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229: Cameron Herold | Making the Most of Your Bipolar Superpowers

1. Introduction

Cameron shares his insights on how mental health issues like bipolar and ADHD can actually be advantages for entrepreneurs and business owners. He also talks about the ups and downs of business and personal life and how our mind and our business can really derail and set us on a downward spiral.+

2. Entrepreneurial Superpowers

Entrepreneurship Roller Coaster:Jordan and Cameron discuss the similarities between entrepreneurship and bipolar disorder, with most entrepreneurs checking off at least five traits from the bipolar disorder list.+
Entrepreneurial Superpowers:Cameron and Jordan discuss the idea of bipolar disorder and attention deficit being viewed as superpowers in the entrepreneurial world. They explore how these traits can be harnessed to see the bigger picture and lead a successful business.+

3. Entrepreneurial Bipolar

Entrepreneurial Bipolar Superpower:Cameron and Jordan discuss how entrepreneurs with bipolar disorder can view it as a superpower instead of a disorder, and how taking time off can actually benefit both the entrepreneur and their team. They also touch on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the importance of mental health awareness in the field.+
Entrepreneurial Bipolar:Cameron and Jordan discuss the unique challenges entrepreneurs with bipolar face, including the loneliness of leadership and the difficulty of finding support. They also share their personal experiences with bipolar and how they manage their symptoms while running successful businesses.+

4. Entrepreneurial Characteristics

Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster:Jordan and Cameron discuss the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, including being filled with energy, having flooded ideas, being driven and restless, and working on little sleep. They also touch on being easily irritated by minor obstacles and how it reflects on their brand.+
Spelling and Vision:Cameron and Jordan discuss the importance of spelling correctly, even for dyslexic individuals, and the ability to handle criticism of one's vision without feeling persecuted.+
Understanding Bipolar Disorder:Cameron explains the clinical diagnosis traits for bipolar disorder and how it differs from lack of motivation. Jordan discusses how his mind gets flooded with ideas and how it affects his team.+

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6. CEO Disease

CEO Disease:Cameron Herold discusses how bipolar disorder is nicknamed as a CEO disease and how the pressure of being a CEO can magnify the stress and anxiety that comes with it. Jordan Harbinger highlights the difference between a normal person having a bad day and a CEO whose life tends to ruin.+
Roller Coaster Emotions:Cameron and Jordan discuss the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship and the importance of knowing what to do at each phase of the curve. They focus on the first stage, Uninformed Optimism, which is characterized by adrenaline mania, nervous energy, excitement, and passion. This stage can be scary because it's uninformed optimism, but it's also the stage that attracts people to join startups.+

7. Entrepreneurial Insights

Entrepreneurial Mania:Cameron shares insights on the natural good and bad of each stage of entrepreneurship. He advises entrepreneurs to avoid making any buying decisions during the manic phase and wait until they are more pessimistic to make purchasing or hiring decisions. Jordan shares stories of crazy behaviors exhibited by entrepreneurs during their manic phase.+
Losing Everything:Cameron shares his experience of losing everything in the market crash and the consequences of not selling stocks. The conversation touches upon bankruptcy and the challenges of becoming rich.+

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9. Superpower Spectrum

The Bipolar Spectrum:Cameron and Jordan discuss the bipolar spectrum and how it can be a superpower if managed correctly. They talk about the highs of mania and the lows that come with it, as well as how Tourette's can be a nervous tic and a way to think out loud.+
The CEO Disease:Cameron shares his experience diagnosing the former CEO of Sprint with Tourette, bipolar disorder, and ADD. He argues that these conditions may not be disorders but rather superpowers that can be leveraged for success in entrepreneurship. The medical community's lack of understanding and tendency to medicate those with these conditions is also discussed.+

10. Overcoming Business Setbacks

Overcoming Business Setbacks:Cameron shares his experience of receiving a major tax bill and how he overcame the setback by creating a plan to cut costs and increase revenue. He also discusses the importance of focusing on the flaws and shortcomings of a business to prepare for potential challenges.+
Crisis of Meaning:Cameron shares his experience of dealing with bipolar disorder and the importance of understanding and supporting mental health in the workplace. Jordan and Cameron discuss the challenges of being an entrepreneur and the impact it can have on mental health.+

11. Overcoming Entrepreneurship Realities

Overcoming Depression:Cameron shares his experience with depression and how he overcame it through self-care practices such as therapy, meditation, yoga, and smudging. He emphasizes the importance of talking to friends and seeking help during difficult times. Jordan and Cameron also discuss the high failure rate of solo businesses.+
Entrepreneurship Realities:Cameron and Jordan discuss the realities of entrepreneurship and the misconceptions that come with it. They touch on the rarity of businesses making it to a million in revenue, the selection bias of entrepreneurs, and the risks and threats that come with owning a small business. They also discuss the importance of taking breaks and recharging, rather than constantly trying to catch up on work.+

12. Avoiding Burnout

Avoiding Burnout:Cameron shares his experience with burnout and how entrepreneurs need to prioritize self-care to avoid it. Jordan adds that recognizing and seeking support is crucial to avoid burnout. They discuss the importance of unplugging and taking time off to recharge.+
Embracing Balance:Cameron and Jordan discuss the importance of embracing balance in life and work, including pursuing hobbies and meeting with friends outside of the business world. They also caution against getting too optimistic too quickly without addressing underlying issues.+

13. Overcoming Crisis

Overcoming Crisis:Cameron and Jordan discuss how to approach planning during times of crisis and how men and women handle communication differently. Cameron emphasizes the importance of budgeting during the Informed Pessimism Stage and Jordan suggests that planning during a low point can help snap you out of it. They also discuss how women tend to communicate more openly about their fears and insecurities, and how men can benefit from tapping into that communication style.+
Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster:Cameron and Jordan discuss the importance of having a support system when going through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. They emphasize the need to communicate with significant others, employees, and friends about the entrepreneur roller coaster curve. Women tend to have better social networks than men, which can be a disadvantage for male entrepreneurs. The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs is recommended for those who want to learn more about this topic.+

14. Outro

Jordan Harbinger shares valuable insights on how to connect with great people and manage relationships using systems and tiny habits. He highlights the importance of his Six-Minute Networking course, which is free and has been a game-changer for him. He also encourages listeners to share the show with friends and leave reviews on Apple Podcasts.+