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763: Laowhy86 | China Uprising | Out of the Loop

1. Introduction

Laowhy86, a China-focused YouTuber and former show guest, joins to discuss the current unrest happening in China. The protests started with COVID lockdowns and bad zero-COVID policies from the Chinese Communist Party, but have evolved into something much more prolific. Laowhy86 provides insights into the massive crackdown happening behind closed doors and the government's efforts to prevent further protests.+

2. China's Protest Wave

China's Candlelight Vigils:Laowhy86 discusses the recent protests and candlelight vigils in China that were sparked by a fire in Xinjiang. The crackdown on these peaceful gatherings by authorities across the country created a reaction against the government, leading to a simultaneous wave of protests.+
Xinjiang Fire Protests:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the recent protests in China following a deadly fire in Xinjiang, where many Han Chinese people showed support for the Uyghurs. The conversation covers the coordinated effort of students across China to speak out against the government's handling of the COVID lockdowns and the rare occurrence of such a movement since Tiananmen Square in 1989.+
China's Surveillance State:Laowhy86 discusses China's robust surveillance state and how it is rarely used to prevent actual crime, but rather to stop gatherings of people. Despite this, a coordinated anti-government protest still occurred, shocking many who are familiar with China's strict restrictions on coordination and demonstrations.+

3. Unstoppable Protests

Unstoppable Protests:Laowhy86 discusses the recent protests in China and how the government's control of online discussion groups did not stop the protests from growing. Jordan Harbinger and Laowhy86 also talk about the Tiananmen Square protests and how it has been erased from the history of Chinese people.+
Protests and Censorship:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the current protests in China and the government's censorship tactics. They touch on the iconic Tank Man photo and how it is not widely known in China due to censorship. They also highlight the danger of overlooking the aftermath of protests, such as the disappearance of Tank Man, and how it affects future demonstrations.+

4. China's Blank Paper Protests

China's Lockdown Protests:Laowhy86 and Jordan discuss the recent protests in China, which started as a demand to end the lockdown but quickly turned into a call for democracy. The protestors are being arrested, including those who held up blank sheets of paper as a symbol of their desire for change.+
Blank Paper Protests:Laowhy86 explains how holding up a blank piece of paper became a powerful tool for protesting in China, as it allowed people to express their dissent without being arrested for specific slogans. Despite censorship, the message spread quickly through airdropped photographs and social media, leading to a larger movement for change.+
Airdrop Revolution:Laowhy86 explains how people in China were using Airdrop to send each other politically sensitive documents without being monitored by the government. However, the Chinese government pressured Apple to turn off a certain feature of Airdrop, which effectively stopped the Airdrop revolution.+

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SimpliSafe, Networking, and Airdrop:Jordan and Jen discuss the benefits of SimpliSafe's security system, Jordan promotes his networking course, and Jordan and Laowhy86 talk about the potential dangers of Airdrop.+

6. Chinese Censorship and Lockdown Protests

Chinese Censorship:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the Chinese government's efforts to censor the free spread of information, including their rewriting of Apple's Airdrop software and investigations into individuals who spray paint anti-government messages in public restrooms. They explore the difficult position companies face when doing business with the Chinese government and the consequences of not complying with their demands.+
China's Lockdown Protests:Laowhy86 shares his insights on the recent protests in China due to the prolonged lockdowns. The Chinese government's attempts to downplay the protests by localizing and placing blame on migrant workers failed, leading to a breakdown in the narrative and a call for change from the top.+

7. Authoritarian Regimes

Authoritarian Regimes:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss how authoritarian regimes prevent dissent and stifle discussion among the people. They talk about how protests show that many people are like-minded and want big changes, which is why governments try to prevent gatherings and people chatting online. They also share their experiences with how people who think outside the box are often seen as weird and don't fit in with the rest of society in authoritarian regimes.+
Flaws in Chinese Propaganda:Laowhy86 discusses the flaws in the Chinese government's propaganda and how it creates an image of an infallible palace in Beijing. He explains how the survey that claims 90% of Chinese people are satisfied with the central government is flawed and doesn't reflect the reality of the repressed society.+
China's COVID Controls:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the extreme physical and technical controls implemented by the Chinese government during COVID lockdowns, including drones and loudspeakers. They compare it to North Korea's repression with technology and highlight the barriers and restrictions faced by citizens.+

8. Locked in Dystopia

Locked in China:Laowhy86 shares his experience of the arbitrary lockdown in China due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chinese government failed to take care of its citizens, leading to corruption and people being stuck in their apartments for months without basic necessities.+
Dystopian China:Laowhy86 and Jordan discuss the dystopian nature of Chinese society and how economic freedom was the only real freedom people had. However, with the erosion of economic freedom, people are starting to question the power of the Chinese Communist Party and the unspoken deal that was in place. They also discuss the QR code system in China, which is used to control people's movements during the pandemic.Show transcript +

9. QR Code Control

QR Code Control:Laowhy86 explains how the QR code system in China is less about COVID and more about controlling the people. The system is used to track citizens' movements and can be manipulated by the government to disperse protests or arrest citizens.+
China's COVID Control:Laowhy86 shares how the Chinese government is using QR codes to control its citizens during the pandemic. Those who have a red QR code are sent to quarantine camps, which have become a significant part of the country's economy. The current regime's focus on government policy and forgetting the role of foreign investment and capitalism may lead to a decline in China's economy.+

10. Sponsors

China Protests:Jordan interviews Laowhy86 about the ongoing protests in China, discussing the reasons behind them and their potential impact on the country's future.+
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11. The Dictator Trap

The Dictator Trap:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the challenges of leadership in dictatorships and how the "dictator trap" can lead to a lack of truthful information being shared. They explore the impact of corruption at every level and how it can make it difficult for leaders to make informed decisions.+
China's Pseud-Functional System:Laowhy86 explains how China's system used to have a semblance of checks and balances, but Xi Jinping got rid of all opposition, creating a bizarre, almost pseud-functional system within China that has now been eradicated. This has led to China tanking its own economy, which is a huge catalyst for the protests.+
China's Zero-COVID Policy:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss China's zero-COVID policy and the reasons why it has been in place for so long. They highlight the low vaccination rate in China, the poor medical infrastructure, and the desire of every Chinese leader to be known for something.+

12. China's Zero-COVID Policy

China's Zero-COVID Policy:Laowhy86 explains how China's zero-COVID policy was a way for Xi Jinping to establish himself as a hero and gain positive attributes as a leader. However, the policy's negative impact on the people's lives may turn this attribute into a negative one. The Chinese government's fear of losing face is what keeps the policy going.+
China's Zero-COVID Policy:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the Chinese Communist Party's zero-COVID policy and why they cannot afford to appear weak or wrong. They also touch on the authoritarian regime's mandate of strength and how it affects their decision-making. The media's portrayal of recent protests and the government's response is also analyzed.+

13. China's Crackdown

China's Crackdown:Laowhy86 discusses the recent protests in China and the government's crackdown on anyone involved, including mass arrests and secret police. Jordan Harbinger adds insights on why the Chinese Communist Party cannot be seen as wrong and the dangerous precedent that protests could set for demanding more rights.+
China's Control Mechanism:Jordan and Laowhy86 discuss the Chinese government's control mechanism, which was entrenched in society during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also talk about the government's response to the recent protests and how they are using a dual-pronged approach to save face domestically and abroad.+

14. China's COVID Narrative

Laowhy86 and Jordan Harbinger discuss China's handling of the COVID situation and how the government is controlling the narrative. They talk about the lack of transparency and how speaking out against the government's narrative can lead to arrest. Despite some positive news, there is still a lot of disorganization and a fragile future for the CCP.+

15. Outro

Jordan discusses China's social credit system and its implications on society. He sheds light on the misconceptions surrounding the system and how it affects the daily lives of Chinese citizens. Jordan also shares insights on the importance of building relationships before you need them through his Six-Minute Networking course.+