second Chance? | Feedback Friday510: Rob Reid | Why the Future is a Good Kind of Scary509: Sam Harris | Making Sense of the Present Tense508: Shaking an Unsuitable Stalking Suitor | Feedback Friday507: Robert Cialdini | A New Look at the Science of Influence506: Tim Grover | The Unforgiving Race to Greatness505: Special Needs Son Seduced by Psycho Siren | Feedback Friday504: Lt. Col. Oliver North | Lessons from the Tragedies of War503: Cal Newport | Reimagining Work in a World without Email502: How Do I Tell Daughter Her Dad Is Dying? | Feedback Friday500: Ed Calderon | Survival Secrets of a Drug War Veteran Part One499: Preparing a Polyamorous Protection Plan | Feedback Friday498: Rob Dyrdek | Manufacturing Amazing with the Dyrdek Machine497: David Kilgour | The Heartless Art of Forced Organ Harvesting496: Schizophrenic Mother a Duty Like No Other | Feedback Friday495: Jon Acuff | The Surprising Solution to Overthinking494: Rutger Bregman | Humankind: A Hopeful History493: Should You Sue Uncle Sam for Allegation Sham? | Feedback Friday492: Michael Shermer | Why We Believe Weird Things491: Ray Dalio | The Changing World Order490: Boo's Rightful Vexation Over Frightening Fixation | Feedback Friday489: Frank Bourassa | The World’s Greatest Counterfeiter Part Two488: Frank Bourassa | The World’s Greatest Counterfeiter Part One487: Connect with Cult Father, or Don't Even Bother? | Feedback Friday486: Nina Schick | Deepfakes and the Coming Infocalypse485: Leah Remini | Surviving Hollywood and Scientology484: Give Bridesmaid the Boot for Political Dispute? | Feedback Friday483: Drew Binsky | Vicarious Trips and Travel Tips482: Adam Grant | The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know481: Custody Battle Rattles Disproven Dad | Feedback Friday480: Roger Atwood | Stealing History479: Lisa Feldman Barrett | Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain478: Will Suing Abusive Father Bring Mother Peace? | Feedback Friday477: Peter Diamandis | Creating a Future Bold in Abundance476: Dan David | Putting Muscle on the China Hustle475: Is It Possible to Assuage Narcissistic Rage? | Feedback Friday474: David Eagleman | The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain473: Scott Galloway | From Crisis to Opportunity Post Corona472: When Your Employee Defrauds the Government | Feedback Friday471: Steven Hassan | The #iGotOut Guide to Quitting QAnon470: Bruce Sackman | A Glimpse Behind the Murder Curtain469: Should a Cheater Get a Second Chance? | Feedback Friday468: Jack Schafer | Getting People to Reveal the Truth Part Two467: Jack Schafer | Getting People to Reveal the Truth Part One466: How to Cope with a Dying, Narcissistic Parent | Feedback Friday465: Thomas Erikson | How to Protect Yourself from Psychopaths464: Ramit Sethi | I Will Teach You to Find Your Dream Job463: Saying Sayonara to Sister's Swindling Sweetie | Feedback Friday462: Linda Carroll | Unlocking Lasting Love Skills461: Erik Vance | The Curious Science of the Suggestible You460: Why Did Your Adopted Child Leave? | Feedback Friday459: Steve Madden | How a Cobbler Disrupted an Industry458: John Brennan | An Undaunted Fight Against America's Enemies457: Help! I Married a Conspiracy Theorist! | Feedback Friday456: Laura Nirider | Anatomy of a False Confession455: Matthew McConaughey | Following Life's Greenlights to Success454: Dodging Criminal Liability For Erotic Roleplaying | Feedback Friday453: Javier Peña and Steve Murphy | Taking Down Pablo Escobar452: Fessing Up to Security Clearance Sex Lies | Feedback Friday451: Jason Silva | Origins of a Performance Philosopher450: Frank Maderal | The Dirty Money Behind Illicit Gold Smuggling449: How to Cope with Your Partner's Manic Mind | Feedback Friday448: Srdja Popovic | Blueprint for Revolution447: Stephen Schwarzman | Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence446: How to Help Your Suicidal Partner | Feedback Friday445: Seth Godin | Shipping Creative Work444: Jordan & Gabe | Kidnap Me Twice, Shame on Me443: Kidnap Me Once, Shame on You | Stereo Sunday442: Sextortion Scam Security for Naive Nudes | Feedback Friday441: Russell Brand | Finding Freedom from Our Addictions440: David Michaels | Dark Money and the Science of Deception439: Going to North Korea: Part Two | Stereo Sunday438: How to Straighten Out Your Crooked Boss | Feedback Friday437: Charles Koch & Brian Hooks | Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World436: Stuart Ritchie | The Science Fictions Undermining Facts435: Going to North Korea: Part One | Stereo Sunday434: Helping My Coworker Escape from Abuse | Feedback Friday433: Larry Lawton | From Jewel Thief to Honorary Cop Part Two432: Larry Lawton | From Jewel Thief to Honorary Cop Part One431: The Redefining Power of Resilience | Stereo Sunday430: Setting Boundaries with a Bipolar Parent | Feedback Friday429: Greg McKeown | The Disciplined Pursuit of Less428: Jenny Radcliffe | Cat Burglar for Hire427: Sister’s Neo-Nazi Boyfriend Raises Red Flags | Feedback Friday426: Anthony S. Luciano Raimondi | The Mob Enforcer Part Two425: Anthony S. Luciano Raimondi | The Mob Enforcer Part One424: Bypassing Putrid Pop's Repulsive Proclivities | Feedback Friday423: Celeste Headlee | How to Have Conversations That Matter422: Billy McFarland | From Fyre Fest Fiasco to Federal Prison421: Sorting Out My Secret Lesbian Love Life | Feedback Friday420: Renee DiResta | Dismantling the Disinformation Machine419: David Shimer | 100 Years of Covert Election Interference418: How to Deal with Unsolicited Underage Nudes | Feedback Friday417: Dan Ariely | The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations416: John Perkins | New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man414: Jonah Berger | How to Change Anyone's Mind413: Mark Edward | True Confessions of a Fake Psychic411: Oliver Stone | Writing, Directing, and Surviving the Movie Game410: H.R. McMaster | The Fight to Defend the Free World409: When Your Deranged Dad Calls the FBI on You | Feedback Friday408: Chris Hadfield | An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth407: Mosab Hassan Yousef | The Green Prince of Hamas406: My Custody Battle with an Escort Ex | Feedback Friday405: Harri Hursti | The Cyber War on America's Elections404: Guy Raz | How I Built This403: My Best Friend’s Cheating Ex | Feedback Friday402: Cheryl Strayed | Creativity, Meltdowns, and Leaving It All Behind401: Robert Wittman | The Undercover Hunt for Stolen Art400: The Doggy Doo-Doo Debacle | Feedback Friday399: Jennifer L. Eberhardt | The Science of Why We're Biased398: Danny Trejo | Inmate #1397: My Future vs. My Special Needs Sister | Feedback Friday396: Dr. Anders Ericsson | Secrets from the New Science of Expertise395: How to Avoid Scams | Deep Dive394: Was I Unknowingly a Sugar Daddy? | Feedback Friday393: Joaquin "Jack" Garcia | Undercover in the Mafia Part Two392: Joaquin "Jack" Garcia | Undercover in the Mafia Part One391: Help! 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Important and How to Get One48: Nir Eyal | How to Manage Distraction in a Digital Age47: Feedback Friday | How to Set Boundaries and Stop People Pleasing46: Fab Morvan | How to Persevere in the Wake of Scandal45: Ryan Holiday | Solving for What You Really Want from Life44: Feedback Friday | How to Ease the Pain of Financial Anorexia43: George Raveling | Coaching to Win the Championship of Life42: Linda Carroll | What to Do When Good Chemistry Goes Bad41: How to Charge What You’re Worth | Feedback Friday40: Annie Duke | How to Make Decisions Like a Poker Champ39: Ryan Michler | Why Man Is His Own Worst Enemy38: The Benefits of Traveling the World Alone | Feedback Friday37: Duana Welch | The Science of Jealousy and How to Manage It36: David Burkus | How to Become a Networking Superconnector35: Transgender Networking in the Workplace | Feedback Friday34: Why You Should Be an Amateur | Deep Dive33: Will Storr | Avoiding Self-Obsession in the Age of the Selfie32: How to Inspire Kids to Excel | Feedback Friday31: Bob Burg | The Five Secrets of Ultimate Influence30: Vanessa Van Edwards | How to Captivate with Social Cues29: Borrowing and Loaning Money Without Losing Friends | Feedback Friday28: James Fallon | How to Spot a Psychopath27: David Eagleman | How Your Brain Makes Sense of the World26: Getting Excited without Banking on the Outcome | Feedback Friday25: Joshua Fruth | The War on Money Laundering and Why You Should Care24: Melissa Dahl | The Not-So-Cringeworthy Truth about Awkwardness23: The College Guide to Surviving Mean Girls | Feedback Friday22: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People | Deep Dive21: Benjamin Hardy | What to Do When Willpower Doesn't Work20: There But for the Grace of Cryptocurrency Go I | Feedback Friday19: Denise Shull | How to Turn Bad Emotions into Good Decisions18: Gretchen Rubin | Four Tendencies: The Framework for a Better Life17: Striking up First Conversations with the Last in Line | Feedback Friday16: Tali Sharot | Unpacking 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