Published February 2019 on YouTube

164: How to Rescue Your Loved One From an MLM Scam | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Cesar Millan shares his backstory and insights on dog training, while Todd Herman talks about the alter ego effect and how it can be used to achieve success. Jordan also shares tips on making friends as an adult.+

2. Podfest Meetup

Jordan and Jason will be attending Podfest in Orlando, Florida and invite listeners to come say hello. However, due to their busy schedules, they won't be able to meet outside of the event.+

3. Overcoming Guilt

Overcoming Guilt:Jason seeks advice from Jordan on how to rid himself of guilt after leaving his parents' home and moving into a gated community, while they remain in a rundown apartment. He also shares how he accumulated $25,000 in credit card debt and how he recently paid it off with his six-figure job.+
Paying Back Parents:Jordan advises Jason on how to pay back his parents for the money he borrowed while living with them. He suggests figuring out market rate rent and utilities, creating a food budget, and writing a heartfelt note or making a video expressing gratitude. Jordan emphasizes the importance of paying back the borrowed money in installments and not as a lump sum.+
Rejected Checks:Jason and Jordan share their experiences of trying to give money to their parents. Jason's dad refused to accept a check, while Jordan's mom cashed it immediately. They discuss the cultural differences and pride associated with accepting money from family members.+

4. Pursuing a Career in Cars

Jordan advises Jason to get certified as a mechanic and join car clubs to work his way up in the car industry. He suggests finding people who work on high-end cars and asking about their career path to gain insight into the industry.+

5. Sponsors

Online Therapy Benefits:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of online counseling with Better Help, including the convenience of scheduling sessions and the affordability of the service. They share personal experiences and encourage listeners to take advantage of this modern approach to therapy.+
Own Your Online Presence:Jordan shares the importance of owning your own website to have control over your online reputation and how HostGator can help with plans starting at under $3 a month.+

6. Freelancing Ethics

Freelancing Ethics:Jordan and Jason discuss the ethical implications of freelancing while working at a small advertising agency and provide options for generating more income without competing with your boss.+
Side Hustles:Jordan and Jason discuss the pros and cons of having a side hustle while working for a company. They suggest that if you're allowed to, it's a good idea to diversify your revenue streams and get a client or two on the side. However, it's important to keep it under wraps and be aware of any rules or agreements in place with your employer.+

7. Career Progression

Career Blocking:Jason seeks advice on how to deal with his boss who is blocking his career progression. Jordan advises him to have a non-confrontational conversation with his boss in writing and use specific examples of how his actions are affecting the success of the company. If this doesn't work, he suggests taking further action.+
Handling Difficult Bosses:Jordan and Jason discuss how to handle difficult bosses in the workplace. They emphasize the importance of being non-threatening and non-confrontational, documenting everything, mentally preparing for negative feedback, and not reacting emotionally. If all else fails, they suggest looking for another job.+

8. Sponsors

Streamlining Business Travel:Jordan and Jason discuss the outdated and frustrating process of booking business travel and introduce TripActions, a modern and easy-to-use travel management platform designed for the road warrior. They highlight the benefits of using TripActions, including 24/7 proactive support and potential savings of up to 34 percent on travel spend.+
Business Travel Solutions:Jordan and Jason discuss TripActions, a company that offers incentivization for travelers who save their company money. They also talk about Brother's INKvestment Tank printers, which offer low cost per page and affordable upfront prices.+

9. MLM Reality Check

MLM Reality Check:Jason and Jordan discuss the reality of MLMs and the toxic practices they use to keep people hooked. They share personal stories of friends and family members who have fallen victim to these schemes, and offer advice on how to convince loved ones to step away from the false promises of anti-aging products and get-rich-quick schemes.+
The MLM Debate:Jordan and Jason discuss the controversial world of MLMs and debunk the myths surrounding them. They explore the federal trade commission's definition of MLMs and shed light on the reality of the business model.+
MLM Business Model:Jordan explains the functioning of MLM companies using a hypothetical example of a weight loss shake company. He highlights the importance of recruitment in the MLM business model and how it can lead to distributors being required to buy more product than they can sell.+
MLMs Exposed:Jordan and Jason discuss the defining features of MLMs and how they are essentially pyramid schemes. They also provide tips on how to spot an MLM and rebut common arguments made by MLM supporters.+
MLM Truths:Jordan explains the truth behind MLMs and pyramid schemes, revealing that 90-99% of distributors make almost no money, and that the chances of making a good income are slim to none. He compares MLMs to pyramid schemes and explains why it's almost impossible to make money as a latecomer.+
Helping MLM Victims:Jordan provides tips on how to approach loved ones who have been sucked into MLMs. He emphasizes the importance of being kind and gentle, avoiding criticism of the MLM, and not buying any more products. He also encourages listeners to protect themselves and stay away from the MLM.+
Helping MLM Victims:Jordan shares tips on how to help friends and family who have fallen victim to MLMs. He suggests using non-threatening topics to help them see their situation from a different perspective and plant seeds of doubt that may help them think their way out of the situation.+
Witnessing Car Accidents:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of leaving contact information with both parties when witnessing a car accident. They share a personal experience where they witnessed an accident and left their information, which later helped the victim's insurance company determine fault. They also empathize with the guilty party who may have been afraid of losing their job.+
Civic Duty:Jason shares a story about his roommate getting hit by a car and how people who witnessed the accident came forward to help. Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of doing your civic duty and standing up for others when something bad happens. They also recommend watching the Netflix documentary, The Fire Festival.+

10. Outro

Jordan shares tips on networking and outreach, emphasizing the importance of consistency and dedication. He also promotes his free Six Minute Networking course and encourages listeners to engage with the show through social media. MMA fighter Chael Sonnen also makes a guest appearance to promote his own podcast.+