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236: How to Quit Your Dream Job Gracefully | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Seth Godin, a prolific marketing thought leader, shares his insights on the future of influence and whether we can make a living doing what we love. The answer might surprise you.+

2. Newborn Cuties

Jordan and Jason discuss the cuteness of newborns, with Jordan sharing his experience as a new parent and the discovery of the term "hapa". They also talk about Jen's natural motherly instincts and her lack of experience with babies prior to their own.+

3. MLM Industry Truths

MLM Industry Truths:Jordan and Jason discuss their thoughts on the MLM industry and why they believe it's a pyramid scheme. Jordan shares his experience with people at the top of MLMs and how they benefit from the scheme.+
MLMs and Cults:Jordan explains how multilevel marketing organizations use cult-like tactics to prey on vulnerable populations and how they promise them the world while being aware that it's not a real business. He also talks about how MLMs are usually a money-losing venture and how they saturate one geographic area with as many suppliers as possible.+
MLM Truths:Jordan explains how MLMs operate and why they are not real businesses for people who are not at the top. He shares that most people involved in MLMs lose money and that it's pointless to argue with those who are invested in them.+
MLM Math:Jordan explains why MLMs are a scam and the math behind it doesn't work. He also gives tips on how to help friends who are involved in MLMs and discusses the topic of cults in a special two-part series with Steven.+
MLMs and Emotional Control:Jordan discusses how MLMs use emotional control and manipulation tactics to keep people involved, and how it can ruin personal relationships. He also shares how people involved in MLMs are often unable to see the toxic nature of the business and put the business before themselves and their loved ones.+
MLM Exposed:Jordan explains the insidious nature of MLMs and how they target vulnerable people. He also exposes the truth about MLM conferences and how they are a moneymaker for the company.+
MLM Toxicity:Jordan and Jason discuss the dangers of multi-level marketing schemes, how they target vulnerable individuals, and the harm they can cause. They share personal experiences and highlight the importance of being aware of MLM tactics.+
MLM Madness:Jordan shares his insights on MLM madness and how Reddit has been educational in revealing the real stories of people involved in MLMs. He discusses the tedious and guilt-ridden nature of MLM work, the exorbitant prices of products, and the flawed structure of MLMs.+

4. Moving on from Guilt

Jordan advises a listener to move on from the guilt he feels after breaking up with his girlfriend. He suggests that the listener should not let guilt control his behavior and should seek therapy to help him move on.+

5. Sponsors

Relationship Breakups:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of therapy in helping people articulate and process their feelings after a breakup. They also give advice on how to move on and not let the breakup control your life. The episode is sponsored by Better Help and Calm.+
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6. Tough Career Choices

Career Dilemma:Jason is facing a career dilemma after agreeing to move back home with his wife. He is concerned about gracefully leaving his job, losing his master's degree reimbursement, taking a pay cut, and finding a job with similar benefits. He seeks advice on how to navigate this situation.+
Job Resignation:Jordan advises on how to resign from a job when moving for personal reasons. He suggests securing another job offer before resigning and being candid with your supervisor about why you're leaving. He also recommends offering to stay on to minimize the impact on the company.+
Tough Career Choices:Jordan advises a listener who is struggling with a tough career choice. He suggests that the listener should seek legal advice to understand the terms of their employment contract, and also consider the impact of the decision on their standard of living and relationships. Jordan emphasizes the importance of letting go of ego and prioritizing mental health and family.+

7. Social Media and Kids

Social Media for Kids:Jordan and Jason discuss the pros and cons of introducing social media to kids at a young age. While experts recommend limiting screen time, they also acknowledge that social media is inevitable in today's world. The hosts suggest introducing social media earlier and talking about it with children to help them develop a better understanding of what they're seeing.+
Self-help Scams:Jordan and Jason discuss the lack of measurable results from self-help seminars and the manipulative tactics used by some of these seminars. They also touch on the toxicity of social media and the negative effects it can have on mental health.+
Parenting and Technology:Jordan and Jason discuss the challenges of parenting in the digital age, including the use of smartphones and restrictions on screen time. They also share personal anecdotes about the potential consequences of strict or lax parenting styles.+
Social Media and Mental Health:Jordan and Jason discuss the impact of social media on mental health, particularly in young people, and the importance of monitoring social media use and having open dialogue about its effects. They emphasize the need to pay attention to how social media makes you feel and to be aware of the slow process of depression.+
Social Media Awareness:Jordan and Jason discuss the impact of social media on kids and how parents can help them be more aware of their feelings while using it. They suggest teaching kids to recognize triggers like FOMO and taking breaks to prevent comparing themselves to others. They also recommend Google's Be Internet Awesome as a resource for kids to learn about online safety.+

8. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of CBD and how it can help with anxiety. They also talk about the importance of checking for THC in CBD products to avoid issues with drug testing. Later, they mention how Progressive can save customers money on car insurance.+

9. Starting Over

Jordan advises Jason on how to address the five years he spent working low-qualified jobs in another country. He suggests focusing on the fact that he learned the local language fluently and assimilated to the culture. Jordan advises leveraging his language skills and not focusing on what he lacks.Show transcript +

10. Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression:Jordan advises a listener who is struggling with depression and a lack of motivation after leaving a toxic work environment. He emphasizes the importance of changing one's environment and seeking therapy, and challenges the idea that tough love or a kick in the butt is the solution to depression.+
Battling Depression:Jordan advises a listener on how to handle depression by seeking therapy, exercising, and volunteering. He emphasizes that there is no overnight fix for depression and that small wins build momentum.+

11. Link Agency Risks

Link Placement Agency Woes:Jordan and Jason discuss the risks of relying on a loophole in Google's algorithm for link placement agencies. They advise the listener to find another revenue stream before Google closes the loophole and to motivate themselves through fear and the upside of doing something they enjoy.+
Building Momentum:Jordan shares his personal experience of building relationships and brand equity over a decade, which helped him rebuild his business quickly after being fired. He advises allocating time to work on something new before you need to jump into a new industry, and to look at this as an opportunity to do something you've always wanted to do business-wise while you're in the safe embrace and income stream of your current business.+

12. Choosing Podcast or YouTube

Podcast vs. YouTube:Jordan and Jason discuss the differences between podcast and YouTube formats and the considerations to keep in mind when choosing one. They suggest that if the content is instructional or requires video, YouTube is the way to go, but if it's a conversation-based format, a podcast is the better choice. They also caution that video production is much more difficult and expensive than audio production.+
Starting a Podcast:Jordan and Jason discuss the advantages of starting with a podcast before moving on to YouTube. They explain the ease and affordability of podcasting equipment compared to the complexity of YouTube gear. They also emphasize that podcasting is a great dry run for YouTube.+
Starting a Podcast:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of starting with audio before adding in any more tech. They suggest that recording voices is much simpler than figuring out cameras, angles, lighting, and editing. Start creating and see if podcasting is for you before investing in expensive equipment.+

13. Outro

Replacement Plans:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of making replacement plans when canceling on someone to avoid appearing flaky and maintain the friendship. They also share a Life Pro Tip of the Week.+
Networking Tips:Jordan shares his tips on networking and building relationships, emphasizing the importance of digging the well before you get thirsty and not waiting until you need someone's help. He offers a free course on networking at