Published July 2020 on Spotfiy

385: Can I Date a White-Collar Criminal? | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel discuss their recent interview with Aimen Dean, a former top bomb and poison-maker for Al-Qaeda who now works in counter-terrorism and intelligence. They share insights on his fascinating journey and the importance of critical thinking in understanding the world around us.+

2. Scams and Vulnerabilities

Gabriel and Jordan discuss the type of person that falls for scams, where vulnerabilities lie, and how to recognize if you or someone you know is susceptible to scams. They also share insights on the importance of habits for personal growth and development.+

3. Second Chances

Second Chances:Jordan and Gabriel discuss whether people deserve a second chance after a conviction. They suggest talking directly with the person to understand their story and whether they have changed. The response will reveal who the person is now and whether they are worth getting to know.+
Criminal Remorse:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of remorse in criminal cases, and how it can impact a person's ability to move forward and build a better life. They reference a previous guest, Justin, who owned his story and used it to create positive change. They caution against engaging with those who are evasive or unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.Show transcript +

4. Overcoming Age Bias

Overcoming Age Bias:Gabriel seeks advice from Jordan on how to overcome age bias in the financial services industry. Jordan shares his experience of dealing with the same issue and advises Gabriel to focus on his achievements and professionalism.+
Overcoming Age Bias:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how age bias can affect those in the wealth management industry and provide advice on how to overcome it by focusing on personal and professional development. They also caution against overcompensating and offer reassurance that the problem will likely solve itself in the short term.+
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:Gabriel and Jordan discuss how to overcome imposter syndrome in the workplace and the importance of building relationships with colleagues and obtaining financial qualifications to gain the trust of clients.+
Building a Book:Gabriel suggests building a book of business for yourself to grow your own clients and become the young, cool wealth manager. Prioritize your growth and skills, and play the long game. Jordan agrees, saying that having a book of business allows you to free yourself from firm life and gives you more options.+

5. Sponsors

Jordan Harbinger discusses Ebb Sleep's cool drift sleep system, a drug-free solution to help counteract the mind and body's reaction to stress and challenges that can impact a restful night of sleep. The system has been clinically tested and four out of five users reported getting to sleep faster. Listeners can save $25 off their order and try it risk-free for 60 nights.+

6. Dealing with Envy

Dealing with Envy:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the taboo topic of envy and how it affects friendships. Envy is a universal feeling that rarely gets discussed, but it's important to recognize and deal with it in a healthy way.+
Overcoming Envy:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how envy can be a powerful motivator if processed correctly. They provide insights on how to use envy to teach you what you want, distinguish between the sources and objects of envy, and take stock of what you do have. They recommend reading their articles on envy and how to stop comparing yourself to others.+

7. Job Security and Time Off

Job Security:Jordan advises Gabriel to stay close with his employer and build relationships to secure his job offer, even though it seems secure. He recommends checking in regularly, asking if there's anything he can do to prepare for starting, and signaling that he is valuable and committed to the job.+
Time Off Advice:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the pros and cons of taking time off before starting a new job. They suggest investing in personal growth, such as taking classes and reading about the industry, but also caution about traveling during these uncertain times.+
Job Hunting After Graduation:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how recent graduates can approach job hunting during the pandemic. They suggest focusing on self-development and preparing for potential job interviews while enjoying time off. They also explore the idea of taking risks and being creative with travel opportunities.+

8. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss their experience with HelloFresh meal delivery service and how it has a lower carbon footprint than store-bought meals. They also promote Better Help, an online therapy service that offers licensed professional counselors to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. Listeners can use the code JORDAN for 10% off their first month.+

9. Coping with Isolation

Coping with Isolation:Jordan offers advice to a nurse struggling with isolation due to her job and single status during the pandemic. He encourages her to not take her loved ones' actions personally and to seek out online support groups.+
Coping with Isolation:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to cope with isolation during the pandemic, particularly for those in high-risk jobs like nursing. They suggest talking to friends and family, connecting virtually, and considering therapy. Gabriel also empathizes with the listener's difficult situation and suggests hosting a gathering for colleagues.+
Coping with COVID:Jordan and Gabriel discuss ways for healthcare professionals to cope with the stress of working in COVID units, including finding connections with others and taking care of oneself through exercise and other activities.+
Managing Networking Responses:Jordan advises Gabriel on how to handle the influx of responses from his networking efforts. He reassures Gabriel that his response rate is excellent and suggests that he can use the current situation to his advantage by networking virtually. Jordan also provides tips on how to politely decline meeting requests when time is limited.+
Maintaining Relationships:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the challenges of maintaining relationships in a busy world and during a pandemic. They suggest using phone calls, Zoom meetings, and emails to stay connected and guard your time while still creating and maintaining relationships over time.+

10. Outro

Jordan shares his insights on building relationships and the importance of networking. He emphasizes the need to dig the well before getting thirsty and how it's advantageous to work on relationships during the current pandemic. He also mentions his free course on Thinkific, Six-Minute Networking, which provides tips and strategies for effective networking.+