Published August 2018 on YouTube

83: Why Different Is Superior to Better | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Chris Lochhead, successful entrepreneur and author, joins Jordan Harbinger to answer listener questions about business and entrepreneurship. They discuss topics such as niche marketing and branding for small businesses.+

2. Nailing Your Niche

Nailing Your Niche:Jordan and Christopher discuss the importance of establishing yourself as a specialist in your niche. They provide insights on how to differentiate yourself and become known in your industry, even if you're starting from square one.+
Finding Your Niche:Chris and Jordan discuss the importance of finding your niche and what makes you different as a photographer. They emphasize the need to focus on what problem you solve rather than trying to be the best, and give examples of unique niche downs in the tattoo industry.+
Niche Down:Jordan and Chris discuss the importance of specializing in a niche to build a successful brand, rather than the other way around. They provide examples of how niche specialization can set you apart from competitors and make you the obvious choice for customers.+
Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing:John discusses his experience with self-publishing and his desire to transition to traditional publishing. Chris shares his experience with both methods and emphasizes the importance of knowing that marketing is on the author, regardless of the publishing route taken.+
Book Publishing:Chris explains the role of agents and publishers in book publishing, including how they secure deals in different countries and ensure distribution. He also discusses the importance of marketing and how self-publishing on Amazon can be a viable option.+
Self-publishing vs Traditional Publishing:Chris Lochhead and Jordan Harbinger discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing. While traditional publishing can offer a large advance and more attention, self-publishing allows for more control and a direct connection with readers. They also discuss the subjectivity of bestseller lists and the importance of sales.+

3. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of crowdsourcing through DesignCrowd and the ease of website building with HostGator's Website Builder. They highlight the importance of having a stable online presence and offer exclusive discounts for their listeners.+

4. Launching a Business

Launching a New Business:Jordan and Jason discuss the challenges of launching a new business, dealing with imposter syndrome, and the benefits of working with a partner who complements your skills. They also offer advice on pricing a new product and the importance of testing the market early.+
Launching a Product:Chris and Jordan discuss the importance of being proud of your first release and not waiting for perfection. They also talk about the pros and cons of having a partner and how to supplement your skills with collaborators.+

5. Partnership Pitfalls

Partnership Pitfalls:Jordan and Chris discuss the pitfalls of partnerships, advising against giving away equity due to imposter syndrome and the belief that a partner can fill skill gaps that can be learned in a short amount of time. They suggest that partnerships should be formed with people you love co-creating with, rather than for practical reasons.+
Partnership and Pricing:Chris Lochhead shares insights on building partnerships and pricing strategies. He emphasizes the importance of genuine collaboration and creating meaningful differences in pricing to stand out in the market.+

6. Sponsors

Modern Jeans:Wrangler, the authority on jeans, sponsors the episode and introduces their new line of modern fits and styles for the modern day adventurers. Visit for their great selection of jeans, shirts, pants, and outerwear for men and women. Title: Heroic Public Speaking Topics: Sponsorship, Public Speaking Summary: Jordan shares his experience with Heroic Public Speaking Live, a coaching event that teaches non-actors how to apply performance techniques to their speaking before, during, and after the event. Michael and Amy Port, the founders of HPS Live, can make huge changes in just minutes.+
Public Speaking Pro Tips:Jordan shares his experience with public speaking coaching and how it transformed him from an average speaker to a pro. He recommends for those who want to learn how to speak well and not just deliver a few bullet points.+

7. Family Business Governance

Family Business Governance:Chris advises Wandering In to understand the governance model of their family business to avoid conflicts and make effective decisions. While it's important to respect the tradition and honor the family members who built the company, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of who makes the decisions to ensure the company's success.+
Family Business Governance:Chris emphasizes the importance of creating a governance model in family businesses, with clear lines of decision-making and a designated CEO. Bringing in non-family members can also professionalize the business and prevent conflicts.+

8. Naming Your Business

Jordan and Chris discuss the importance of a business name and share examples of successful businesses with unconventional names. They also touch on the challenges of opening a restaurant.Show transcript +

9. Job Dilemma

Job Dilemma:Jordan is facing a dilemma of whether to stay in his current job or leave due to a toxic environment. The promise of a good payout and his team's welfare are holding him back, but he's unsure if he should continue in a terrible environment. Chris provides insights into the economic aspect of the situation.+
Chinese Company Scams:Jordan recommends The China Hustle, a documentary exposing how Chinese companies deceive foreign investors by creating fake overblown companies and using loopholes to list on American stock exchanges. Short sellers eventually profit, but the US economy is the real loser.+

10. Outro

Jordan and his guest discuss an evil film where there are no good guys, including the protagonist. The episode also includes shoutouts to a charity for veterans and a recommendation for another podcast.+