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915: Mom's Crush on Star Has Gone Way Too Far | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Explore the fascinating world of resurrecting woolly mammoths and their potential impact on the environment, as Ben shares insights on using elephant DNA to birth these ancient creatures.+

2. Fallout from Fake Data

Faking Data Fallout:Dive into the aftermath of Dr. Dan Arielli and Francesca Gino's faked data scandal, exploring the retraction of their study and the implications for their careers.+
Fake Data Scandal:Jordan Harbinger addresses a recent fake data scandal involving a previous guest on the show and reflects on the importance of thorough vetting and maintaining integrity in the scientific community.+

3. Late-Life Divorce

Late-Life Divorce:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the unusual occurrence of a 70-year-old woman initiating a divorce, and delve into the intriguing world of automated text marketing by a famous actor.+
Dealing with Online Trolls:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the negative side of fan interactions, highlighting the prevalence of online trolls and the impact it has on content creators. They share personal experiences and delve into the challenges of managing online communities.+
Delusions and Deception:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a letter from a concerned son-in-law whose mother-in-law believes she is in a relationship with a Hollywood actor. They delve into the complexities of the situation, exploring the possibility of catfishing, the impact of scams, and the challenges of salvaging the strained relationship between the mother-in-law and her daughter.+
Navigating Delusions:Jordan advises on how to approach a delicate conversation with a loved one who is caught up in a delusional relationship with a celebrity. By asking innocent and honest questions, the goal is to help the person see through the fantasy and engage in a nonthreatening way.+
Navigating Scams:Discover the challenges of helping someone caught up in a scam or cult, as Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of patience, kindness, and confronting one's self-image.+
Navigating Relationship Challenges:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to address trust issues and communication breakdowns in a post-divorce relationship, offering practical strategies for rebuilding trust and fostering understanding.+
Scam Psychology Revealed:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the psychology behind scams and how people can unwittingly participate in them, offering insights and advice on how to protect oneself and others from falling victim to scams.+
The Robot Communication Revolution:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the rise of automated communication and the potential benefits and drawbacks of using virtual assistants to handle emails and messages. They explore the idea of scaling communication and the personal touch of genuine human interaction.+

4. Sponsors

Overthinking and Self-Doubt:Jordan discusses the detrimental effects of overthinking and self-doubt on our ability to connect with others and enjoy life. He introduces BetterHelp as a solution to help navigate the labyrinth of our thoughts and find genuine human connections.+
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5. Overcoming Addiction and Finding Purpose

Perfectionism, Infatuation, Addiction:A young Nigerian girl opens up about her struggles with perfectionism, her growing infatuation with her teacher, and her subsequent addiction to watching porn. Insights are shared about the power of validation and the impact of not receiving support at home.+
Sexual Fantasies and Parental Expectations:Gabriel and Jordan discuss a listener's dilemma of accidentally finding explicit content on her boyfriend's phone and her concerns about her parents' expectations regarding her sexual thoughts and behaviors. They explore the dynamics of trust, boundaries, and the importance of open communication within relationships and with parents.+
Overcoming Addiction:Gabriel seeks advice on stopping his addiction and dealing with the aftermath of a troubling relationship with his teacher. Dr. Rubin Khoddam provides insights on porn addiction and suggests strategies for recovery, including restriction.+
Breaking Porn Addiction:Learn how to break free from porn addiction by identifying triggers, setting parental restrictions, and finding healthier alternatives. Dr. Kodam provides insights on evaluating internal and external triggers, and suggests engaging in activities aligned with personal values, such as involvement in religion or hobbies, to reduce the allure of porn.+
Finding Purpose, Overcoming Triggers:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of finding purpose and community, while being mindful of potential triggers that may hinder personal growth. They explore the impact of religion, culture, and internal triggers on addictive behaviors, offering insights on how to overcome them.+
Addressing a Troubling Past:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a listener's dilemma of wanting to reach out to a former teacher who had a negative impact. They emphasize the importance of recognizing the teacher's inappropriate behavior and advise against contacting him. The hosts also encourage the listener to consider reporting the incident to the school, expressing concern for other potential victims.+
Overcoming Shyness, Finding Purpose:Gabriel shares his journey of overcoming shyness and finding purpose through his job in emergency services. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of seizing opportunities and paying attention to what truly matters.+
Overcoming Shyness:Gabriel seeks advice on how to overcome his shyness and passivity in high-pressure situations as a 911 operator. Jordan discusses the importance of this profession in addressing confidence issues and offers insights on personal growth through struggle.+
Overcoming Leadership Doubts:Explore the underlying beliefs and experiences that may be holding you back from taking charge in leadership roles. Learn how to tap into your authority and stay calm and confident in stressful situations. Seek guidance from peers and mentors to gain insights and implement effective strategies for growth.+
Building Confidence:Open yourself up to help, work with a therapist and coach, and tap into an alternate persona. Change is possible through personal evolution and neuroplasticity. Embrace your sense of purpose and take incremental steps towards building confidence.+

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7. Unmasking Manipulative Behavior

Unmasking a Manipulative Father:Gabriel shares his concerns about his father's manipulative behavior, recounting incidents of domestic disputes and abusive relationships. He seeks guidance on how to protect his father's partners and grapples with the conflicting emotions of wanting to maintain a relationship with his father while acknowledging his dark side.+
Navigating Narcissistic Parents:Explore the challenges of dealing with narcissistic parents and the importance of setting boundaries for self-preservation. Expert insights shed light on accepting the reality of their behavior and understanding that change can only come from within.+
Protecting Others, Finding Agency:In this chapter, Jordan and Gabriel explore the complex emotions that arise from having a relationship with a narcissistic parent. They discuss the sense of responsibility and the desire to protect others who may be in danger, as well as the potential for finding agency and working through personal fears and powerlessness.+
Navigating Complex Relationships:Gabriel and Jordan explore the challenges of navigating a complex relationship with a parent who has contrasting personalities, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and seeking support to protect oneself from being pulled into their chaos and victim narratives.+
Navigating Complex Parent-Child Relationships:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the complexities of having a flawed parent and offer insights on setting boundaries, embracing ambiguity, and accepting the grief that comes with a difficult parent-child relationship.+

8. Sponsors

Learn about the importance of reaching out for support when in crisis and uncertain about maintaining safety, including crisis hotlines, safety plans, and the role of therapists in providing assistance.+

9. Open-Mindedness Matters

Open-Mindedness and Beliefs:Jordan discusses the importance of being open-minded and willing to evaluate and potentially change our beliefs, even when it comes to personal ideologies and pseudosciences. He reflects on the reactions and critiques received from listeners after discussing controversial topics on the show.+
Challenging Beliefs:Jordan discusses the importance of not dismissing information that challenges our beliefs and staying open-minded, even when it makes us uncomfortable. He emphasizes the need to avoid getting triggered and to have a sense of humor about our beliefs.+
Seeking Truth, Challenging Beliefs:Jordan emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and staying open to alternative ideas, even when we disagree. He highlights the value of a science-based approach and the need for rigor in seeking the truth amidst the noise and myths. Challenging beliefs and avoiding filter bubbles are key to personal growth and understanding.+

10. Outro

Networking Mastery:Discover the power of building a strong network and learn how to apply it to your own life with insights from Jordan's 6-minute networking course. Dig the well before you get thirsty!+
Hostage Negotiation:Dive into the intense world of hostage negotiation, where proof of life and authentication are crucial. Learn about the disturbing connection between the captors of hostages and human trafficking, shedding light on the dark underbelly of criminal networks.+
Negotiating with Criminals:Learn the nuances of negotiating with criminals and the dangers of seeking public support in hostage situations. Discover why driving up the perceived value of the hostage can be detrimental and how certain actions can put lives at risk.+