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801: Circumcision | Skeptical Sunday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel discuss listener feedback and highlight recent interviews with Forrest Galante and Marina Nemat, two fascinating people with incredible stories to share.+

2. Milestone Celebration

Jordan and Gabriel celebrate a milestone of 800 episodes and discuss the possibility of reaching 1000 soon. They express their gratitude towards their listeners and tease some interesting topics for the episode.+

3. Sibling Sexual Abuse

Sibling Sexual Abuse:Jordan and Gabriel provide support and empathy for a listener who was molested by his older brother. They encourage him to seek therapy and assure him that he won't be put on a list for seeking help.+
Confronting Sibling Sexual Abuse:Brad Watts, a licensed professional counselor, advises a survivor of sibling sexual abuse to confront their abuser with the support of a therapist. He emphasizes the importance of not carrying the burden alone and seeking professional help to unpack and resolve the trauma. The survivor's attraction to younger girls is likely linked to their exposure to dark web content and can also be addressed in therapy.+
Overcoming Security Clearance Fears:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the fears of seeking therapy and how it may affect one's ability to obtain a security clearance. They assure the listener that therapy is confidential and will not compromise their clearance. They also recommend finding a therapist with experience in treating sibling sexual abuse.+

4. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen discuss the benefits of therapy for mental health and empowerment, and how Better Help offers a convenient and comfortable option for those seeking therapy. They also offer a discount code for listeners to try it out.+

5. Job Hunting Struggles

Job Hunting Struggles:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the frustrations of job hunting, including being ghosted by recruiters after multiple rounds of interviews. They agree that recruiters should be more thoughtful and respectful in their communication with candidates.+
Dealing with Ghosting:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the phenomenon of recruiters ghosting job candidates and the toll it can take on mental health. They offer insights on how to cope with the rejection and not let it affect one's confidence.+
Job Hunting Mindset:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of focusing your energy on improving your skills and preparing for your next interview instead of obsessing over employers who ghosted you. They also suggest listening to a previous episode for advice on getting feedback from employers after an interview.+
Job Search Resilience:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of resilience in job searching and how to gather feedback from potential employers. They also acknowledge that sometimes job searching is just a matter of luck and encourage listeners to keep pushing forward even when things get tough.+
Lack of Character:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the issue of character and empathy in the recruiting industry, particularly in regards to lack of communication with job candidates. They highlight the importance of basic respect and communication in the people business.+

6. Family Boundaries

Dealing with a Difficult Parent:A listener struggles with her relationship with her mentally ill father and narcissistic mother. She seeks advice on how to set boundaries and limit contact while still managing her father's care and not burdening her brother. The hosts discuss co-dependency and offer insights on how to handle difficult family relationships.+
Navigating Toxic Family:Gabriel shares her experience growing up with toxic parents, handling their finances from a young age, and being told she was the reason for their unhappiness. She discusses the importance of setting boundaries and managing a narcissistic mother, while still celebrating her father's growth. Jordan and Gabriel commend her for her strength and resilience in navigating a difficult family dynamic.+
Caring for Abusive Parents:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the complexity of caring for a dying parent who mistreated you. They explore the confusion and difficulty of figuring out what is healthy and fair in such a situation.+
Caring for Elderly Parents:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the emotional burden of caring for elderly parents and how family responsibility should be shared among siblings and parents. They emphasize the importance of reassessing one's involvement and avoiding being taken advantage of by parents.+
Drawing Boundaries:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of drawing boundaries and the difficult emotions that can come with it, such as guilt and anger. They explore the role that parents can play in making their children feel essential and the impact that can have on their sense of self-worth.+
Setting Boundaries:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of setting boundaries with family members, specifically parents. They explore the conflict that arises when trying to balance the desire to be there for a loved one with the need to prioritize one's own well-being. They offer practical advice on how to be firm and loving while still protecting oneself.+
Family Caretaking:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of prioritizing one's own feelings while also maintaining relationships with family members who need care. They offer advice on how to communicate with siblings and set boundaries with parents to avoid becoming overwhelmed by caretaking responsibilities.+
Family Boundaries:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to set boundaries with toxic family members and the importance of finding balance in those relationships. They offer advice on how to be in touch with difficult emotions while still maintaining a relationship, and suggest giving new boundaries a chance before cutting off family members completely.+

7. Sponsors

Jordan shares tips on how to make a lasting impression that people will remember. From dressing uniquely to mentioning interesting things in follow-up emails, Jordan provides practical advice for anyone looking to make themselves unforgettable.+

8. Unforgettable Authenticity

Being Unforgettable:Jordan discusses how being truly authentic and unique is the key to being unforgettable. It is a rare quality that people instinctively respond to, and it doesn't require being conventionally attractive or cool.+
Authenticity's Attraction:Jordan explains how authenticity is inherently attractive and memorable. Authenticity is often more valuable in settings that don't usually reward it, such as the workplace or first dates. Authentic people tend to stick out and stick around in our memory, making a profound impression.+

9. Sponsors

Jordan talks about the importance of supporting sponsors and thanks listeners for their support. He then dives into answering listener questions in another edition of Feedback Friday.+

10. Finding Love and Freedom

Finding Love:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how there is no right age to have certain experiences and how everyone is on their own timeline. They offer advice on how to move past insecurities and put yourself out there to find love.+
Finding Freedom Abroad:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the freedom of traveling abroad and how it can be a powerful tool for personal growth, particularly in the realm of dating. They advise listeners to let go of expectations and focus on learning about themselves and others, rather than worrying about the outcome of their experiences.+
Overcoming Fear:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the fear of rejection and how it can hold us back in dating and life. They share personal experiences and offer advice on how to overcome this fear and take action towards our goals.+
Lean into Insecurities:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of leaning into insecurities to grow and learn. They encourage listeners to put themselves in situations where they are at the edge of their experience and have something on the line, and to focus on making connections with people.+

11. Dream Honeymoon & Adventure Travel

Dream Honeymoon:Jordan and Gabriel give advice to a listener who wants to plan her dream honeymoon. They suggest going on a safari in Africa instead of a cliche honeymoon trip to the Maldives.+
Adventure Travel:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the benefits of adventure travel and encourage listeners to lean into their fear and book an amazing trip to a faraway place without knowing exactly how it's going to play out. They emphasize that the uncertainty and unexpected moments are often what make the trip the most memorable and exciting.+

12. Outro

Adventure Planning:Jordan Harbinger shares some of his best episodes on overcoming travel anxiety and planning an awesome trip. He also encourages listeners to have a full range of experiences and make the most of their adventures.+
Mea Culpa Podcast:Michael Cohen's Mea Culpa podcast delivers unfiltered political news and rare insights from important people in politics and media. With guests like James Carville, Joy Reid, and Kathy Griffin, it's a must-listen for those who lean left.+