Published January 2023 on YouTube

775: Bridezilla's Vanity Tests Bestie's Sanity | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Peloton sponsors this episode of the podcast. Title: Feedback Friday Introduction Topics: Introduction Summary: Jordan and Gabriel introduce Feedback Friday.+

2. Believing Mental Illness

Jordan and Gabriel discuss how people often don't believe those who are dealing with mental illness or trauma, and how this is similar to horror movies where the main character is ignored or gaslit. They talk about the importance of believing and supporting those who are struggling.+

3. Bridezilla Epidemic

Maid of Honor Dilemma:Gabriel seeks advice from Jordan on how to deal with her best friend who has turned into a bridezilla. She is overwhelmed with the numerous tasks assigned to her and is worried about her mental health. Jordan provides insights on how to handle the situation and maintain the friendship.+
Bridezilla Epidemic:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the epidemic of bridezillas and the stress that comes with planning a wedding. They share funny stories and insights on how some brides turn into tyrants over something as simple as a big party.+
Wedding Planning Woes:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a listener's letter about her friend, Jessica, who is overly focused on her wedding planning and can't seem to be happy for her friend's pregnancy. They explore the dynamics of their friendship and offer insights on how to navigate the situation.+
Maid of Honor Intervention:Jordan advises a listener on how to approach her best friend, who is getting too stressed out with wedding planning. He suggests having a one-on-one conversation and framing it as wanting her friend to have a stress-free and enjoyable experience.+
Dealing with Bridezilla:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to handle a friend who is being a Bridezilla. They suggest communicating with the friend and deciding whether to stick it out or pull back, but caution that backing out may cause more drama. They also recommend finding camaraderie with the other bridesmaids and laughing about it in a couple of months.+
Wedding Planning Stress:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to handle wedding planning stress and a difficult friend. They suggest working with the co-maid of honor to make the workload more manageable and addressing any awkwardness or resentment with the friend directly.+
Bridezilla or Bad Friend?:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a listener's predicament with her friend who is not excited about her pregnancy announcement during her wedding planning. They speculate whether the friend is a classic bridezilla or a bad friend who cannot handle the idea of losing her best friend to motherhood. They suggest talking to the friend and reevaluating the friendship.+

4. Sponsors

Time-saving Tool:Jordan talks about TextExpander, a powerful tool that can save you hours each month by creating keyboard shortcuts and custom message templates. He shares how it has been a game-changer for him and his team, and how it can help you be more productive and efficient.+
Better Help Therapy:Jordan and Jen Harbinger discuss the importance of therapy for mental health and recommend Better Help, an online therapy platform that is convenient, flexible, and affordable. They highlight the benefits of working with a licensed professional therapist and how it can help individuals become the best version of themselves.+

5. Navigating Purity Culture

Navigating Purity Culture:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of growing up in a religious environment that creates shame around sex and relationships. They commend the listener for having the courage to reevaluate their beliefs and explore new experiences. They offer advice on how to approach reconnecting with an ex and share insights on navigating the dating game later in life.+
Moving on:Jordan and Gabriel advise a listener who is struggling to move on from a guy who ghosted her. They suggest that it's best to accept the message he's sending and move on. Jordan reminds the listener that she doesn't want to convince someone to like her and that it's difficult to do so in a sustainable way. The speakers acknowledge that the mourning phase of a breakup is not fun, but it is necessary and the feelings will settle over time.+
Reframing a Breakup:Gabriel and Jordan discuss how to reframe a past relationship and use it as a learning experience for future dating. They also give advice on when and how to bring up past relationships when dating someone new.+
Dating After Leaving:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to approach dating after leaving a church community and offer advice on how to own your story and embrace where you are in the process. They also emphasize the importance of being true to yourself and avoiding pretending to be someone you're not.+
Late to the Game:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of navigating relationships in your 30s and feeling like you're "late to the game." They offer advice on trusting the process and not comparing yourself to others.+

6. Overcoming Money Fears

Overcoming Fear:Gabriel shares his fear of financial instability after taking a sabbatical from his job. Jordan reassures him that his fear is common and offers advice on how to overcome it.+
Overcoming Money Fears:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the root of money fears and how it operates in our lives. They explore the psychological aspects of catastrophizing and how it can keep us stuck in situations we no longer love. They also touch on how money fears can reflect our confidence and value in the market.+
Embracing Change:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to overcome the fear of change and provide practical tips for those who are hesitant about starting a new chapter in their lives, including setting simple targets and committing to learning new skills.+
Embracing uncertainty:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the fear of uncertainty that comes with leaving a job and offer practical advice on how to embrace it. They suggest setting intentions and habits to define the wilderness, committing to reaching out to new people every week, and getting friendly with uncertainty. Embracing instability can lead to more opportunities and energy to focus on what matters.+

7. Sponsors

Peloton's Fitness Routine:Jordan shares how Peloton has helped him maintain a sustainable fitness routine with thousands of classes to choose from, 24/7 availability, and motivating instructors. He also highlights the benefits of Peloton's rowing machine, which offers a full-body workout with low impact and real-time feedback on form. Listeners can explore Peloton Row and financing options at
Jet Lag Solution:Jordan shares his experience with FlyKitt, a solution to jet lag that uses a combination of vitamins, AI technology, and a personalized schedule to combat inflammation and circadian rhythm challenges. He highly recommends it for international travel.+

8. Dealing with Difficult Coworkers

Dealing with Difficult Coworkers:Gabriel shares a letter from a listener who is struggling to work with a new coworker who reacts poorly to correction and has a fragile ego. Jordan sympathizes with the listener and shares his thoughts on how to deal with difficult coworkers in the workplace.+
Troubled Colleague:Jordan advises on how to handle a difficult colleague who is negatively impacting the company's performance and damaging morale. He suggests focusing on the impact of the colleague's behavior and bringing up specific examples to the boss.+
Firing Inept Employees:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of firing employees who lack self-awareness and communication skills. They emphasize the importance of finding the right fit for a company and suggest involving team members in the hiring process to ensure a cultural fit. Ultimately, they advise seeking HR's help to handle the situation and move forward.+

9. Ethical Consumerism Tips

Chinese Goods Debate:Gabriel seeks advice on how to convince her boyfriend to avoid buying Chinese goods due to the country's government and corruption. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of being mindful of where products are made and the impact of consumerism.+
Ethical Consumerism:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of avoiding questionable goods and the importance of personal ethics when it comes to consumerism. They provide tips on how to approach the topic with others and share their own experiences with learning about ethical manufacturing.+
Ethical Shopping Tips:Jordan and Gabriel offer tips on how to shop ethically and responsibly, including using the Cultivate plugin for Chrome to find US-based alternatives to products made in China. They also discuss the importance of being aware of China policies and voting for representatives with sensible policies.+

10. Outro

Jordan shares his tips for successful networking and building relationships before you need them. He recommends using software, systems, and tiny habits to dig the well before you get thirsty. His Six-Minute Networking course is available for free on