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912: Matthew Dunn | Iranian Hit Squads in the UK and US

1. Introduction

Matthew Dunn reveals the extensive activities of Iranian intelligence services, including assassination attempts in the UK and other parts of the world. Get insights into their operations and the impact they have on global security.+

2. Iranian Hit Squads

Iranian Hit Squads:Former Mi Six operator Matthew Dunn reveals the shocking truth about Iranian hit squads operating in Western nations, threatening Iranians critical of the regime. Get a fresh angle on the world of espionage and terrorism in this eye-opening episode.+
Unconventional Spy Recruitment:Matthew Dunn shares his unique journey of being recruited as a spy, highlighting the unconventional methods used by intelligence agencies to spot potential talent.+

3. Unexpected Spy Recruitment

Unexpected Spy Recruitment:Jordan Harbinger and guest Matthew Dunn discuss their unexpected journeys into the world of espionage, sharing insights into their recruitment experiences with the CIA and MI Six. From misconceptions about the organizations to the thrill of being recruited, they provide a fascinating glimpse into the hidden world of spies.+
Unexpected Realities:Matthew Dunn shares his eye-opening experience joining Mi Six during the end of the Cold War, realizing the extent of global conflicts and operations beyond his expectations.+

4. Deep Cover Insights

Deep Cover Operations:Former MI6 agent Matthew Dunn discusses his experience working undercover, cultivating relationships, and maintaining multiple identities for various operations. Learn about the complexities and challenges of deep cover work in the world of espionage.+
Operating Multiple Identities:Former MI6 agent Matthew Dunn discusses the challenges of maintaining multiple identities while on covert operations, emphasizing the importance of avoiding casual encounters and the risks of carrying multiple passports. He also touches on the difficulty of portraying expertise in different fields and the scrutiny faced when interacting with others.+

5. Iranian Hit Squads

Iranian Hit Squads:Former intelligence officer Matthew Dunn discusses the extensive operations of Iranian intelligence services, including assassination attempts, in major cities like London. The scope and scale of their activities may be even greater than reported.+
Iranian Death Squads:Former intelligence officer Matthew Dunn reveals the alarming presence of Iranian death squads operating globally, including in the UK and the US. He discusses credible threats to the lives of Iranian dissidents and the brazen actions of these operatives. The assassination of Iranian general Cassan Suleimani by the US has further escalated tensions, making revenge a top priority for the Iranian regime.+
Iran's Complex Power Structure:Matthew Dunn explains the structure of Iran's military and political power, highlighting the influence of the conservative religious leadership and the IRGC religious army.+

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7. Unveiling Iranian Politics

Iranian Politics Unveiled:Explore the complexities of Iranian politics as Matthew Dunn sheds light on the regime's power structure, rigged elections, and the influence of the Ayatollah in choosing the President. Learn about the historical backdrop of Iran and the hopes for a democratic future.+
Iran's Complex History:Jordan and Matthew discuss the complicated history of Iran, including the current regime, the role of the United States and Britain, and the love-hate relationship Iranians have with foreign powers. They emphasize the resilience of the Iranian people and their desire for change.+

8. Conspiracy Thinking Unveiled

Conspiracy Thinking, Hit Squads:Jordan and Matthew discuss the prevalence of conspiracy thinking in dictatorships and the tactics used by hit squads operating in Western cities. They explore the impact of outside media on the Iranian population and the potential for change, while also shedding light on the disturbing actions of these hit squads.+
Targeted Assassinations:Matthew and Jordan discuss the tactics and motivations behind targeted assassinations carried out by the Iranian regime, including their message to both domestic and international audiences. They draw parallels to similar actions taken by Russia and shed light on the frequency of such plots in the UK.+

9. Foiling Assassination Plots

Foiling Assassination Plots:Former Mi Six agent Matthew Dunn discusses the challenges of foiling assassination plots, the relationship between intelligence agencies, and the ongoing concerns with Iran's covert nuclear program.+
Assassinations, Intelligence Operations:Matthew Dunn shares his expertise on the tactics and operations behind assassinations, including cross-border kidnappings and relocating targets, shedding light on the sophisticated intelligence capabilities of Iran's Mois and their relationship with fundamentalists in the IRGC.+

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11. Hostage Diplomacy Unveiled

Hostage Diplomacy:Jordan and Matthew discuss the tactics of hostage diplomacy employed by rogue regimes like Iran, and the increasing activities of death squads as a response to a higher state of insecurity within the power base of Iran. They also explore how the UK is taking a more robust approach in dealing with these threats.+
Geopolitical Shifts:Matthew and Jordan discuss the potential increase in terrorism as regimes like Iran's lose stability and export more aggression. They delve into the role of the Kudz Force in training other terrorist organizations and monitoring Jewish activity.+

12. Monitoring Jewish People

Monitoring Jewish People:Matthew Dunn discusses the concerning practice of monitoring Jewish people in New York, highlighting the blurred distinction between Israel and Jews living abroad and the implications for those perceived as enemies of Iran. Title: Hezbollah's Identity Topics: Hezbollah, Iranian Revolution Summary: Jordan Harbinger and Matthew Dunn explore the complex identity of Hezbollah, discussing its role as both a Lebanese and Iranian group, and the ways in which it supports the export of the Iranian revolution through affiliations with armed groups. Title: The Quds Force and Arm's Length Topics: Quds Force, Iran's Activities Summary: Matthew Dunn sheds light on the Quds Force's role in supporting armed groups and spreading the Iranian revolution, while also discussing Iran's evolving approach to maintaining an arm's length from certain activities. Title: Thebes in Law Topics: Outlaw Gang, Soviet Relic Summary: Jordan Harbinger introduces the concept of Thebes in Law, an outlaw gang with Soviet origins, prompting a discussion with Matthew Dunn about its significance and potential connections to their conversation.+
Iranian Criminal Proxies:Learn about the Iranian practice of outsourcing dirty work to criminal organizations, the rationale behind it, and the challenges they face in executing their operations.+

13. Organized Crime Insights

Organized Crime and Assassinations:Jordan and Matthew discuss the practicality and mindset behind hiring disposable assets for criminal activities, as well as Iran's indifference towards being implicated in assassinations. They also touch on recent arrests of spies in the UK, highlighting the media's portrayal of the incident.+
Russian Intelligence, Iranian Community:Matthew Dunn discusses the activities of Russian intelligence in the UK and highlights the importance of not increasing suspicion towards the Iranian community, as they are more likely to be victims rather than members of Iranian intelligence services. He emphasizes the need to embrace and understand the experiences of Iranians living in the West.+
Surprising Hit Squads:Jordan shares a surprising encounter with a cab driver from Eritrea and discusses the existence of hit squads from different nations. He also delves into the history of Iran's hit squad operations and their temporary halt after 9/11.+
Iranian Intelligence, Domestic Conflict:Jordan discusses the complex dynamics of Iranian intelligence, highlighting the low-key domestic conflict and the targeting of dissidents. He explores the reasons behind the limited action taken against these individuals and emphasizes the importance of compassion for those who have fled oppressive regimes.+

14. Outro

Relax and indulge in guilt-free Persian food as Jordan Harbinger explores the different levels of culpability in this episode. Discover the fascinating insights shared by Matthew Dunn that will make you savor every bite without any remorse.+