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184: Naveen Jain | How Moonshot Thinking Will Save the World

1. Introduction

Naveen shares his journey as a serial entrepreneur and his current endeavor of mining the moon for resources that are scarce on Earth. He believes that this is key to human survival on our planet.+

2. Jain's Entrepreneurial Mindset

Naveen Jain's Children:Naveen Jain's three children are all accomplished individuals in their own right, with a focus on entrepreneurship and women empowerment. None of them work for their father's companies, but instead pursue their own passions and make a positive impact in the world.+
Entrepreneurial Mindset:Naveen Jain discusses the true meaning of entrepreneurship and how it's not just about starting a company. He emphasizes that being an entrepreneur is about solving problems and that anyone can be an entrepreneur by joining a cause and focusing on solving a problem.Show transcript +

3. Risk and Childhood

Taking Risks:Naveen shares his experience of quitting his job without a plan and taking a risk to start his own company. He emphasizes the importance of giving every effort to something worth doing and cutting the umbilical cord to focus on one thing. Naveen also discusses the importance of risk tolerance and being willing to take a chance, even if it means risking half of your savings.+
Naveen's Childhood:Naveen Jain shares his childhood experience growing up in India and how his father's decision to be an honest man led to their family's poverty. He also discusses the common immigrant experience of coming to a new country with almost nothing.+

4. Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity:Naveen shares his story of growing up in India and facing financial struggles, lack of education resources, and corruption. Despite these challenges, he and his siblings pursued education and achieved impressive academic accomplishments. Naveen also talks about his early days in the US, working for low wages and taking on jobs he was unqualified for.+
Computer Programmer Origin:Naveen shares how he became a computer programmer in America after acing an aptitude test just to prove his friend wrong. He talks about being brought over from India to work as an intern and how people automatically assumed he was good with computers because of his ethnicity.+
Dreams and Money:Naveen shares how his dreams changed once he became successful and had money, realizing that material possessions were not as important as he thought they were. He emphasizes the importance of being humble and not chasing after things to prove oneself.+

5. Sponsors

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6. Mindset and Materialism

Materialism and Mindset:Naveen shares his thoughts on materialism and how it relates to his mindset. He believes that success is more about how you think rather than what you do, and that growing up without much can either lead to a chase for money or a mindset that is more open to risk-taking.+
Overcoming Scarcity Mindset:Naveen explains how scarcity mindset is limiting our imagination and causing us to believe that resources are finite. He argues that sustainability is unsustainable and we need to focus on creating more of what we need, not just using less or recycling. Naveen also highlights the potential of renewable energy and how it can lead to unlimited energy and democratization.+

7. Energy and Moonshots

Energy and Moonshots:Naveen discusses how energy could be the next air and the importance of moonshots in entrepreneurship. He explains the potential of helium-3 as a fusion energy source and the need for entrepreneurs to focus on where the puck is going to be, not where it is.+
Audacious Goals:Naveen discusses the concept of moonshots and how they are easier to achieve than smaller goals. He also explains how chronic diseases are a matter of choice and lifestyle, and how knowing what needs to be done to prevent them is a choice as well.+

8. Moonshots and Future Thinking

Moonshots and Extreme Nearsightedness:Naveen Jain discusses the power of moonshots and how they attract the best and brightest to solve audacious problems. He also talks about the problem of extreme nearsightedness and how it can hinder progress in innovation.+
Future Thinking:Naveen shares his thoughts on the future of technology and how he envisioned the integration of phones and personal digital assistants before the iPhone was even announced. He emphasizes the importance of thinking differently and challenging conventional ideas to create innovative solutions.+

9. Sponsors

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10. Future of Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars:Naveen discusses how self-driving cars are not just disrupting the automotive industry, but also have secondary and tertiary implications such as cars being able to drive closer to each other due to constant communication. He also highlights how autopilot has been on planes for the longest time and how people often forget that technology has been around for a while.+
Solving Complex Problems:Naveen and Jordan discuss how to approach complex problems by asking different questions and breaking them down into solvable parts. They use the example of living on the moon and how to overcome obstacles such as radiation and growing food. By reframing problems and focusing on solutions, they show how innovation and problem-solving can lead to groundbreaking solutions.+

11. Solving Root Causes

Future Problem Solving:Naveen shares insights on how entrepreneurs should focus on solving the root cause of a problem rather than just the symptoms. He uses the example of freshwater shortage and how solving the problem of cattle agriculture through synthetic biology can free up freshwater for human consumption.+
Solving Root Causes:Naveen Jain discusses the importance of solving root causes instead of just the symptoms of a problem. He emphasizes that this approach requires having knowledge in multiple technologies to find real solutions efficiently.+

12. Augmented Reality Insights

Augmented Reality and Distorted Reality:Naveen discusses how augmented reality can change the way humans perceive reality and how our current reality may be distorted. He also touches on the possibility of transmitting life electronically, leading to philosophical questions about the nature of life.+
Brain Synchronization:Naveen and Jordan discuss the possibility of brain synchronization through technology, allowing people to experience multiple locations at once. They explore how the brain creates experiences and how it can be synchronized with audio and visual inputs.+
The Power of Curiosity:Naveen Jain discusses how virtual reality can trick the brain into experiencing things as if they are real and how it will change our perception of being together. He also emphasizes the importance of curiosity over IQ, stating that being intellectually curious is what allows us to think about the future and learn as entrepreneurs.+

13. Intellectual Curiosity

Developing Intellectual Curiosity:Naveen Jain shares insights on how to develop intellectual curiosity in children and adults. By encouraging creativity and imagination, we can make ourselves and others thirsty for knowledge and eager to find connections between seemingly unrelated things.+
Curiosity and Learning:Naveen talks about how our education system shuts down curiosity and how he maintains his intellectual curiosity by constantly learning about different subjects. He emphasizes the importance of being intellectually curious and how it can lead to new insights and solutions.+
Shifting Perspective:Naveen emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with being different and on the edges of the bell curve to innovate. He shares his experience of having a thick accent and how it sets him apart from others. Being different is an advantage and it takes one person to be on the top.+

14. Disrupting Healthcare Revolution

Disrupting as a Non-Expert:Naveen explains that experts can only make incremental improvements, while non-experts can challenge the foundation and make something 10X better. He provides examples from his own experience, including starting a company that can go to the moon for under $10 million and revolutionizing healthcare with Viome.+
Gut Health Revolution:Naveen explains how Viome is revolutionizing healthcare by challenging the idea that there's a pill for every ill and instead focusing on the underlying cause of diseases, which they believe is inflammation. He also discusses the importance of understanding the microbiome and how Viome's technology is able to research and understand the 40 trillion organisms in our gut.+

15. Gut Health Revolution

Gut Health Revolution:Naveen explains how Viome is revolutionizing gut health by providing personalized nutrition recommendations based on an individual's gut microbiome analysis. By analyzing stool and blood samples, Viome can identify which foods are beneficial and which are harmful for each person, helping to prevent and cure diseases at the root cause.+
Poop and Moon Missions:Naveen shares some interesting facts about world leaders bringing portable toilets to prevent their poop from being analyzed. He also talks about his upcoming moon mission and the plan to create rocket fuel and habitats for humans.+
Multiplanetary Society:Naveen predicts that within the next 10-15 years, humans will become a multiplanetary society, living on the moon and Mars. He believes that we are all explorers and that the moon is our "eighth continent". With high-speed internet and new technology, there is no reason why we can't connect with people living on other planets.+

16. Outro

Jordan shares his insights on the importance of building relationships and offers a free course on networking. He also recommends the $100 MBA podcast and shares tips on getting work done on a plane.+