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741: Is Marriage Impaired by Emotional Affairs? | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Matthew Campbell joins to talk about the world of crime and fraud that happens on the open ocean, giving listeners a fascinating look behind the curtain of the shipping world that runs our lives in many ways.+

2. Jet Lag and Sleep Traps

Jordan and Gabe discuss their recent trip to Turkey and the challenges of dealing with jet lag. They also share humorous insights into the pitfalls of answering the question "How'd you sleep?" in relationships.+

3. Intense Relationships

Husband's Intense Relationships:Gabriel shares her story of her husband's intense relationships with other women and how it has affected her. She seeks advice on what to do and wonders if they have reached the end of the road.+
Struggling Marriage:Gabriel and Jordan discuss a listener's struggle with her husband's infidelity and emotional affairs. They explore the difficulty of standing by and watching a partner create overly intimate friendships and entanglements, and offer insights into the husband's motivations for seeking these relationships.+
Emotional Affairs:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the complexities of emotional affairs and the importance of setting boundaries in relationships. They explore the potential reasons why people engage in emotional affairs and the impact it can have on their partners. The conversation highlights the importance of communication and understanding each other's needs in a relationship.Show transcript +
Affairs and Empathy:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the husband's emotional affairs and lack of empathy towards his wife, as well as his empathy towards the other women involved. The wife's conclusion that her husband "lacks natural empathy for me" is analyzed in depth.+
Marriage Struggles:Gabriel and Jordan discuss a listener's marriage struggles and the importance of seeking professional help through therapy to work on complex issues. They offer advice on confronting the situation and being honest about the state of the marriage.+

4. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss the benefits of therapy and how Better Help makes it convenient. They also talk about using Zelle to easily split expenses with friends while traveling.+

5. Workplace Resilience

Overcoming Workplace Adversity:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to overcome workplace adversity, highlighting the importance of having a strong network and not letting a toxic boss derail your career. They share a story of a disabled individual who was terminated from their job, but through networking and finding a passion for empowering others with disabilities, landed a new role and is now thriving.+
Career Self-Promotion:Jordan and Gabe discuss with Alisa Cohn the importance of self-promotion and taking control of your career. Alisa advises on whether or not to share your career journey with your boss and how to approach the conversation.+

6. Moving Abroad Support

Moving Abroad Support:Jordan and Gabriel offer advice to a woman who is feeling guilty about moving abroad with her son and fiance. They discuss the reactions of her family and friends and offer insight into how to navigate the difficult transition while still maintaining relationships with loved ones.+
Moving Abroad Support:Jordan and Gabriel provide advice on how to handle difficult reactions from friends and family when moving abroad, and how to reframe the transition as an opportunity to open up new worlds. They suggest putting a trip on the books to look forward to and teach loved ones that they can survive these feelings.+

7. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen share about the show's sponsors, including Progressive and Shopify, and how listeners can save money by taking advantage of their services.+

8. Sibling Addiction Advice

Sister's Meth Addiction:Gabriel writes in asking for advice on how to handle his sister's meth addiction and the impact it's had on their relationship, especially as he's planning his wedding. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of setting boundaries and the possibility of seeking professional help for his sister.+
Sibling Addiction:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of having a sibling who is an addict and offer advice on how to navigate the situation, including making tough decisions about involving them in important life events.+
Maid of Honor Dilemma:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the dilemma of whether or not to ask an unreliable sister to be the maid of honor at her wedding, offering two options and ultimately concluding that it's the bride's decision.+
Setting Boundaries:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to set boundaries with family members struggling with addiction, particularly in the context of a wedding. They suggest having open conversations and being prepared for difficult reactions, and recommend seeking support from groups like Al-Anon.+

9. Dealing with Heartbreak

Dealing with Heartbreak:Gabriel shares her struggle with heartbreak and the pressure to date. Jordan offers insights on how to deal with heartbreak and how independence can be a positive response to it.+
Alpha Mindset:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how an alpha mindset can be both protective and productive, but can also isolate and hold someone back. They explore how self-sufficiency can be a healthy impulse, but also a way to cope with difficult feelings. The conversation also touches on the impact of sibling relationships on one's love life.+
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how having an alpha mindset can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy of rejection and putting up a shield, which only perpetuates the issue. They also touch on the importance of valuing oneself beyond just physical attractiveness.+
Overcoming Dating Struggles:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of addressing self-concepts and vulnerability when it comes to dating struggles. They suggest seeking therapy and talking to trusted friends and family to work through these emotions. The shame associated with dating struggles is also discussed as a common emotion to come to terms with.+
Finding Love:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to overcome fear and self-protection when it comes to finding love. They also touch on the cultural pressure to settle down and the importance of therapy in figuring out one's values and balancing family influence.+

10. Outro

Jordan Harbinger reminds listeners to check out his Six-Minute Networking course, emphasizing the importance of building relationships before you need them. He shares that the drills take just a few minutes a day and can be the difference between success and failure.+