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205: What to Do When Your Purpose Starts to Suck | Deep Dive

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of finding purpose in one's career and how it can lead to both fulfillment and frustration. They explore the importance of developing the skill set to deal with the difficulties that come with pursuing one's passion.+

2. Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose:Jordan shares his journey of discovering his passion for broadcasting and interviewing, and how it became his purpose. He reflects on the decision to pursue his passion instead of focusing on building wealth and success in other industries.+
Finding Purpose:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of finding purpose in work and life, and how pursuing one's passion can lead to a fulfilling life. They also explore the challenges that come with following one's purpose and offer insights on how to overcome them.+

3. Pursuing Meaningful Work

Pursuing Passion:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of pursuing a career that you are passionate about, even if it means facing challenges and setbacks. They reflect on their own experiences in previous careers and emphasize the value of finding purpose in your work.+
Purpose vs Happiness:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the difference between purpose and happiness, and how pursuing one may not always lead to the other. They explore the emotional toll of pursuing one's purpose and how it can impact one's entire life.+
Pursuing Meaningful Work:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the reality of pursuing meaningful work and how it doesn't necessarily mean enjoying it every day. They also touch on the misconceptions surrounding entrepreneurship and the importance of understanding the hard work and sacrifices that come with it.+
Pursuing Meaningful Work:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the relationship between pursuing meaningful work and happiness. While they can be related, they are not guaranteed to be. Pursuing something meaningful often means pursuing something difficult, which can be daunting and demanding on a day-to-day level.+

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5. Writing Misconceptions

Writing Misconceptions:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the misconceptions surrounding writing and how it's not as glamorous as it seems. They talk about the reality of the writing process and how it involves years of development and painstakingly obsessing over words and sentences. They also touch on the myth of the drunken writer at the typewriter.Show transcript +
Pursuing Purpose:Gabriel and Jordan discuss how pursuing your purpose can lead to unhappiness at times, and how the myth that purpose equals happiness can be detrimental to pushing through difficult times. They also touch on the lack of clear paths in creative pursuits and the stress that comes with it.+

6. Pursuing Purpose

Pursuing Purpose:Gabriel Mizrahi discusses how pursuing purposeful work can lead to significance in one's professional life, but it won't necessarily make you happy. He also emphasizes that purpose is not easy and shares an example of the intense and lonely work that comes with pursuing purpose.+
Pursuing Your Purpose:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the misconception that pursuing your passion should be easy all the time. Pursuing your purpose is brutally hard and requires a ton of hard work, determination, and sacrifice. However, the challenge of the craft also brings joy and a sense of satisfaction that is indescribable.+

7. Embracing Difficulty

Embracing Difficulty:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of embracing the difficulty of your purpose and how it can lead to gratitude for the good days and appreciation for the craft. By understanding the hard work that goes into achieving your purpose, you can fully appreciate the moments of flow and success.+
Pursuing Broadcast Excellence:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of being a broadcaster and the importance of preparation in achieving excellence. They share personal experiences and insights on how to be spontaneous, present, and connected while being on camera and producing a great interview.+

8. Overcoming Purpose Difficulties

Gabriel and Jordan discuss how purpose can become difficult on both a day-to-day level and a broader level, making it almost impossible to keep going. They share insights on how to develop resilience and stay connected to your mission over time.+

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Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of snacking on Blue Diamond Almonds, a healthier alternative to chips. They rave about the different flavors and how satisfying they are without the guilt.+

10. Pushing Through Tough Times

Post Office Days:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the "post office days" of entrepreneurship, where the stress and workload make you want to quit and work a regular job. They share insights on how to push through those tough times and recognize that they are temporary.+
Overcoming Paralysis:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of focusing on the micro over the macro when feeling overwhelmed by purpose. By breaking down tasks into smaller, concrete steps, one can short circuit the paralysis that comes with questioning the bigger picture. Jordan shares his personal experience of how taking care of his physical health and well-being helps him gain perspective and avoid feeling stagnant in his career.+
Micro Execution:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the power of micro execution and how it can help you stay productive even when you're feeling doubtful or unmotivated. By focusing on the task at hand and compartmentalizing your thoughts, you can overcome the bigger questions and finish what you set out to do.+

11. Purpose and Planning

Reconnecting with Purpose:Gabriel and Jordan discuss how focusing on the micro can help you reconnect with your purpose, even when it gets hard. They also explore the fine line between discipline and denial when it comes to questioning the bigger picture.+
Annual Planning:Jordan shares how making an annual plan has helped him stay focused on his goals and avoid distractions. He discusses the importance of sticking to the plan and avoiding the temptation to constantly change course.+

12. Purposeful Productivity

Productivity and Discipline:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of discipline in productivity and how to avoid getting caught up in the details that don't move the ball forward. They also talk about the benefits of creating a space and time to question certain things and prioritize the entire year.+
Annual Planning:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of annual planning and how it helps in being productive and disciplined. They talk about the freedom it gives to say no to distractions and focus on the things that matter.+
Finding Purpose:Gabriel emphasizes the importance of reflecting on the bigger picture and remembering why you're pursuing your purpose in the first place, especially when the day-to-day grind of the goal can eclipse the bigger reason. He reminds us that a simple childlike obsession with a deeper mission is at the core of every good purpose, but it gets obscured and lost in the day-to-day of everything.+

13. Pursuing Purpose

Pursuing Success:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of pursuing success and how it can take you further away from your core purpose. They use examples such as successful restaurant owners who end up hating their job and Mark Zuckerberg who tries to stay connected to his love for coding despite being a CEO.+
Finding Purpose:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of reconnecting with your deeper motivation when feeling disillusioned or stuck. They suggest talking to someone or writing about it to articulate your reasons for doing something, which can help revive your motivation. Writing can be especially helpful as it creates an objective record of your motivations that you can come back to over time.+

14. Recalibrating Purpose

Recalibrating Your Purpose:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of recalibrating your purpose and pivoting when things start to unravel. They emphasize the idea that sometimes you need to shift your approach to achieve your goals, and quitting is also a valid option.+
Pursuing Purpose:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of pursuing a purpose that is right for you, and how sometimes quitting or shifting priorities can lead to finding your true purpose. They emphasize the need to protect and preserve the joy that a project brings by not forcing it to become something it shouldn't be. Pursuing a meaningful purpose is difficult, but finding significance in the struggle can lead to even more significance in the future.+

15. Outro

Jordan's guest Gabriel Mizrahi shares insights on how to build and maintain relationships, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and vulnerability. Jordan also offers a free course on networking, called Six-Minute Networking, available on his website.+