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188: How to Get out of Credit Card Debt | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan Harbinger and producer Jason DeFillippo discuss the insights and conversations they had with guests David Smalley and Hal Elrod. They also share their own experiences and insights and invite listeners to join the conversation on Feedback Friday.+

2. Debt Confession

Debt Confession:Indebted Debtor is struggling with $13,000 in credit card debt and is considering telling their family about the issue. They hope that sharing their problem will provide some relief and motivation to tackle the debt. Jordan and Jason discuss the pros and cons of this decision and offer advice on how to approach the situation.+
Managing Debt Stress:Jordan and Jason discuss the stress of debt and the importance of family support. They also provide tips on managing debt, such as asking credit card companies to lower interest rates and fees.+

3. Lowering Credit Card Rates

Lowering Credit Card Interest:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of having a plan to get rid of debt and offer tips on how to lower credit card interest rates. Ramit Sethi's advice on freezing credit cards and negotiating lower interest rates is shared, with a word-for-word script provided for listeners to use.+
Lowering Credit Card APR:Jordan and Jason discuss how to lower your credit card APR by transferring your balance to a competing bank that offers zero percent interest. They explain how credit card companies offer these deals to acquire customers and how to use this to your advantage.+
Overcoming Credit Card Debt:Jordan and Jason discuss how to negotiate with credit card companies to reduce interest rates and avoid accumulating debt. They provide tips on how to prepare for the negotiation process and suggest alternative options, such as balance transfers, to pay off debt. Title: Coping with Hypochondria Topics: Hypochondria, Mental Health Summary: A listener seeks advice on how to help his wife cope with hypochondria after her surgery. Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of seeking therapy and offer suggestions on how to encourage a positive mindset towards aging pains.+

4. Sponsors

Jason shares the story of how actor Benedict Cumberbatch saved a Deliveroo driver from being attacked in London, and now can't help but say "Deliveroo" in a British accent.+

5. Overcoming Health Anxiety

Jordan and Jason discuss a listener's struggle with health anxiety and how it can be difficult to trust your body after experiencing a serious illness. They recommend therapy as a helpful tool to overcome anxiety and Better Help as a resource for those seeking therapy.+

6. Sponsors

Better Help Benefits:Jason shares his positive experience with Better Help, an online therapy service that matches users with qualified therapists. He discusses the convenience of being able to chat with a therapist from home and how it has helped him work through his anxiety issues. The service can be especially beneficial for those who may feel stigmatized by traditional therapy or have difficulty accessing it.+
Mental Health Therapy:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of therapy and recommend Better Help, an online platform for licensed professional counseling. They emphasize the importance of taking care of one's mental health and how therapy can help manage issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma.+
Affordable Therapy and Building Your Own Website:Jordan and Jason discuss the affordable therapy options available through Better Help and the importance of building your own website with HostGator.+

7. Breakup Blame

Dealing with Breakup Blame:Jordan offers advice on how to balance accountability and blame when dealing with a breakup. He emphasizes that it's important to realize that depression isn't something we can fix in other people, and that it's not our responsibility to do so. He recommends reading his article on how to stop blaming other people when things go wrong.+
Moving on:Jordan advises listeners on accepting blame and seeking therapy to move on in a healthy way after trauma or anxiety.+
Coping with Stress:Jordan advises a listener going through a tough time to take care of themselves by working out, getting enough sleep, and seeking therapy. He also suggests seeking legal advice and talking to a contractor about slowing down renovations.+

8. Local Travel Tips

Local Travel Tips:Jordan shares tips on how to travel like a local by hiring locals to show you around. He suggests using non-profit websites like or freelancing sites like Upwork to find locals who can take you around and help plan activities.+
Finding a Cultural Guide:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of finding a cultural guide when traveling to a new country. They suggest using Upwork to find someone in your field who can show you around and recommend places to visit. They also recommend reaching out to language schools for referrals.+

9. Traveling with Work Schedules

Traveling with Different Work Schedules:Jason and Jordan discuss how to find a non-nuclear solution for a couple with different work schedules to travel together. They explore options for remote work, flexible schedules, and maximizing vacation time to make the most of travel opportunities.+
Negotiating Time Off:Jordan discusses potential solutions for a listener who wants to travel more but has limited vacation time. He suggests negotiating more time off in a compensation package by forgoing a raise, which could be a win-win situation for both the employee and the company. Jordan also emphasizes the importance of budgeting for retirement and emergency funds for greater options and freedom in life.+

10. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason share insights on business management solutions offered by NetSuite and the Hartford, helping small businesses save time and grow profits.+

11. Employee to Entrepreneur

Jason seeks advice on transitioning from being an employee to an entrepreneur. He is worried about compromising his prospects as an employee if his side business doesn't take off. Jordan suggests using his middle name for his freelance work to avoid confusion and maintain a professional image.+

12. Choosing Your Name

Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of choosing a name that represents your identity and personal branding. They advise on how to choose a name that is authentic and convenient, and how to separate personal and professional names to avoid confusion and maintain privacy.+

13. Social Media Clean-Up

Social Media Clean-Up:Jason recommends Tweet Delete and Social Book Post Manager to clean up old social media posts. This is important for politicians to avoid being taken out of context and to keep themselves safe from potential employers.+
Social Media Analysis:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of analyzing your social media presence and how there are services available to help clean up your online image. They emphasize the significance of being mindful of what you post online, as it can affect your public image in the long run.+
Social Media Audit:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of auditing your social media accounts to protect your online reputation. They share tips on how to remove tags and old posts, and mention services that can help push down negative search results.+
Social Media Fallout:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of maintaining a clean social media presence and the potential consequences of deleting all your old accounts. They caution against the dangers of having a fake persona and how things can be taken out of context.+

14. Improving Conversation Skills

Improving Conversation Skills:Jordan suggests taking improv classes to learn how to be more assertive and quick on your feet in conversations. He also recommends using a hand gesture to indicate you want to interject without interrupting others.+
Improv Skills:Jordan shares how taking simple improv classes can make you a better, faster, quicker thinker, and improve your communication skills.+
Emergency Cash and Interactive TV:Jason and Jordan discuss the importance of having an emergency fund and how it can get you out of tricky situations. They also recommend a new Netflix interactive series called You vs Wild, where you can make key decisions to help Bear Grylls survive.+

15. Outro

Jordan emphasizes the importance of finding interesting guests that are not necessarily famous. He believes that the quality of the conversation is more important than the popularity of the guest.+