Published February 2023 on YouTube

793: Death | Skeptical Sunday

1. Introduction

Comedian David and Jordan break down common misconceptions in a special edition of the show, covering topics such as the Olympics, expiration dates, tipping, and more. In this episode, they discuss why dying is even harder and more expensive than we previously thought.+

2. High Cost of Dying

The Cost of Dying:David and Jordan discuss the rising cost of dying and how it has been an issue for centuries. They explore ways to save money on funerals and burial costs, including knowing your rights and options.+
The Cost of Death:David and Jordan discuss the exorbitant costs associated with funerals, including markups as high as 500% on caskets. The lack of regulation and rising costs lead to 88,000 unclaimed bodies every year.+

3. Funeral Industry Scams

Funeral Industry Scams:David and Jordan discuss the funeral industry and how Service Corporation International, the largest funeral services provider in North America, takes advantage of grieving people by charging 47 to 72 percent higher prices than their competitors, despite having a 16 percent market share.+
Funeral Industry Fees:David and Jordan discuss the unethical practices of the funeral industry, specifically the way they add fees and change terms for grieving families. They also suggest solutions for those who may be affected by these practices.+

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5. Death Industry Debate

Death Industry Greed:Jordan and David discuss the lack of regulations in the death industry, where vulnerable people are often preyed upon by corporate greed. They question at what point profit becomes price gouging, and why there aren't more laws in place to protect consumers during such a sensitive time.+
The Embalming Debate:David and Jordan discuss the funeral industry's profit motives and the outdated practice of embalming. They explore the history of embalming and its necessity, or lack thereof, in modern times. The speakers also touch on the toxic nature of embalming fluids and the scare tactics used by funeral homes to encourage embalming.+

6. Funeral Industry Costs

Jordan and David discuss the funeral industry and how companies are price gouging consumers with unnecessary expenses. They also compare it to the daycare industry and how government legislation affects the cost of childcare.+

7. Sponsors

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8. Funeral Crimes and Green Burials

Funeral Home Crimes:David and Jordan discuss the lack of laws mandating vaults for burials, but the existence of laws mandating pricing transparency. They also touch on the crimes committed by some funeral homes, such as digging up expensive caskets and reselling them, and the violations of proper documentation and public pricing lists.+
Green Burials:David and Jordan discuss the environmental impact of traditional burials and cremations, and explore the concept of green burials as a more sustainable option. They highlight the importance of public knowledge and willingness to face this uncomfortable topic.+
Green Burials:David and Jordan discuss the benefits of green burials, which involve biodegradable burial containers and hand-dug graves, allowing the body to decompose back into the earth as nature intended. They also touch on Neil deGrasse Tyson's beautiful response to a question about death and peace.+

9. Outro

Jordan Harbinger invites his audience to send in suggestions for Skeptical Sunday and encourages them to provide feedback on the podcast. He also provides links to the show notes and David Smalley's podcast.+