Published March 2020 on Spotfiy

325: My Mother-in-Law Is a Monster! | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Jordan and Jason give advice and answer listener questions on Feedback Friday. The purpose of the podcast is to pass along experiences and insights directly to the listeners.+

2. Choosing the Right Path

Jordan reflects on his past and shares why he chose to turn away from a life of crime. He realized there was more money to be made legally and that he couldn't identify with actual criminals who resented their lives. Jordan recognized that even in middle school, he was smart enough to recognize the consequences of going down a bad path.+

3. Family Business Buyout

Family Business Buyout:Jason considers buying out his aunt's share of the family business to prevent it from being sold to another party and to secure his parents' retirement. However, he faces challenges in proposing the idea to his prideful aunt and convincing his parents of his capability to take on the responsibility, especially since he won't be able to be onsite full-time for the first few years.+
Fixing a Family Business:Jordan advises Jason on the challenges of running a family business and suggests a buyout as a solution to the cash-only policy and lack of innovation. He emphasizes the importance of technology and credit card payments to increase revenue and attract more customers.+
Business Buyout Strategy:Jordan suggests a strategy for a family business buyout where the aunt can receive payments over time instead of a lump sum. This could be a good option for someone who wants to retire but still receive payments, but it could also lead to further issues down the line.+
Buying Out Family:Jordan advises a listener on how to handle a family member who's preventing them from taking over the family business. He suggests letting the business degrade until it can be bought out, and offers alternative options for purchasing the cafe.+

4. Dealing with Negative In-Laws

Dealing with Negative In-Laws:Jordan suggests taking notes and asking the stepmother about her negative remarks later on to see if she even remembers saying them. He also advises against blowing up and making a scene.+
Grandparent Smack Talk:Jordan advises a listener on how to handle a grandparent who constantly talks negatively about her husband in front of their child. He suggests setting boundaries and recording conversations if necessary to protect the child from emotional abuse.+

5. Sponsors

Comfortable and Versatile Clothing:Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of Vuori clothing, which is designed to be comfortable and versatile for a variety of activities. Listeners can receive 20% off their first purchase by visiting
Easy Online Shopping:Jordan and Jason discuss the hassle of finding working coupon codes for online shopping and introduce Honey, a free online shopping tool that automatically finds and applies the best promo codes to your cart. They share personal experiences of saving money on various items and encourage listeners to try it out.+

6. Cults and Control

Concerns About Jehovah's Witnesses:Jason expresses his concerns about his mother's renewed faith in Jehovah's Witnesses and how it has become an obsession, causing her to prioritize her religion over her daughter's medical needs. Jordan shares his thoughts on cults and how they control their members' behavior in unhealthy ways.+
Protecting Your Well-Being:Jordan advises a listener to not let their mother have their power of attorney due to her involvement in a church that condones abuse. He encourages the listener to take back their power of attorney and let someone else manage it, as their mother is unlikely to make decisions based on their needs and wishes.+
Religious Cults:Jordan advises a listener to not trust a religious organization that is trying to control their medical decisions. He recommends a book on combating cult mind control and emphasizes the importance of not compromising one's own health for the sake of someone else's feelings.+

7. Balancing Introversion and Relationships

Balancing Introversion and Relationships:Jason shares his struggles of balancing his introverted tendencies and maintaining his relationship with his husband, who relies heavily on him for self-esteem. He worries about how his career growth may affect their relationship and how to set boundaries while still being supportive of his husband's needs.+
Addressing Relationship Shift:Jordan advises a listener to address their partner's depression by starting with couples therapy, which can help build trust in the process and eventually lead to individual therapy. He emphasizes that it's normal to feel anxious and depressed during a season of life, but ignoring the issue can make it worse.+

8. Sponsors

Easy Website Building:Jordan shares his experience with website building and introduces HostGator, a convenient and accessible website building service that offers drag-and-drop features and one-click WordPress installs. HostGator also provides unlimited email addresses, bandwidth, and disc space, along with free SSL certificates, advertising credit, and WordPress blog tools.+
Business Card & Home Security:Jason promotes Vistaprint's business cards and Simplisafe's home security system, emphasizing their quality and ease of use.+

9. Robotic Startup Funding

Robotic Startup Ventures:Jason seeks advice on how to start his robotic automation start-up. Jordan suggests various options such as grants, loans, and bootstrapping. He also suggests borrowing or stealing resources until he can afford them.+
Software Discounts:Jason and Jordan discuss ways to get software discounts, including student licensing and accessing software through community college classes. They also touch on the ethics of using software without paying for it.+
Funding and Resources:Jordan and Jason discuss various ways to obtain funding and resources for budding entrepreneurs, including pitching to investors, seeking out maker groups, and asking big companies for funds and resources. They also emphasize the importance of building relationships with software developers for robotics and automation projects.+

10. Strong Network Tips

Building a Strong Network:Jordan shares tips on how to build a strong network, even if you have a dead one. He emphasizes the importance of creating new connections and offering solutions to problems that others have. He also recommends his free Six-Minute Networking course for creating and maintaining relationships for career and business growth.+
Car Rental Tips:Jordan and Jason share a life pro tip on how to save hundreds of dollars when renting a car. By taking a photo and video of the car's condition before leaving the lot, it can save you from being charged for damages that were already there. This simple step can save you time and money in the long run.+

11. Outro

Jordan recommends the docu-series "Babies" on Netflix, which explores the groundbreaking science behind how infants learn and discover life during their first year. He shares insights on how babies' brains work and what's healthy for them.+