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91: Isaiah Hankel | The Smart Way to Focus and Grow Successful

1. Introduction

Dr. Isaiah discusses his new book, The Science of Intelligent Achievement, and how to defend against negativity without becoming negative yourself using a system that he's developed specifically for busy people.+

2. Busy People Manipulation

Busy People Manipulation:Dr. Isaiah explains how busy people are easily manipulated and how to avoid being manipulated by others. He uses email inbox as an example and suggests that we should spend our time pushing our own agendas forward rather than others'.+
Breaking the Busy Cycle:Dr. Isaiah explains how organizations keep employees busy to maintain their agenda and prevent disruption. However, breaking away from the cycle and disrupting the system can lead to career growth and breakthroughs.+
Selective Attention:Dr. Isaiah suggests cutting out a sliver of your day to reflect on what is a waste of time and unproductive. Being bold enough to speak up and being a disruptive employee can lead to career advancement as bosses value employees who are not just yes men.+

3. Workplace Success Tips

Prove Yourself First:Jordan and Dr. Isaiah discuss the importance of proving oneself before speaking out against inefficient workplace practices. They emphasize the need to focus on achieving results and how to communicate with bosses about optimizing time and resources.+
Winning at Meetings:Jordan and Isaiah discuss how to win at meetings by utilizing time management skills and playing the social context game. They suggest presenting data to your boss privately to prove why you should be utilized elsewhere during meetings, rather than in front of a group.+
Fake Friendships:Isaiah and Jordan discuss the findings of a study that revealed that only half of the friendships people have are reciprocal. They suggest doing a friendship audit to take back some of your attention and time, and to start making bigger gains in your life.+

4. Evaluating Friendships

Dr. Isaiah explains how to evaluate friendships by assessing the value each person brings to the relationship. By making a list and reflecting on past interactions, you can identify which friendships are fake and which are real.+

5. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason discuss Quicken Loans' exclusive power buying process, which helps buyers navigate fluctuating interest rates and lock in their interest rate for up to 90 days while they shop for a new home. They also talk about HostGator's Website Builder, which allows users to create a professional-looking website with no coding required.+

6. Evaluating Friendships

Friendships Evaluation:Jordan and Dr. Isaiah discuss the importance of evaluating friendships and holding oneself accountable in relationships. They suggest journaling every year to help identify those who bring emotional support and those who cause drama, and having honest conversations with those who are not adding value to our lives.+
Relationship Fast:Dr. Isaiah recommends going on a relationship fast to identify which relationships are good for your life and which aren't. Stepping away from certain people or groups of people temporarily can help you gain clarity and see the world in a different way. It's important to have metrics and measure what makes you feel better or worse.Show transcript +

7. Relationship Fast

Relationship Fast:Dr. Isaiah Hankel discusses the importance of being pushed and challenged in life and how replacing old friends with new ones can be a type of relationship fast. He also explains how temporary isolation can be productive, and the concept of goal contagion in social networks.+
Goal Setting:Dr. Isaiah explains how we are biologically wired to copy other people's goals and how it affects our personal goals. Jordan adds that creating a strong network of people with similar goals can reinforce our own goals and help us program ourselves for long-term success.+
Using Goal Contagion:Dr. Isaiah and Jordan discuss how goal contagion can be used as an advantage to move ahead in life. They emphasize the importance of networking and surrounding oneself with the right people to upgrade personality traits and achieve goals.+

8. Sponsors

Dr. Isaiah Hankel joins Jordan and Jason to discuss how to streamline your business. They discuss the benefits of using FreshBooks for accounting and the importance of having a flexible workspace, including the benefits of using Varidesk's ProDesk 60 Electric.+

9. Overcoming Negativity

Overcoming Negativity:Dr. Isaiah shares four key strategies to overcome negativity and use it as motivation instead of getting sucked into drama and fighting negativity with negativity. Using these strategies can help individuals keep moving forward and stay productive.+
Overcoming Negativity:Dr. Isaiah shares two strategies to turn negativity into productivity: channeling technique and fog technique. By being self-aware and not sharing all your goals, you can avoid giving your enemies or competitors the upper hand.+
Overcoming Negativity:Dr. Isaiah discusses four techniques to overcome negativity: channeling, fog, investment, and void. He explains how each technique works and provides examples of how to apply them in different situations. Jordan and Dr. Isaiah also emphasize the importance of emotional maturity and introspection when using these techniques.+

10. Tracking Emotional States

Tracking Emotional States:Dr. Isaiah Hankel explains how tracking emotional states and mental energy levels can be done easily on your own, without the need for clinical studies or overthinking. He emphasizes the importance of evaluating personal goals and emotions as an N of one, and provides insights on sample size in scientific studies.+
Tracking Mental Energy:Dr. Isaiah shares a simple technique to track mental energy levels every hour on the hour to identify peak mental energy hours. He explains how this information can help rearrange our days to focus on important tasks during that time, leading to increased productivity.+

11. Productivity & Relationships

Tracking Productivity:Dr. Isaiah Hankel shares his insights on tracking productivity by measuring mental energy levels, frustration, and openness to new ideas. He recommends tracking these metrics to identify patterns and optimize productivity.+
Relationship Fast:Dr. Isaiah Hankel emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility in relationships. He suggests having a conversation with the person who is causing negative feelings and taking ownership of the situation. If the person is receptive, great. If not, it may be time to go on a relationship fast.+

12. Upgrade Your Relationships

Cutting Out Toxic People:Dr. Isaiah Hankel discusses the importance of temporary isolation and excising toxic people from your life. He emphasizes the need to prioritize mental energy and self-care, even if it means cutting out people who are bad for you.+
Upgrade Your Relationships:Dr. Isaiah Hankel shares insights on how to upgrade your relationships by isolating, replacing, or excising negative influences. He emphasizes the importance of recalibrating relationships and becoming independent again to have healthy, reciprocal friendships. He also discusses the tough decision of evaluating close relationships and having some stick-to-itiveness.+

13. Stepping Away

Dr. Isaiah Hankel discusses the importance of evaluating relationships and stepping away when necessary for both your own health and the health of the relationship. He also shares insights on the benefits of taking time apart in marriages and the importance of asking yourself the right questions to avoid pitfalls and traps in relationships.+

14. Outro

Dr. Isaiah Hankel shares insights on how smart people focus, create and grow their way to success. Jordan emphasizes the importance of building relationships and networking before you need them, and offers his free Six-Minute Networking course. Worksheets are available in the show notes for those who want to apply what they learned.+