Published March 2023 on YouTube

805: Diet Pills and Supplements | Skeptical Sunday

1. Introduction

Join Jordan and David as they break down common misconceptions and debunk myths on topics ranging from the Olympics to toothpaste. Check out their episode starter packs to get a taste of everything this show has to offer.+

2. Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements:David C. Smalley and Jordan Harbinger discuss weight loss supplements and the signs that indicate you need to lose weight. They also share personal anecdotes about the challenges of staying in shape and the dangers of taking supplements without proper research.+
Weight Loss Pills:David and Jordan discuss the effectiveness and safety of weight loss pills, and whether they are worth the risk. They also explore alternative methods for losing weight, such as exercise and diet changes.+

3. Appetite Suppressors

Appetite Suppressors:David explains how appetite suppressors work by blocking neurotransmitters that signal hunger, leading to fewer calories consumed. However, the downside is that they only work for a short time, and the weight loss benefits disappear after six to eight weeks. Jordan questions the relevance of hunger in eating habits, and David explains that it's a moot point, especially when faced with tempting food like cake.+
Weight Loss Tips:David and Jordan discuss their weight loss journeys and share tips on how to suppress hunger without medication. They caution against using fat blockers and emphasize the importance of adapting to a healthy lifestyle rather than relying on extreme measures.+

4. Fat Blockers Explained

Fat Blockers Explained:David explains how fat blockers work and their potential side effects. While they can reduce fat intake by 30%, studies show that people who take them only lose about six pounds more than those who don't. Jordan and David discuss the dangers of using chemical drugs to prevent fat digestion and the potential risks to one's health.+
Over-the-Counter Supplements:Jordan and David discuss the dangers of over-the-counter supplements, specifically fat blockers, and how they are not regulated. They also touch on the fluctuation of body weight and the potential risks of taking unregulated supplements.+
Pharma and Supplements:David and Jordan discuss the differences in pharmaceutical advertising regulations between the US and Europe. They also touch on the supplement industry and the only natural weight loss supplement that actually works.+

5. Sponsors

Jordan talks about Peloton's approach to convenience and how it can help people take on a new fitness routine. He highlights the benefits of the Peloton rower and how it can improve overall fitness.+

6. Weight Loss Insights

Weight Loss Supplements:Jordan and David discuss the dangers and inefficacy of weight loss supplements, highlighting the importance of healthy eating and exercise over laziness and quick fixes.+
Weight loss drug:David and Jordan discuss the newly approved weight loss drug, Wegovy, by the FDA. The drug, which is a self-administered injection, can provide up to 17% weight loss but costs $1,300 per month. It is strictly for people who are obese, who also have diabetes, high blood pressure, and comorbidity.+

7. Weight Loss Pills Warning

Wegovy's Severe Side Effects:David explains how Wegovy, a weight loss drug, could lead to severe side effects such as thyroid cancer, pancreas inflammation, and depression with thoughts of suicide. He also discusses how the drug could be a temporary solution for severely overweight individuals.+
Weight Loss Pills Warning:David and Jordan discuss the potential dangers of weight loss pills and supplements, including harmful side effects and micronutrient deficiencies. They also highlight the lack of FDA regulation and the importance of consulting a doctor or registered dietician before taking any weight loss medication.+

8. Supplement Warning

Dietary Supplements Warning:David warns that dietary supplements are not worth the hype and money. The FDA doesn't approve health supplements and companies know that customers just care more about the hype than facts. It's really an education problem.+
Supplement Regulation:David and Jordan discuss the lack of FDA oversight on dietary supplements and how the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 shifted the responsibility of education to the consumer. They also touch on the vague language used by supplement manufacturers to bypass FDA regulations.+

9. FDA Compliance Scam

David and Jordan discuss how FDA compliant labels on supplements can be misleading and how it's difficult to know what you're getting, especially with imported supplements. They also mention Mark Cuban's role in challenging people on their nonsense and how untrustworthy manufacturers can be making ineffective and potentially dangerous products.+

10. Sponsors

Peloton Rower Benefits:Jordan discusses the benefits of using the Peloton Rower for indoor workouts, including convenience, reduced friction, and the ability to work out in a comfortable environment. He also highlights the Peloton community and the fun online classes and leaderboards available.+
Fitness and Time Management:Jordan shares his tips on how he achieved his fitness goals and how he manages his time to prioritize workouts. He emphasizes the importance of protecting your time and reducing friction to make working out easier.+
Peloton Rowing Machine:Jordan talks about the benefits of the Peloton Rowing Machine, including its ability to track form and prevent injury, as well as the option for a 30-day home trial. He also mentions the competitive aspect of the machine, with users receiving grades after each class.+

11. Unregulated Supplements

Unregulated Supplements:Jordan and David discuss the lack of regulation for dietary supplements and how the FDA can only intervene after a product has caused harm. They also mention the dangers of unapproved stimulants found in weight loss and fitness supplements.+
Dangerous Supplements:David and Jordan discuss the dangers of unregulated supplements, including banned ingredients and misleading labeling. They highlight the lack of oversight by the FDA and the high number of emergency room visits linked to supplement consumption.+

12. Advertising Risks

Podcast Advertising Risks:Jordan and David discuss the risks associated with podcast advertising and the importance of fact-checking before endorsing products. They also address the challenge of balancing financial opportunities with the responsibility to provide accurate information to their audience.+
Supplements and Scams:David and Jordan discuss the dangers of unregulated supplements and how companies can scam consumers by advertising on keyword-based platforms. They also touch on the ethical issues in corporate America and the importance of FDA regulations.+

13. Health Supplements Warning

David advises against taking supplements without consulting a physician first, especially those focused on physical enhancement, weight loss, or sexual performance. He also warns against buying low-quality products and emphasizes the importance of eating well. Jordan and David discuss their personal experiences with dietary issues and offer advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.+

14. Outro

Jordan invites listeners to share their suggestions for Skeptical Sunday topics and correct any misinformation presented on the show. He also provides links to show notes and social media profiles for himself and guest David Smalley.+