Published December 2018 on YouTube

132: Andy Molinsky | How to Extend the Reach of Rapport Across Cultures

1. Introduction

Andy shares insights on how to diagnose cultural differences, generate rapport with people from different cultures, and avoid common miscommunications in this episode. If you work internationally or with people from other cultures, this episode is worth a listen.+

2. Cultural Conversations

Cultural Adaptation:Andy shares his journey of becoming a cultural adaptation expert, starting from his first trip abroad to Spain. He emphasizes the importance of not just learning about cultural differences but also being able to put that knowledge into practice, which can be challenging.+
Cross-Cultural Conversations:Jordan and Andy discuss the challenges of having difficult conversations with people from different cultures, including the importance of understanding cultural context and avoiding cultural trip wires. They explore how conversations can differ in different cultures, with some emphasizing relationship building while others focus on exchanging information.+
Cultural Assumptions:Andy and Jordan discuss the importance of understanding cultural assumptions when it comes to business and relationship building. They share personal experiences of how miscommunication can occur due to different cultural expectations and how it can negatively impact work relationships.+

3. Cultural Differences

Andy and Jordan discuss how to identify and navigate cultural differences in business settings. They suggest coming in with best guesses about the culture and confirming them through observation and asking questions. They also emphasize the importance of reframing cultural differences as a cultural explanation rather than a personal one.Show transcript +

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5. Communication Across Cultures

Direct vs Indirect Communication:Jordan and Andy discuss the differences between direct and indirect communication in different cultures, and the challenges that can arise when communicating across cultures. They use examples from Germany and Japan to illustrate the contrast between cultures that value clear, straightforward communication and those that rely on subtle signals and context.+
Cultural Differences:Jordan and Andy discuss cultural differences in dating and workplace feedback between Americans and Germans. They highlight the direct communication style of Germans and the feedback sandwich approach of Americans. They provide examples of how these differences can cause misunderstandings and challenges in cross-cultural interactions.+

6. Cultural Communication Challenges

Cross-Cultural Feedback:Jordan discusses how feedback can be interpreted differently in different cultures. In some cultures, feedback is given directly and bluntly, while in others it is given indirectly. Understanding these cultural differences is crucial for effective communication in a globalized world.+
Communication Across Cultures:Andy Molinsky discusses the challenges of communication across cultures, including differences in directness and context. Misinterpretation can occur when individuals from low context cultures communicate with those from high context cultures.+
Navigating High Context Cultures:Andy and Jordan discuss the challenges of communicating in high context cultures and offer tips for avoiding misinterpretation, such as developing relationships and seeking advice from colleagues with experience in the culture.+

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8. Cultural Communication

Formality vs Informality:Andy discusses the dangers of in formality versus formality in different cultures and how it can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. He highlights the importance of being aware of cultural differences and adapting accordingly in both formal and informal settings.+
Connecting Across Cultures:Andy and Jordan discuss the importance of understanding cultural norms surrounding formality and emotional expression when connecting with people from different cultures. Emotional intelligence is key in navigating these differences and avoiding misunderstandings.+

9. Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences:Andy discusses how emotions and their expressions vary across different cultures, even in seemingly similar countries like the US and UK. He gives examples of how enthusiasm is expressed differently and how it can lead to incongruence and negative feelings.+
Cultural Communication:Andy Molinsky discusses his six dimensional approach to diagnosing cultural differences in communication styles, including directness, enthusiasm, formality, assertiveness, self-promotion, and personal expressiveness. He explains how these dimensions can differ across cultures and situations, and provides insights on how to navigate them effectively.+

10. Cultural Detective

Cultural Differences:Andy Molinsky discusses his six dimensions of cultural differences, including personal disclosure, with Jordan. Jordan shares a personal experience of cultural differences in Germany regarding friendliness and waving to neighbors.+
Cultural Differences:Andy and Jordan discuss the six dimensions of cultural differences, focusing on directness, enthusiasm, and formality. They suggest becoming a cultural detective to understand where the pain points are and where the key differences lie.+
Cultural Detective:Jordan shares his experience of becoming a cultural detective and how asking direct questions can help in understanding cultural differences and improving communication.+

11. Trust and Communication

Trust and Communication:Jordan shares a story about how he misinterpreted the frank discourse of his Serbian colleagues as dislike towards him, but later realized it was a sign of trust. He also talks about how he had to ask a lot of questions to understand their feedback and improve his communication with them.+
Cultural Detective Work:Andy and Jordan discuss the importance of showing genuine interest in other cultures and asking questions to avoid cultural misunderstandings. They share an example of a failed date due to cultural differences and highlight the importance of being open and curious in cross-cultural interactions.+

12. Outro

Andy Molinsky discusses his book, Global Dexterity, and how to adapt your behavior across cultures without losing yourself in the process. Jordan and Jason reflect on their own experiences abroad and the importance of understanding cultural norms. They also share a cheat sheet to 10 cultural codes around the world to deepen your understanding of this topic.+