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508: Shaking an Unsuitable Stalking Suitor | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel give advice to listeners on Fridays and discuss the week's guests, including Tim Grover and Robert Cialdini. Jordan also shares tips on how to get your foot in the door and secure a job or business. Listeners can email for advice on any topic, which is kept anonymous.+

2. Protecting Against Abusive Exes

Protecting Against Abusive Exes:Jordan and Gabe discuss a listener's question about how to protect her sister from her abusive ex-boyfriend who has made threats against her. They emphasize the importance of taking out a restraining order and offer advice on how to ensure that the ex does not damage her property or harm her again.+
Dealing with Psychopaths:Jordan and Gabriel provide advice on how to deal with psychopaths, emphasizing the importance of putting distance between oneself and the psychopath, documenting all interactions, and recording conversations if possible.+
Protecting Against Dangerous Exes:Jordan advises on how to protect oneself from a dangerous ex. He suggests installing cameras around the property and asking neighbors to add cameras facing your house. Additionally, alerting neighbors about the situation and asking them to call the police in case of any suspicious activity could save someone's life.+

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Jordan and Gabriel discuss measures to take against stalkers, including using SimpliSafe for home security and purchasing a taser for self-defense. Jordan shares his own experience with a stalker and emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself, even if not famous.+

4. Privacy and Safety

Privacy and Security:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of privacy and security in the digital age with George, an executive security manager. They offer tips on how to evade unwanted contact and limit social media posts to avoid being tracked in real-time.+
Stalker Safety Tips:Jordan and Gabriel discuss safety tips for dealing with a stalker, including securing windows, not sharing personal information on social media, and establishing a check-in window with a friend. They also emphasize the importance of not threatening or warning the stalker and not being alone unnecessarily.+

5. Protecting Against Domestic Violence

Gabriel and Corbin provide legal advice on how to protect oneself from domestic violence, including getting a physical copy of restraining orders and bond conditions and leaving them with law enforcement agencies, and calling the police immediately if the abuser makes contact.+

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Jordan and Jen discuss the importance of mental health awareness and how therapy can help individuals struggling with various issues. They also provide information on how to access affordable therapy through Better Help.+

7. Working with Your Partner

Working with Your Partner:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of working with your significant other and offer advice on how to protect your relationship while pursuing your dreams. They emphasize the importance of good communication and explain why working from home with your partner can be tricky but is not necessarily a recipe for disaster.+
Working with a spouse:Jordan shares insights on how to work with a spouse, emphasizing the importance of good communication and setting boundaries. It's crucial to have tools to talk it out and resolve conflicts. Having good boundaries around work schedules and protecting personal time is also important.+
Working from Home:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of working from home and how to maintain a work-life balance. They emphasize the importance of clear communication with partners and colleagues to avoid unnecessary interruptions and grievances. Gabriel also advises on the emotional aspect of being a full-time artist.+
Navigating Career Cycles:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the challenges of navigating career cycles within relationships and how to avoid comparing oneself to their partner's success. They provide insights on how to take care of each other during rough patches and maintain healthy boundaries to prevent taking on each other's stress or anxiety.+
Communication and Resentment:Jordan advises a listener on the importance of communication in a work-from-home situation and how to prevent resentment from building up. He suggests discussing even small issues and using noise-canceling headphones to avoid distractions. He emphasizes that bumps in the road are normal and can be worked out together.+

8. Workplace Harassment Solutions

Sexual Harassment at Work:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a listener's friend who is experiencing sexual harassment at work and being retaliated against for reporting it. They offer advice on what she can do and express their shock that this behavior still occurs in the workplace.+
Legal Advice:Jordan consults with criminal defense lawyer Corbin Payne to provide legal advice to a listener whose friend is facing harassment at work. Corbin suggests taking the complaint to corporate and emphasizes the importance of holding corporations accountable for their actions.+
Escalating Sexual Harassment:Corbin advises gathering hard evidence by recording the harasser and filing a complaint with the EEOC to hold the employer accountable for failing to investigate and protect the victim. It's important to act quickly and specify the economic damage caused by the harassment.+
Confronting Workplace Abuse:Gabriel shares advice on how to confront workplace abuse and power dynamics. He suggests enlisting the help of colleagues to confront managers and shame them into changing their behavior. He also recommends listening to episode 448 of the podcast for more insights on non-violent activism and taking down unjust systems.+
Fighting Sexual Harassment:Jordan advises a listener on how to fight sexual harassment at work. He suggests various options, including talking to an attorney, recording evidence, and finding a new job. He also recommends considering legal action and seeking help from an employment lawyer.+

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10. Dealing with Neighbors

Dealing with Annoying Neighbors:Brandon, an active real estate investor, shares his insights on dealing with nuisance neighbors in rental properties. He suggests options such as contacting the landlord or HOA, and even calling the police for noise complaints. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of managing rental properties and how to handle difficult situations.+
Dealing with Bad Neighbors:Jordan and Brandon discuss various options for dealing with bad neighbors, including buying their property, letting tenants leave and finding new ones, and selling the property altogether. They also touch on the current state of the housing market and the importance of managing properties in a competitive market.+
Real Estate Lessons:Gabriel and Brandon share insights on real estate investments, including how to avoid problem neighbors and the importance of diligence before purchasing a property. They encourage listeners to view setbacks as learning experiences and to stay focused on the long game.+

11. Networking During COVID

Networking During COVID:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of networking during the pandemic and offer advice on how to reach out to professional contacts during these difficult times. They emphasize the importance of human connection and encourage listeners to check in with others, even if it feels awkward.+
Networking During COVID:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how networking during COVID is not all that different from before. The circumstances actually help in building real relationships and having meaningful conversations. They suggest leaning into the real stuff and meeting people where they are to develop great relationships, especially during a global pandemic.+

12. Outro

Jordan Harbinger recommends the podcast "Something You Should Know" hosted by Mike Carruthers, which provides fascinating information that listeners can use in their lives or share with others. The podcast covers a range of topics from ownership rights to why there are more hundred dollar bills in circulation than ones.+