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762: Where on Earth Is Sibling Abducted at Birth? | Feedback Friday

1. Fascinating People

Decoding Fascinating People:Jordan and Gabriel introduce The Jordan Harbinger Show, a podcast that decodes the stories, secrets, and skills of the world's most fascinating people and turns their wisdom into practical advice for listeners to become better informed and critical thinkers. They discuss the show's mission to help listeners understand how these amazing people think and behave, and make sense of what's really happening, even inside their own minds.+
Adventure and Danger:Jordan shares his recent adventure in Morocco with a group of entrepreneurs and talks about his past experience in personal protection. He also discusses a delayed podcast episode with a guest who wrote a book about his dangerous experiences in South Africa.+
Desert Fortress Adventure:Jordan shares his incredible experience exploring an abandoned fortress in Morocco with a local guide, encountering people who live there and witnessing a concert by descendants of Tuareg people. The adventure was organized through a local fixer and couldn't be found on TripAdvisor.+
Moroccan Hammam Horror:Jordan shares his experience of visiting a rural hammam in Morocco where he was subjected to a rough scrubbing by a therapist in stretched-out wet underwear. He describes the dirty environment and the discomfort he felt during the experience, which was a far cry from his previous hammam experience in Turkey.+
Moroccan Hammam Horror:Jordan shares a funny and disgusting story about his experience at a Moroccan hammam. He talks about the unsanitary conditions, the use of a dirty glove on multiple people, and how he got cut with a rusty bucket. Despite the grossness of the situation, Jordan and Gabriel find humor in the experience and reflect on the cultural differences of the hammam.+

2. Coping with Loss

A Lost Brother:Gabriel shares his family's story of how they believe his brother was stolen shortly after birth in East Germany, and the suspicious circumstances surrounding his supposed death.+
East Germany's Stolen Babies:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the shocking story of East Germany's stolen babies and the difficulties in finding closure for those affected. Jordan shares his personal connection to the region and sheds light on the differences between East and West Germany.+
Infant Abductions:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the shocking reality of infant abductions, from the East German baby trade to the 50,000 cases of stolen infants in Spain. They speculate that this may also be happening in North Korea, and the heartbreaking truth that tens of thousands of families may be going through this right now somewhere in the world.+
The Vanished Brother:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the heartbreaking story of a man whose brother was taken from their family in East Germany and likely sent to North Korea. Despite efforts to find him, the investigation seems futile due to the difficulty of tracking down those responsible and the lack of records from a government that no longer exists.+
Searching for Lost Family:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of searching for lost family members in Germany, particularly in the aftermath of the Holocaust. They explore the possibility of using DNA testing and ancestry sites to aid in the search, including the potential of looking beyond popular sites in the United States and Europe.+
Finding Closure:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the possibility of using DNA ancestry sites to find a long lost relative. Although it's a long shot, Jordan shares success stories of people finding their relatives through these databases. The hosts also explore the idea of living with an open wound and accepting the possibility of not finding closure.+
Healing Ambiguous Loss:Dr. Erin Margolis, a clinical psychologist and grief expert, discusses the concept of closure and how it can be achieved internally when dealing with ambiguous loss. Finding comfort in ambiguity is key to developing a new relationship with the loss and creating closure.+
Coping with Loss:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the importance of accepting loss and the role that hope plays in coping with grief. They explore the idea that searching for a lost loved one may be a way to maintain a connection with them and avoid fully processing the loss. Dr. Margolis suggests making space for both experiences and considering the function that the search is fulfilling in one's life.+
Coping with Loss:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the difficulty of grieving and how it can feel like a failure. They explore the guilt that comes with loss and how it can be a way to control the situation. They also touch on the layer of injustice that can add to the emotional wound.+
Dealing with Grief:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the impact of grief on family dynamics and the importance of coming to terms with loss. They explore the responsibility of carrying the burden of finding closure for a loved one's death and the potential effects it can have on relationships within the family.+
Coping with Loss:Jordan and Dr. Margolis discuss the experience of grief and the importance of finding closure through support groups and therapy. They offer new perspectives on coping with loss and accepting the unacceptable.+

3. Sponsors

Jordan talks about how TextExpander can save you hours of unnecessary typing and how FIRE is stepping up to protect freedom of expression for all Americans. He also shares discounts and codes for listeners to check out the amazing sponsors and keep the lights on.+

4. Relationship Dynamics

Relationship Insecurities:Gabriel seeks advice on how to put his fiancée at ease without cutting her off at the knees. The couple's relationship has been affected by his past and her negative self-image, leading to hurt and fighting. The hosts discuss communication strategies and how to address insecurities in a relationship.+
Relationship Honesty:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the challenges of radical honesty in a relationship. They consult with Haesue, a licensed marriage and family therapist, to gain insight into the dynamics. While one partner values honesty, the other experiences jealousy and insecurity. The conversation explores the different thresholds for honesty and the impact on the relationship.+
Complex Relationship Dynamics:Jordan and Gabriel discuss the complicated relationship dynamics between a man and his insecure fiancée. They explore how communication and reassurance can be difficult when one partner is struggling with insecurities, and how understanding each other's challenges is key to resolving conflicts in a relationship.+
Relationship Therapy:Haesue recommends couples therapy and individual therapy for the couple to work on their communication, understand their values and approaches, and explore their vulnerabilities. Jordan emphasizes the importance of investing in therapy for a successful marriage.+
Overcoming Relationship Obstacles:Gabriel and Jordan discuss the importance of communication and therapy in overcoming relationship obstacles. They offer advice on how to be honest and gentle with each other, and how to resolve conflicts when they arise. The segment is sponsored by Better Help online therapy.+

5. Co-Parenting Struggles

Moving in with an abusive ex?:Jordan and Gabriel advise a mother on how to balance work and her own mental wellbeing with being the mom her daughter needs her to be. They urge her not to move back in with her emotionally abusive and manipulative ex, as it could have a negative impact on her daughter's upbringing.+
Co-Parenting Struggles:Jordan and Gabriel offer advice to a mother struggling with co-parenting with her toxic ex-partner. They emphasize the importance of prioritizing the child's well-being and assertiveness in standing up for one's own needs. They also suggest exploring any underlying conflicts that may be contributing to the dynamic with the ex-partner.+

6. Sponsors

Boosting Workouts:Jordan talks about the benefits of HVMN's Ketone-IQ supplement, which can boost workouts and provide focused energy without the jitters from caffeine. Listeners can get 20% off their order with the promo code JORDAN at
Fitness Goals Achieved:Jordan shares how Peloton can help you achieve your fitness goals in the new year with their variety of classes and world-class instructors. Get up to $200 off accessories before December 25th and make this the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.+

7. Conquering Travel Fears

Overcoming Travel Fears:Jordan and Gabriel discuss tips for overcoming travel fears, emphasizing the benefits of international travel and the personal growth that comes with it. They acknowledge the challenges of navigating foreign countries but encourage listeners to embrace the opportunity to learn and be flexible.+
Confronting Travel Fears:Jordan shares his experience of confronting travel fears and encourages listeners to do the same. He believes it's an important part of the fun of traveling and helps you discover that you're perfectly capable of seeing the world.+
Travel Anxiety:Jordan advises easing into travel by starting with smaller trips to places with tourist infrastructure and practicing ordering food and handling logistics. He also suggests breaking up the booking process to avoid unnecessary panic.+
Travel Tips:Jordan shares his favorite way to travel, which involves a balance between planning and serendipity. He recommends having the basics covered, and then being open to whatever the day brings. Jordan also suggests considering traveling with a friend or two, as it makes things way more fun and way easier, especially when things don't go as planned.Show transcript +
Overcoming Travel Anxiety:Jordan and Gabriel discuss how traveling can be character-building, even in the face of discomfort and fear. They encourage listeners to embrace the not-so-fun moments of travel, as they often make for the most interesting and memorable experiences.+

8. Outro

Jordan shares tips on how to build and manage relationships using software, systems, and tiny habits. He also promotes his free Six-Minute Networking course and encourages listeners to share the show with those who can benefit from the advice given in the episode.+