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194: How to Be the Best Podcast Guest in the West | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Jason discuss listener feedback and give a sneak peek of upcoming guests, including Moby and Leon Logothetis. Jordan also shares insights on the skill of listening and the world of Instagram influencers.+

2. Male Breast Tissue

Nipple Nightmares:Jordan and Jason advise a listener on how to deal with gynecomastia, a condition where men develop breast tissue, that has taken a toll on his self-esteem. They discuss the options available and encourage the listener to consider surgery if it's something that is constantly bothering him.+
Hormone Levels and Cosmetic Surgery:Jordan advises getting hormone levels checked by an endocrinologist before considering cosmetic surgery. He emphasizes that it's important to take the decision seriously and not to feel shallow for wanting to make a change that is preventing you from enjoying life.+

3. Managing People

Managing People:Jason seeks advice on how to manage his team of 15 people. He feels like an impostor and is struggling with the personal aspect of his role. He loves his company but is not passionate about developing others. He's afraid he doesn't know what else he could do if he looks for other jobs.+
Management Failures:Jordan explains that management skills are learned on the job and not in college. He advises a listener who was promoted without being given the necessary training and support to speak to their boss and possibly a committee of those above them to find a solution.+
Management Training Request:Jordan advises the listener to make written requests for management training and not to blame themselves for not being trained. If the company is not responsive to their needs, it may be time to look for other jobs.+

4. Sponsors

Online Therapy Benefits:Jason and Jordan discuss the benefits of online therapy and how it can help improve mental health. Jason shares his positive experience with Better Help, an online therapy platform. The importance of seeking help for mental health is emphasized.+
Online Therapy Convenience:Jordan and Jason discuss the convenience of online therapy and how it can help with issues such as depression, anxiety, and relationships. They also offer a discount code for listeners to try it out.+

5. Dealing with Cults and Abusive Parents

Dealing with Cults:Jordan discusses the dangers of cults and how they use manipulation tactics to isolate people and bleed them dry financially. He offers insights on how to identify if someone is in a cult and promises to do a whole episode on the subject.+
Dealing with Abusive Parents:Jordan and Jason discuss a listener's dilemma of whether to continue talking to her verbally and emotionally abusive mother. They explore the idea of sacrificing mental health for family relationships and conclude that it's not worth it.+

6. Dealing with Abusive Parents

Jordan and Jason discuss how to deal with abusive parents and the importance of seeking therapy. They provide advice on setting boundaries and not allowing yourself to be a punching bag. The guest writer asks if they should stop going to therapy during their probation period at a new job to increase their chances of being retained, but the hosts emphasize the importance of prioritizing mental health and seeking help when needed.+

7. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason discuss how to balance work and therapy, suggesting negotiating with employers or using online counseling services like Better Help to bridge the gap. They emphasize the importance of not putting therapy on hold for too long and finding a way to make it work.+

8. Overcoming Setbacks

Overcoming Setbacks:Jason shares his setback after getting arrested for marijuana possession and how it has affected his plans for the future. Jordan gives advice on how to stay motivated and start over after experiencing a setback.+
Fighting Unjust Punishment:Jordan advises a listener from Latvia to fight the unjust punishment for drug possession. He suggests getting a lawyer and negotiating with the prosecution to avoid a ruined career. Jordan shares his personal experience of rebuilding his business and encourages the listener to focus on action and building new skills.+
Fighting Unjust Punishment:Jordan and Jason discuss the severity of punishment for a victimless crime in Latvia and advise the victim to fight tooth and nail to get it overturned. They also suggest focusing on learning about CNC while in prison to hit the ground running when released.+

9. Sponsors

Jordan shares a deal for listeners to get one or two dozen flowers for Mother's Day from a sponsor, From You Flowers. He also talks about his own plans to get his mom two dozen flowers and a free vase.+

10. Career Dilemma

Dream Job Dilemma:Jason is torn between two jobs, one that he loves and another that pays better. Jordan advises him to consider his long-term career goals and the potential for upward mobility in both positions before making a decision.+
Career Choices:Jordan and Jason discuss the dilemma of choosing between two great career opportunities, one at a church and the other at a private school. They advise listeners to evaluate their goals and not feel guilty about asking for what they are worth.+

11. Media Booking Tips

Media Booking Tips:Bobbi shares her expertise on booking guests for media appearances, including tips for getting more women on the show. She emphasizes that anyone can be an expert and shares practical advice for securing media spots.+
Media Availability:Bobbi emphasizes the importance of being available for the media and responding immediately to emails and calls, as it can give a first-mover advantage in securing a spot. She also stresses the significance of not responding with a "No" the first time, as it may result in missing future opportunities.+
Meeting Deadlines:Bobbi and Jordan discuss the importance of prioritizing deadlines and being aware of the urgency of the project. They emphasize the need to communicate and deliver on time to maintain a good relationship with the client.+

12. Media Training Tips

Media Training Tips:Bobbi Rebell shares tips on media training, including the importance of having compliments ready for the host and doing research on their interests before the interview. She also notes that media trained guests often end interviews with compliments as a way to set a positive tone.+
Media Logistics:Bobbi shares tips on being media-ready, including having TV-ready outfits and technical equipment for video calls. She emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with the technology in advance and being accommodating to the needs of the media. The first one to say yes and show up is the one who gets the credit.+

13. Networking Tips

Winning Over Gatekeepers:Jordan and Bobbi discuss a helpful tip for impressing show bookers and gatekeepers - creating a cheat sheet with your answers to their questions. This not only helps you stay organized and prepared, but also makes the interviewer's job easier and increases your chances of being invited back.+
Networking Habits:Jordan Harbinger shares tips on networking and relationship development, emphasizing the importance of integrating networking habits into one's personality. He also suggests examining one's reasons for being standoffish and offers the Six-Minute Networking course as a tool to make networking easier and more automated.Show transcript +

14. Power Outage Tips

Power Outage Tips:Jason shares two life pro tips for power outages: check Wi-Fi availability to determine if it's just you or the whole neighborhood, and get a cheap UPS to power your modem and router so you can stay connected and informed during an outage. Jordan adds that they use UPS for everything in their podcast set up to avoid losing work during short power blips.+
Power Outage Solutions:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of having a backup power source for emergencies and recommend affordable and reliable battery options that can power multiple devices and charge phones. They also highlight the usefulness of these batteries during power outages caused by natural disasters like earthquakes.+
Emergency Preparedness:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of being prepared for emergencies, specifically earthquakes and power outages. They recommend keeping phones fully charged and having backup battery packs to ensure access to mobile data and communication. They also touch on the challenges of power outages in other countries, such as the Philippines. Title: Street Food Topics: Netflix, Food, Asia Summary: Jordan recommends the Netflix show "Street Food," which explores the stories and dishes of street food vendors in nine vibrant cities in Asia. He highlights the personal stories of the chefs, including one Thai woman who went from cooking to survive to winning a Michelin star. Jason agrees that Asia is the best place for street food and adds the show to his queue.+

15. Outro

Working Hard for Success:Jordan Harbinger and Jason DeFillippo discuss the importance of working hard in your 20s and 30s to achieve success later in life. They also caution against sacrificing happiness and balance in the pursuit of wealth.+
Networking Strategies:Jordan Harbinger shares his secrets to booking great guests through networking and offers a free course on the topic. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships and not waiting until it's too late to start networking.+