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804: Beau's Bad Bets Bust Beloved's Bank | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Feedback Friday:Jordan and Gabe give practical advice and answer listener questions on Feedback Friday. They share insights and stories from a variety of amazing people, including Michael Santos and Martin Seligman.+
Sister's Heartbreak:Jordan and Gabriel discuss an update from a listener whose sister is getting back together with her husband who had blackmailed her and spied on her sister. They delve into the possible reasons behind the sister's decision and the listener's understanding and support.+
Sisterly Love:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a letter from a listener whose sister wants to reconcile with her abusive ex-husband. They analyze the dynamics of the sisters' relationship and the importance of an order of protection/restraining order.+

2. Gambling Addiction Consequences

Gambling Addiction Consequences:Gabriel shares her experience with her boyfriend's gambling addiction that has led to financial ruin. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the legal actions she can take to ensure she recoups the money her boyfriend owes her. They bring in legal expert Corbin Payne to share his insights.+
Recovering Stolen Money:Jordan and Corbin discuss the steps to take when trying to recover stolen money from a loved one, including the importance of documentation, the difficulty of collecting, and the potential legal options available. They also recommend locking down credit cards and taking proactive measures to protect oneself from future theft.+
Gambling Addiction:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of taking legal action against a partner who financially compromises you due to their addiction. They also suggest getting a handle on finances and separating from the partner to protect oneself emotionally and financially.+

3. Sponsors

Therapy for Empowerment:Jordan shares his personal experience with therapy and recommends Better Help as a convenient and effective option for those seeking therapy. He emphasizes the importance of finding a therapist you click with and highlights the benefits of being vulnerable in therapy.+
Peloton's Convenient Fitness:Jordan talks about Peloton's approach to convenience in fitness and how it can help people overcome barriers to starting a new workout routine. He highlights the benefits of the new Peloton rower and how it can help engage multiple muscle groups at once.+

4. Marriage Warning Signs

Marriage Warning Signs:Gabriel seeks advice on whether he should intervene in his friend's upcoming marriage. Jordan advises that if the friend is a close friend, he should intervene and help him avoid a huge mistake. The warning signs are there, and the friend is not seeing the situation clearly.+
Helping a friend:Jordan advises Gabriel on how to approach his friend who is getting married in two months but seems to be struggling with stress and relationship issues. Jordan suggests taking the friend out and talking to him about his feelings and concerns in a respectful manner, while making it clear that he cares about both him and his fiancée. The goal is to help the friend confront the issues in his relationship and make his own decision about the wedding.+
Awkward Wedding Intervention:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to intervene when a friend is about to make a mistake by marrying the wrong person. They emphasize the importance of communication and supporting the friend's decision, while also acknowledging the potential awkwardness of the situation.+

5. Embracing Job Uncertainty

Job Security Truth Bomb:Jordan drops a truth bomb about job security and how no job is ever truly secure, even if it seems that way. He explains that companies will always do what is best for themselves, and that we need to accept this reality.+
Embracing Uncertainty:Jordan discusses how uncertainty is an inevitable part of life and how accepting it can help us manage it better. He shares his personal experiences and advises listeners to not rely on their companies for job security, but rather embrace the uncertainty and work with it.+
Coping with Uncertainty:Jordan advises listeners on how to cope with uncertainty in their jobs and lives. He suggests accepting the reality, talking to colleagues, nurturing relationships, taking care of finances, investing in education, and staying healthy. He also recommends listening to previous episodes on managing instability and suffering.+

6. Sponsors

Peloton Rower Benefits:Jordan shares the benefits of using a Peloton rower for indoor workouts, including the convenience of working out at home and the ability to stay consistent with fitness goals. He also highlights the fun community aspect of Peloton workouts and the ability to compete with friends and family.+
Fitness Habits:Jordan shares his experience and tips for getting fit and healthy, including protecting your time like a business meeting, reducing friction by setting up habits, and using low-friction exercise equipment like the Peloton Row.+
Peloton Row Review:Jordan reviews the Peloton Row, a top-notch rowing machine that provides a full-body workout with low impact. The machine has sensors that track your movements and correct your form to avoid injury. After each class, you get a little grade and a guide to improve your form.+

7. Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for Aging Parents:Gabriel seeks advice on how to convince his mother to try therapy to manage her stress and health, as she takes care of her dying husband and struggles to handle everything on her own. Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of caring for aging parents and the importance of seeking help and support.+
Coping mechanisms:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the coping mechanisms of a woman's mother who refuses to seek therapy. They delve into the reasons behind her resistance and how it affects her daughter.+
Therapy for All:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the common objection to therapy from older generations and how it's still relevant regardless of age or time left. They use examples of a cancer survivor and a mother-daughter relationship to emphasize the importance of therapy for personal growth and processing intense emotions.+
Convincing Mom for Therapy:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to convince a resistant mom to try therapy. They suggest choosing the right moments to bring it up and framing it in a patient and gentle way. They also emphasize the importance of coping with life's struggles and not keeping everything bottled up.+
Coping with a parent:Gabriel and Jordan discuss how to cope with a parent who refuses to seek help or change their ways. They suggest accepting the parent for who they are, being supportive, and coming to terms with the fact that the parent may never change.+

8. Teenage Dating Advice

Dealing with Too Much Attention:Jordan and Gabriel give advice to a 16-year-old boy who is struggling with too much attention from girls. They encourage him to appreciate the compliments and recognize the courage it takes for girls to express their interest. Jordan also reminds him that one day he may miss these days when he had so many options.+
Navigating Romantic Rejection:Jordan and Gabriel offer advice on how to navigate romantic rejection with empathy and social grace. They suggest reframing the situation as an opportunity to develop new social skills and to communicate kindly and respectfully. Gabriel also advises being thoughtful about how you interact with someone if you're not interested in them romantically.+
Teenage Dating Signals:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the signals teenagers send when they're interested in someone and how to balance being open and approachable without sending the wrong message. They also touch on the importance of learning about communication styles and intentions in relationships.+
Communicating with Women:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to communicate with women effectively and kindly, acknowledging that you can't control everyone's feelings all the time. They share personal stories and insights on how to handle difficult conversations and situations.+
High School Crush:Jordan shares a story about a missed opportunity with the hottest girls in high school. He talks about his lack of confidence and how he would have blown it anyway.+

9. Outro

Jordan shares his tactics for building relationships and networking without being cringe-worthy or gross. He recommends his free Six-Minute Networking course on the Thinkific platform and emphasizes the importance of digging the well before getting thirsty.+