Published December 2018 on Spotfiy

131: How to Know When It’s Time to Start a Side Hustle | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Srini shares insights on creativity and how it can be cultivated, exploring the idea of what it means to be creative and how it differs from person to person.+

2. LA Promises

Jordan talks about his recent trip to LA where he did some interviews in person and got some interesting stuff coming up on the show. He also mentions that LA is the city where a lot of promises are made.+

3. Overcoming Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety:Jason shares his experience with social anxiety and how it affects his interactions with women at work and his daughter's school. He seeks advice on how to deal with the anxiety and whether he is being overly flirtatious.+
Overthinking Relationships:Jordan and Jason discuss the negative effects of overthinking relationships and how it can lead to social anxiety. They emphasize that most of the time, people's actions have nothing to do with us and that worrying about it only causes unnecessary stress.+
Overcoming Social Anxiety:Jordan and Jason discuss how seeking validation and attention from others can affect one's ego and self-esteem. They provide insights on how to overcome social anxiety and stop listening to the negative voice in your head.+

4. Long Distance Relationships

Jordan advises a listener on whether to pursue a long distance relationship with a girl he met on vacation. At age 26 and just starting his career, Jordan recommends focusing on personal and professional growth before settling down.+

5. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of Sport Clips and HostGator, two of the show's sponsors. Jordan shares his positive experience with Sport Clips, while Jason explains how HostGator can help listeners establish a strong online presence.+

6. Tricky Retention Bonuses

Tricky Retention Bonuses:Jordan advises not feeling obligated to take a retention bonus and suggests negotiating a higher bonus paid out at the end of the period. He emphasizes valuing freedom to choose one's own path and not giving anyone assurance for two to three years regardless of the company or situation.+
Negotiating Retention Bonuses:Jordan and Jason discuss negotiating retention bonuses, offering insights on how to ask for a larger bonus when completing a term, calculating the amount after compounded interest and taxes, and asking for stock options instead of money up front. They caution against accepting a two to three year retention bonus term and suggest that it may signal being grossly underpaid.+

7. Yoga Studio Dating

Jordan advises Jason, a yoga practitioner, on how to ask out an attractive woman in his yoga class without disrupting the practice space. He suggests bumping into her casually outside the studio and asking her out for coffee or tea. Jordan also acknowledges the importance of respecting the yoga space and not making things awkward for other students.+

8. Sponsors

Jordan Harbinger talks about Gusto, a company that makes payroll, taxes, and HR easy for small businesses. Listeners get three months free when they run their first payroll.+

9. Confidentiality and Mistakes

Sensitive Information:Jordan and Jason discuss how to handle sensitive information that was accidentally sent to you, and how to approach the sender without seeming unappreciative or scolding. They suggest getting the sender on the phone and reassuring them that you deleted the data to avoid any potential privacy or security breaches.+
Handling Mistakes:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of addressing mistakes in a friendly way and how it can benefit both parties involved. They emphasize the golden rule and suggest that it's always better to let someone know about their mistake in a way that doesn't result in any permanent record.+

10. Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying:Jason shares his experience of being bullied by his principal at work, and Jordan recognizes it as a form of workplace bullying. They discuss how common this behavior is and how it can affect morale and productivity.+
Overcoming Workplace Bullying:Jordan shares his experience of being bullied at work and how he reported it to career services, which led to the law firm taking it seriously. He advises listeners to report workplace bullying and take advantage of a new leader's blank slate.+

11. Breaking Out

Breaking Out:Jordan seeks advice on breaking out of a professional rut. He's a marketing director in an old media company but wants a career change. Networking is tricky because most people he'd like to pursue a career with are connected to his co-manager. John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire offers advice on how to break out of this situation.+
Pursuing a New Career:Jordan and John discuss the benefits of starting a side hustle to pursue a new career and how it can provide a renewed sense of purpose. They also explore the idea that most careers don't require a specific degree and that experience in a professional environment is highly valued.+

12. Breakup Backlash

Handling Breakup Backlash:Jordan and Jason offer advice to a listener who is dealing with backlash from an ex-girlfriend after ending their relationship. They discuss the importance of communication and respecting boundaries, and offer insights on how to handle immature behavior from others.+
Moving on Gracefully:Jordan and Jason discuss how to handle breakups with emotional intelligence, emphasizing the importance of acting with kindness and grace to make the other person second-guess their decision. They also recommend a new Netflix cooking show, The Final Table, which features Michelin star chefs competing in teams.+

13. Outro

Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of networking and developing habits to maintain relationships. They recommend their Six-Minute Networking Course, which is designed to take only a few minutes per day and can be found for free on Jordan's website. They emphasize the need to start building relationships before you need them.+