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403: My Best Friend’s Cheating Ex | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel give practical advice to listeners and help them become better critical thinkers. They also discuss recent interviews with retired FBI agent Bob Wittman and author Cheryl Strayed.+

2. Adventure, Journalism, and Friendship

Adventure Wisdom:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the idea that adventures are never fun while you're having them and share insights from a bestselling author who walked 1100 miles alone. They caution against trying this yourself but recommend listening to the episode for valuable wisdom.+
Witnessing History:Jordan and Gabriel discuss Jordan's childhood dream of becoming a journalist and how people in Belarus are finding ways to access the show despite the Internet being cut off in the country. They also talk about the dangerous assignments that journalists take on, particularly those from Vice, and how they make it look cool.+
Cheating and Cocaine:Gabriel seeks advice on how to support his friend who was cheated on by her boyfriend while he was on cocaine. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the complexities of dealing with infidelity and the challenges of supporting a friend in such a situation.+
Supporting a Cheated Friend:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to support a friend who has been cheated on. They emphasize the importance of allowing the friend to make their own choices while also being honest about your own feelings. The conversation highlights the difficulty of balancing loyalty to a friend with the need to set boundaries.+
Supporting Friends:Jordan shares his personal rules for giving advice to friends, including acknowledging biases and setting boundaries when advice is not followed. He emphasizes the importance of being supportive while also being honest with friends who repeatedly make the same mistakes in relationships.+
Supporting Friends:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of setting boundaries in friendships, especially when it comes to supporting friends who make poor choices. They emphasize the need to offer new perspectives and support in an appropriate way, without validating bad behavior.+

3. Zoom Mishaps

Overheard Sex:Gabriel and Jordan discuss a customer service call where they overheard what they believe to be sex noises. They debate whether to address it with the customer or management.+
Zoom Etiquette:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the dos and don'ts of video conferencing, particularly Zoom, and how to handle embarrassing moments that may occur during a call. They offer advice on how to be discreet and respectful, and when it may be appropriate to address the issue with a customer.+
Zoom Meeting Mishaps:Gabriel and Jordan share hilarious and cringe-worthy stories of Zoom meeting mishaps, including one involving a man who forgets to turn off his camera during an inappropriate moment. They also discuss the importance of checking your video and microphone settings before joining a call.+

4. Sponsors

Jordan discusses the importance of having a website and a distinctive email address for personal or professional branding. HostGator can help set up a website with a drag-and-drop builder and fancy themes. New users can try any HostGator package for up to 62% off.+

5. Networking Mindset

Networking Woes:Jordan and Gabriel offer advice to a listener who is struggling to maintain relationships with former colleagues. They discuss the importance of maintaining relationships and how to deal with people who don't reciprocate.+
Networking Mindset:Jordan explains that successful networking requires both diligence and content. While it's important to have a system in place, it's equally important to work on the content of networking. He emphasizes the importance of not keeping score and not expecting others to reciprocate. The key is to focus on building relationships and not worry about the outcome.Show transcript +

6. Assertive Negotiation

Assertive or Aggressive:Gabriel advises a female director on how to ask for a promotion and a raise in a male-dominated industry without being perceived as too aggressive. Jordan encourages her to be proud of her accomplishments and not let intimidation stop her from getting the promotion she deserves.+
Asking for a Promotion:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to prepare for a promotion negotiation and why it's important to wait until after a performance review to ask for a promotion. They also explain why it's beneficial to have a script or memo ready to present your case and how to use a positive review to your advantage.+
Asking for a Raise:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of asking for a raise and how to handle potential pushback from a boss. They also question the husband's advice to wait for a raise to be offered and whether it stems from gender bias in the workplace.+
Salary Negotiation:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of asking for what you deserve in salary negotiations, and the potential consequences of not doing so. They encourage listeners to speak up and value their worth in the workplace.+

7. WFH vs Office

WFH or Office?:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the pros and cons of working from home versus returning to the office. They address the resistance some companies have towards remote work and offer advice for those struggling with the decision.+
Work from Home Negotiation:Gabriel advises summarizing work-from-home results and asking for permission to continue working remotely. Jordan suggests negotiating a hybrid schedule, but also preparing for the possibility of leaving the company.+

8. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss the dating app Ship, which allows friends to swipe for each other, and the online therapy service Better Help, which offers licensed professional counselors for those dealing with mental health issues.+

9. Scams Exposed

Vague Entrepreneurial Offers:Gabriel shares his experience with a LinkedIn connection who approached him with a vague entrepreneurial offer. Jordan and Gabriel discuss how these types of offers are often associated with MLM schemes and the use of trendy buzzwords.+
Unconventional Connections:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of networking and patience in achieving success. They share stories of unconventional methods used to vet potential candidates and the value of following a specific path to success.+
Scammy Self-Development:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a program that is being used to dupe people into predatory schemes. Jordan warns listeners that this program is a sales funnel and advises them to read the book instead. They also discuss the tactics of MLM companies and how they target people with low self-esteem or those that are desperate.+
Scams Exposed:Jordan and Gabriel discuss scams and how people fall victim to them. They emphasize the importance of recognizing the qualities in oneself that make them susceptible to scams, such as desperation, vanity, and the need for a win. They also provide resources to help protect oneself and loved ones from scams.+

10. Outro

Jordan shares insights on the importance of networking and building relationships, and highlights the free Six-Minute Networking course available on his website. He also provides links to the show notes, transcripts, and video of the episode, and encourages listeners to share the show with others.+