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751: General Robert Spalding | China's Playbook for Global Domination

1. Introduction

General Robert Spalding warns about China's threats to the US, including their technology transfer and the need to bring security back to America and the allied industrial base. He also discusses areas where the US is losing to China and what can be done to push back.+

2. China's Undermining Tactics

China's Undermining Tactics:Jordan and Robert discuss China's tactics in undermining world order, including IP theft and digital infrastructure. Robert shares his goal to provide infrastructure that can survive even a nuclear blast and protect privacy.+
Cyber Warfare:Jordan and General Spalding discuss the dangers of cyber warfare, including the potential for data to be rerouted through foreign servers and recorded for future decryption. They also touch on the Chinese plan for unrestricted warfare, which includes cyber and economic warfare, and how it has come to fruition in recent years.+

3. China's Centralized Control

China's Central Control:General Robert and Jordan discuss how the Chinese Communist Party has centralized control over their military, cyber warfare, and politicians, and how they use globalization to expand their power beyond their borders. They also touch on the differences between military and political training in the US and China.+
China's Unrestricted Warfare:General Spalding explains how China's Unrestricted Warfare doctrine aims to undermine the international order by using access to American society and technology. They don't want to destroy the order, just make it so it doesn't represent individual liberty, rule of law, human rights, and free trade. The CCP's version of human rights is "you don't challenge the Party and we'll take care of you. If you challenge the Party, we'll kill you."+

4. China's Communist Power

China's Communist Power:General Robert explains that China's Communist Party only cares about maintaining power over the people of China, and COVID-19 has allowed them to monitor and control the population using technology created by Silicon Valley. Despite the economic hit and lockdowns, China's power remains strong, and they are just being who they are.+
China's Technological Influence:Jordan talks to General Robert Spalding about China's technological influence and how it exports its vision of society through companies like Huawei and TikTok. The General explains that getting rid of Huawei is not enough to protect Americans, as China is able to control the narrative and change the way society is organized.+
China's Financial System:General Robert Spalding explains how China's closed financial system was created in response to the Asian financial crisis caused by George Soros and why it won't lead to a collapse of the Chinese economy, despite some predictions.+

5. China's Financial Power

China's Closed Financial System:General Spalding explains how China's non-convertible currency and strict capital controls make it the only country with a closed financial system allowed to be part of the global financial system. Despite this, the renminbi is still part of the IMF basket of currencies, which raises questions about China's influence.+
China's Financial Power:Jordan and General Spalding discuss China's financial power and how they can manipulate currency and investments to their advantage. They also talk about the potential consequences for US retirement funds invested in China if Taiwan is invaded.+
Future of Warfare:General Spalding and Jordan discuss how warfare has evolved from smart bombs to precision strikes and how Silicon Valley could make the military more efficient at killing people. However, they also explore how social media platforms like TikTok could be used to change the way people think about their society without resorting to violence.+

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7. TikTok's Unrestricted Warfare

TikTok's Unrestricted Warfare:Jordan and General Spalding discuss the possibility of TikTok being a tool for unconventional warfare, designed to distract people from being productive and adding to society. They explore the concept of Unrestricted Warfare, where the goal is to get people to do what you want without them realizing it.+
China's Political Warfare:General Robert Spalding discusses China's political warfare strategy, which involves convincing others to voluntarily align with their interests through disinformation and economic control. He also touches on the differences between Russian and Chinese tactics and the importance of understanding the battlefield for China's information and diplomacy.+

8. Financial Warfare

Financial Warfare:General Robert Spalding explains how China acquires US companies through reverse mergers and steals their money. He also discusses the CHIPS act and how it allows private companies to invest in China instead of America.+
National Security and Free Trade:Robert and Jordan discuss the intersection of national security and free trade, and how the Chinese government has rigged the system to distort the free market economy. They explain why it's important for the government to step in to protect national security, and why it's not the role of business to protect the nation.+

9. China's Unrestricted Warfare

China's Unrestricted Warfare:General Robert Spalding discusses how China's unrestricted warfare strategy includes infiltrating international organizations like the World Health Organization to advance their interests, as seen with their handling of COVID-19. The United States' use of international institutions to further their own interests is also discussed.+
China's Unrestricted Warfare:General Robert Spalding discusses how China has gained control of international institutions and is using them to promote their policies, such as lockdowns. He explains that the power of China's unrestricted warfare lies in their ability to control the narrative and gain control of these institutions.+
WHO and China:Jordan discusses the World Health Organization's relationship with China and the potential for bias in their recommendations. He also touches on China's influence in the South China Sea and the US administration's plan to limit their power in the region.+

10. Balancing National Security

National Security vs. Economic Health:General Robert Spalding explains the challenge of balancing national security and economic health in the US government. He highlights the conflicting interests of the National Security Council and the National Economic Council, and how this affects foreign policy decisions.+
National Security Lanes:General Robert explains how government agencies are limited by their lanes and how this affects national security.+
China's Warfare Tactics:General Robert Spalding discusses how China operates in the seams between different lanes of warfare and how the US is struggling to keep up. He also talks about the challenges of breaking down structural barriers and the influence of corporate power on politics.+

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12. China's Invasion Strategy

China's Invasion Strategy:General Robert Spalding predicts that China will use air power, including ballistic missiles, fighter jets, bombers, and waves of helicopters, to invade Taiwan. The discussion also touches on the dangers of doing business with China and the prioritization of contracts over national security.+
China's Invasion Plan:General Spalding warns that China's invasion of Taiwan will be swift and overwhelming, mostly from the air. He predicts that the aftermath will be even more concerning, with China potentially cutting off supplies of antibiotics and microelectronics.+
China's Invasion Plan:General Robert Spalding discusses the inevitable invasion of Taiwan by China and the potential implications for the United States. He argues that the US should focus on facilitating the evacuation of those who want to leave and providing aid and comfort for those affected by the invasion.+

13. China's Goals

China's Goals:General Robert Spalding explains that China's goal is to ensure that any response from the international order is ineffectual, and they will learn from situations like the Ukraine crisis to achieve this. Jordan Harbinger questions why China has dropped the idea of hiding their strength and biding their time, and instead adopted wolf-warrior diplomacy.+
Facing a Hostile China:General Spalding warns of the danger posed by the Chinese Communist Party and the need for America to defend its democracy. He emphasizes the importance of educating oneself about the issue and taking action locally to address it.+

14. Fixing American Politics

Fixing American Politics:General Robert Spalding discusses the issues with the American political system and suggests ways to fix it. He proposes a new voting system that allows more people to choose representatives, breaking down party lines and promoting bipartisanship. The goal is to work on behalf of American people and preserve the constitution.+
China's Threat:General Robert Spalding and Jordan Harbinger discuss the Chinese Communist Party's threat to freedom and the potential enslavement of the Chinese people. They emphasize the importance of recognizing and pushing back against this threat to protect not only our own democracy, but also the citizens of China and Taiwan.+

15. Addressing the Chinese Communist Party

Jordan discusses the measures that need to be put in place to address the Chinese Communist Party's Unrestricted Warfare doctrine, including creating our own communications infrastructure, focusing on STEM education scholarships, and consolidating bureaucracy. He also emphasizes the importance of transparency and not letting anti-China sentiment turn into racism towards Chinese people.+

16. Outro

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