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200: How to Deal with Retroactive Jealousy | Feedback Friday

1. Introduction

Mark and Remit share their insights on how humans find meaning and how to optimize our financial situation and enjoyment of resources.+

2. Milestone Achieved

Jordan and Jason celebrate a major milestone of their podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, reaching 200 episodes. They reflect on the evolution of the show and express excitement for the future.+

3. Family Secrets Revealed

Family Secrets:Jason reveals a secret about his family that he has been carrying for over a decade. Jordan explains that cousin marriages were common in the past and the risk of genetic issues is very rare.+
Genetic Screening:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of genetic screening for potential health issues in families, and the benefits of being open and honest with significant others about any potential risks. They emphasize the need for accurate testing from a doctor rather than relying on online genetic tests.+

4. Stalker Safety Tips

Stalker Safety Tips:Jordan and Jason discuss how to handle a stalker situation and provide tips on how to stay safe, including reporting incidents to the police, keeping a log of visitors, and using a Google Doc to share information. They also suggest using a taser and avoiding communication with the stalker.+
Safety Tips:Jordan shares safety tips for real estate agents, including using security cameras and asking for driver's licenses to ensure personal safety during showings.+
Online Safety:Jordan discusses the potential dangers of having your phone number online and offers advice on how to protect yourself. He emphasizes that just because someone has a fetish or is creepy doesn't necessarily mean they're dangerous.+
Safety Precautions:Jordan and Jason discuss safety precautions for real estate agents, including using Wi-Fi cameras, dash cams, and tasers. They emphasize the importance of training and muscle memory when it comes to self-defense weapons.+

5. Sponsors

Jason DeFillippo talks about the importance of having a website and how HostGator can help you create one easily. He also promotes Blue Diamond Almonds as a healthy and delicious snack alternative.+

6. Job Negotiations

Leaving a Job:Jordan and Jason discuss the right time to leave a job, emphasizing the importance of being in a solid position and having a specific reason for leaving. They also touch on the negative effects of staying in a company with a poor corporate culture and a boss who hinders promotion opportunities.+
Job References:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of job references and how to handle them when leaving a current position. They provide insights on who to use as a reference and how to handle questions about where you are going.+
Millennial Workplace Issues:Jordan and Jason discuss the legitimacy of millennial workplace concerns, such as corporate culture and upward mobility, and the impact of a long commute on one's life. They also highlight the importance of paying down debt for greater job freedom.+
Negotiating Salary:Jordan advises Anxious Rockstar to start looking for jobs elsewhere to have more leverage in negotiating a higher salary. If the company can't pay more, negotiate for stock options or equity instead.+
Negotiating for Options:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of stock options in negotiating a salary and how to use the briefcase technique to blow away potential employers.+
Negotiating Compensation:Jordan advises listeners to weigh the experience they're getting against the money they could be earning elsewhere. He suggests finding other positions where you'd be paid for the work you're doing and reminds listeners that if a company wants you to work full-time, they have to pay you for full-time work.+

7. Sponsors

Jordan and Jason discuss the benefits of online therapy and counseling with Better Help, including convenience, affordability, and flexibility. Listeners can get 10% off their first month with discount code JORDAN at

8. Networking Messages

Networking Messages:Jordan and Jason discuss how to craft messages when re-engaging with your network. They suggest using phrases like "You popped into my head this morning" or "I was reflecting on our previous conversation and I thought I'd reach out." They also advise staying away from potentially misinterpreted phrases like "Thinking about you."+
Networking Tips:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of networking and offer tips for staying in touch with your network, even if you don't have much to offer. They emphasize the value of reminding people that you're thinking of them and offer variations on how to do so.+
Networking Misconceptions:Jordan debunks the misconception that you need high-value contacts to succeed in networking. He explains how even a college student with a unique network can be valuable to a billionaire. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of having connections that others may not have, regardless of their level of influence.+
Networking Tips:Jordan Harbinger shares tips on networking and communication, including how often to keep in touch with contacts and leveraging the value you can offer to those in powerful positions. He also discusses the benefits of his free Six-Minute Networking course.+

9. Therapy Cost and Priorities

Jason asks for advice on whether to prioritize paying down debt or investing in his mental wellbeing through therapy, given the cost of therapy. The conversation explores the cost of therapy, whether it is cheaper than in-office therapy, and how to evaluate priorities when it comes to mental health and debt.+

10. Sponsors

Jordan discusses the affordability of therapy and recommends Better Help as an option for those who may not be able to afford traditional therapy. He also offers a discount code for listeners to use.+

11. Mental Health and Student Debt

Jordan emphasizes the importance of taking care of your mental health while dealing with student debt. He advises listeners to prioritize their mental health and seek therapy if necessary, even if it means taking longer to pay off their debt.Show transcript +

12. Workplace Training Solutions

Workplace Training:Let Me Help, Goddammit seeks advice on creating a training guide for her workplace, but faces resistance from a closed-minded overseer. Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of training and potential solutions to the issue.+
Documenting Corporate Culture:Jordan and Jason discuss the importance of documenting the training process in corporate culture, even if your direct supervisor doesn't understand the value. They suggest that creating a valuable piece for the company could help future employees and make both the boss and employee look good.+
Building Trust:Jordan advises a listener on how to build trust as a new hire in a company. He suggests making the boss look good, putting your name on all training materials, and being patient while building trust. If the company doesn't value training, it may be time to look for a new job.+

13. Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy

Dealing with Retroactive Jealousy:Jordan and Jason discuss the common issue of retroactive jealousy in relationships, sharing personal experiences and insights on how to deal with intrusive thoughts and overcome this phase in the early stages of a relationship.+
New Relationship Insecurities:Jordan and Jason discuss the common insecurities that arise in new relationships, particularly the fear of losing your partner to someone else. They offer advice on how to deal with these feelings and when to seek professional help if necessary. Additionally, they share a Life Pro Tip on how to refer to past relationships in a healthy way.+

14. Outro

Jordan Harbinger shares his tips on networking and building relationships, emphasizing the importance of digging the well before you get thirsty. He also recommends his free Six-Minute Networking course available on his website.+