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624: Is She Moving Abroad for a Friend or a Fraud? | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Gabriel answer listener questions and give advice on a variety of topics, from personal relationships to career development. Tune in to get practical insights from the world's most fascinating people.+

2. Risky Romance

Risky Romance:Jordan and Gabriel discuss a father's concern about his daughter's plan to move to Bahrain to live with her online boyfriend whom she has never met. They explore the potential risks of the situation and offer advice on how to proceed.+
Daughter's Long-Distance Relationship:Jordan discusses the potential risks of his listener's daughter moving to Bahrain to be with her boyfriend, who she hasn't met in person. While the boyfriend doesn't seem like a typical scammer, there are still unknowns and potential dangers associated with long-distance relationships. Jordan emphasizes the importance of considering safety and practicality before making such a drastic move.+
Supporting Your Daughter:Jordan advises a concerned father on how to support his daughter's decision to move to Bahrain for a relationship. He suggests having an open conversation with her, asking meaningful questions, and suspending judgment to make her feel heard. While acknowledging the cultural differences, Jordan also praises the daughter's courage and confidence in taking a big leap.+
Parenting Advice:Jordan and Gabriel give advice to a concerned father whose daughter wants to move to Bahrain to be with a man she met online. They suggest asking the daughter important questions to ensure she has thought through her decision and exploring any underlying issues such as depression or insecurity. They also recommend meeting the man online before making any big moves.+
Red Flags:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the concerning behavior of a young woman who is planning to move halfway across the world to be with a man she's never met in person. They identify several red flags, including her impulsiveness and reckless behavior, and suggest that her parents intervene to help her see the situation more objectively and find a safer way to meet the man for the first time.+
Foreign Romance Risks:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the risks of traveling to foreign countries to meet online romantic partners. They delve into the legal and cultural differences that can pose a danger to women, particularly in countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. They offer advice on how to vet potential partners and stay safe while traveling.+

3. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen Harbinger share their favorite products and services from their sponsors, including Theragun and Oura Ring, which help support the show. These products offer unique benefits like deep muscle therapy and accurate sleep tracking.+

4. Workplace Ethics

Saying No to Recommendation Letters:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to decline writing a recommendation letter for someone who is not a good fit for a program or job, and offer advice on how to handle the situation if the person pushes back.+
Giving Tough Feedback:Jordan advises on how to give tough feedback and the importance of investing in relationships early on for future favors. He also suggests not mistreating people you may need help from in the future and preventing bad candidates from entering your workplace.+
Workplace Ethics:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the ethics of whether a woman should prevent a former colleague who was a "bit of a dick" from getting into a program. They explore the idea of judging people by their worst actions and the importance of protecting oneself and the workplace.+
Law School Drama:Jordan shares a bizarre story about someone trying to get his law school admissions revoked and the mystery of who did it still remains unsolved.+

5. Tough Conversations

Tough Conversations:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to approach a difficult conversation about weight and health with a loved one who is clinically obese and experiencing physical consequences. They emphasize the importance of having the conversation with care and concern for the person's well-being.+
Helping a Partner:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how to approach a partner about their unhealthy habits and how to support them in making positive changes. They emphasize the importance of communication, understanding the underlying reasons for the behavior, and providing support without enabling.+

6. Sponsors

Jordan and Jen Harbinger share their thoughts on SimpliSafe, Squarespace, and Progressive, and how they can help you with your home security, website design, and car insurance needs.+

7. Tough Career Choices

Tough Career Choices:Jordan and Gabriel give advice to Clearing Hurdles, a data scientist who is faced with a difficult decision of accepting a dream job that requires him to move and take a pay cut, or stay with his girlfriend who is against moving. They discuss the importance of making trade-offs and getting clear on what truly matters to you when making tough decisions.+
Life's Tough Choices:Jordan encourages listeners to get clear on their priorities and figure out which pieces of their career and personal life are truly fixed and which are flexible. He advises listeners to invest in their relationships and be creative in finding opportunities to make up for potential setbacks. Ultimately, he emphasizes the importance of following what excites you beyond the practicalities of life.+

8. Finding a Good Therapist

Finding a Good Therapist:Dr. Erin Margolis provides insights on how to find a good therapist and encourages the listener to seek help despite past negative experiences. Jordan and Gabriel offer empathy and support to the listener who is struggling with a toxic work environment, job search, and changing relationships with her children.+
Finding a Therapist:Dr. Margolis recommends finding a therapist you feel connected to, rather than focusing solely on their credentials or treatment type. While certain modalities work better for specific issues, rapport is the most important factor in successful therapy. Resources like and word of mouth recommendations can help in finding a therapist. It's normal to try a few different therapists before settling on one.Show transcript +
Facing Therapy Resistance:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of sticking with therapy, even when it gets tough. They share insights from Dr. Margolis on how therapy resistance can be a pattern and how it's important to communicate with your therapist about it. They encourage listeners to face their challenges and find the help they need.+

9. Outro

Jordan shares his free Six-Minute Networking course where he teaches listeners how to build relationships and manage them using software, systems, and tiny habits. These drills take just a few minutes per day and can help you avoid being unprepared when you need to network.+