Published February 2023 on YouTube

797: Ouija Boards | Skeptical Sunday

1. Introduction

Jordan and David break down common misconceptions on a variety of topics, from the Olympics to toothpaste, and provide insights to debunk them.+

2. Ouija Board History

Ouija Board Fascination:David C. Smalley joins to discuss the fascination with Ouija boards and how they supposedly communicate with the dead. He shares his skepticism and jokes about wanting a celestial voicemail to avoid unwanted Ouija requests.+
History of Ouija:David explains the history of the Ouija board, tracing it back to the Fox sisters in 1848 who claimed to communicate with spirits through a series of knocks. They eventually started using a spirit board and performed for crowds, making it the first recorded spiritualist act to be paid for.+

3. Table-Tipping Deception

Table Tipping Tricks:David and Jordan discuss the tricks behind table-tipping and how it's used to deceive people into believing in spiritualism. They point out the obvious flaws in the practice and how it's easy to manipulate results.+
The Origins of Ouija:David explains the history of Ouija, from its origins in China to its global popularity. He also discusses the different theories behind the naming of the board, including its supposed ancient Egyptian roots and the story of Helen Peters wearing a locket with the name Ouija.+

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5. Ouija Board History

Ouija Board Bullsh*t:Jordan and David discuss the Ouija board and Penn & Teller's coverage of it, including their attempt to summon the spirit of Fred Mertz. They also touch on the topic of conspiracy theories and the convenient last name of a con artist.+
Ouija Board History:The Ouija board became very popular almost immediately after its release in 1892, with the Kennard Novelty Company expanding to multiple factories across the US and London. The board's popularity continued to grow, with its use even being featured in the movie The Exorcist.+

6. Ouija Board History

Ouija Board History:David shares the history of the Ouija board, including its popularity during the Great Depression and how it outsold Monopoly in 1967. He also shares crazy stories about Ouija board messages leading to murder and other crimes.+
Dangers of Belief:Jordan and David discuss the dangers of belief, particularly for those who are more susceptible to it due to mental illness. They also share some bizarre stories related to the Ouija board, highlighting the potential consequences of taking it too seriously.+

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8. Ouija Board Psychology

Ouija Board Psychology:David explains the ideomotor effect and how it relates to the use of Ouija boards. He also discusses how it can be difficult to determine if manipulation is intentional or not.+
Ouija Board Belief:David and Jordan discuss the ideomotor effect and how belief can influence the movement of the Ouija board. They share personal experiences and explain why people may believe in the supernatural.+

9. Ouija Board Insights

Ouija Board Demon:David explains the phenomenon of the Ouija board and the ideomotor effect. He also demonstrates how to feel the effect in your own hands.+
Ouija Board Sensation:David explains to Jordan how the Ouija board works and how to use it. He also reassures people that it is just a toy and not something to be afraid of.+

10. Outro

Jordan shares his contact information and reminds listeners to do their own research before implementing anything they hear on the show, as he is a lawyer but not their lawyer. He also jokes that a Ouija board may be a better source of legal advice.+