Published April 2019 on YouTube

191: How To Deal With a Friend Who Dominates Conversations | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and producer Jason discuss techniques for striking the right balance when talking about oneself, without coming across as insufferable. They also touch on the importance of self-promotion in career advancement.+

2. Women on Podcasts

Women on Podcasts:Jordan and Jason discuss the challenges of inviting women on their podcast and address the criticisms they have received for not being inclusive enough. They provide evidence of their diverse audience and call out the absurdity of implying that competent women would be uncomfortable talking with them.+
Gender Bias Backlash:Jordan and Jason discuss the backlash Jordan received after a previous episode on gender bias in the workplace, and how competent women were the ones who understood and supported his ideas. They also touch on the topic of receiving hate mail and the challenges of discussing politics on podcasts.+

3. Workplace Safety

Creepy Coworker Encounter:Jason shares his terrifying experience with a coworker who physically attacked him after he revealed the truth about their affair to the man's wife. Years later, Jason recognizes the same man working at a restaurant co-owned by his uncle, causing him to feel sick and scared. The situation raises questions about how to handle harassment in the workplace and the fear that comes with encountering a dangerous individual.+
Psycho Ex Warning:Jason and Jordan discuss the importance of communicating with family about a violent ex who is holding a grudge. They stress the importance of taking safety precautions and having a strategy when approaching the situation.+
Background Check:Jordan and Jason discuss the legality and practicality of running background checks on employees, specifically in the case of an employee with a criminal record. They advise consulting an attorney and potentially conducting a background check on the specific employee in question.+
Protecting Family:Jordan advises a listener on how to terminate an employee with a violent past who poses a threat to the safety of their family. He recommends doing it in person, checking the whole restaurant if necessary, and covering all bases to avoid any legal repercussions.+
Dangerous Repeated Offender:Jordan and Jason discuss a listener's experience with a dangerous coworker who has a history of abusing women and has gone to prison for it. They stress the importance of workplace safety and the need for serious therapy and rehabilitation for habitual offenders.+

4. Sponsors

Website Necessity:Jason emphasizes the importance of having a website for businesses in the 21st century and recommends HostGator for creating and maintaining a mobile-friendly website with their simple drag and drop builder.+
Therapy on Your Phone:Jordan Harbinger talks about Better Help, an online therapy platform that offers licensed professional counselors who specialize in various issues. The service is safe, confidential, and convenient as it allows you to connect with your counselor through video, phone, chat, or text. Plus, it's affordable and Jordan Harbinger Show listeners get a 10% discount on the first month with the code JORDAN.+

5. Communication Struggles

Communication Struggles:Tongue Tied writes in seeking advice on how to express himself better in deep conversations with his girlfriend. He struggles to make sense of his thoughts and often feels like he's saying things his girlfriend wants to hear. The hosts provide insights on how to be more open and honest in communication, even when it's difficult.+
Overcoming Communication Issues:Jordan advises a listener struggling with communication issues in his relationship to seek therapy together and work on self-awareness. He suggests taking time to process emotions and writing them down to better articulate thoughts and feelings during future discussions.+
Overcoming Anxiety:Jason and Jordan discuss how anxiety can affect communication and provide tips for overcoming it, such as paying attention to body language and taking deep breaths. They also suggest couples therapy as a way to improve communication skills.+

6. LA's Dark Side

Estranged Sister:Jordan and Jason discuss a listener's dilemma of having a sister who is a bad house guest and has differing political views. They advise the listener to put aside their personal feelings and attend family events for the sake of their mother.+
Toxic LA Scene:Jason and Jordan discuss how the LA scene can bring out negative traits in people, leading to toxic behavior and entitlement. They offer advice on how to deal with family members who have been influenced by this scene.+
LA's Dark Side:Jordan, Jason, and a guest discuss the dark side of LA, including the prevalence of predators who take advantage of vulnerable young women who come to LA to pursue their dreams, and the trauma that can result from the constant pressure to succeed in a highly competitive environment.+
Predatory Porn Industry:Jordan and Jason discuss the predatory nature of the porn industry, specifically focusing on a documentary called Hot Girls Wanted. They talk about how women are lured into making porn and are essentially pimped out by the producers. The conversation highlights the exploitative nature of the industry and the need to protect vulnerable individuals from being taken advantage of.+

7. Overcoming Stubbornness

Jordan and Jason discuss the root causes of stubbornness and how it can be a symptom of deeper issues such as anxiety or relationship problems. They suggest seeking therapy to tackle these underlying causes and provide insights on how to recognize and overcome stubbornness.+

8. Sponsors

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9. Friendship and Travel

Dealing with Dominating Friends:Jordan advises Jason on how to deal with a friend who dominates conversations, lacks self-awareness, and is overly sensitive. He suggests having a heart to heart with the friend and providing tough love if necessary. If the friend is not open to feedback, it may be time to find a new friend.+
Insecurity and Narcissism:Jordan and Jason discuss how insecurity and being a latchkey kid can lead to narcissistic behavior, such as talking over others and constantly seeking validation. They share personal experiences and insights on how to overcome these tendencies.+
Listening Tips:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of active listening and share tips on how to become a better listener, including the technique of repeating back what was said to you. They also answer a question on how to negotiate with your boss for extra vacation time during a work trip.+
Bleisure Travel Benefits:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of bleisure travel, including higher levels of satisfaction with quality of life and work-life balance. They also provide tips for negotiating time off for vacation before or after a business trip.+
Maximize Vacation Time:Jordan shares tips on how to maximize your vacation time, including negotiating for more time off instead of a raise and asking to work remotely during travel days. He also recommends signing up for National's Emerald Club to save time on car rentals.+

10. Meaningful Work & Delegation

Finding Meaningful Work:Jordan advises a real estate broker on how to find meaning in his work. He suggests finding purpose outside of work, volunteering, and hiring an assistant to create more flexibility.+
Outsourcing and Delegation:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of outsourcing and delegation in business, and how it can increase productivity and improve quality of life. They emphasize the importance of learning to say no and hiring part-time help, even if it means spending some money.+

11. Coming Out and Documenting Training

Coming Out:Jordan and Jason advise Jason to tell his family that he's no longer religious and that his wedding won't be in a church. They recommend doing it in person on a holiday, rather than over the phone. Jordan emphasizes the importance of not getting defensive and not regretting doing it wrong.+
Document Your Training:Jason and Jordan discuss the importance of documenting your training at a new job. By creating detailed notes and sharing them with your manager, you can make a great impression and potentially help improve the company's training program.+
Saudi Arabia Uncovered:Jordan and Jason discuss the documentary "Saudi Arabia Uncovered" which sheds light on the human rights violations in the country, including the treatment of women and public executions. They express their concerns about visiting the country, but acknowledge the importance of understanding the issues.+

12. Outro

Jordan talks about the importance of daily consistency in networking and how to manage relationships using systems. He emphasizes the need to dig the well before you're thirsty and shares his Six-Minute Networking course, which is free and has upgraded drills and tech.+